The 3 Best Hotel Booking Sites

When you’re looking for the best hotel booking site, there are a few factors to take into account. If you’re interested in a traditional hotel, just about any travel site can help you out. But customers looking for vacation rentals, hostels, or other types of travel accommodations need a more specialized site. The best hotel booking sites have all types of properties available for rental and numerous filter tools to narrow down the results and speed up your search. Each hotel site also has its own way of helping you save, and the best one for you will depend on your travel habits. For example, frequent travelers can earn more savings by enrolling in a rewards program. The three companies listed below are all very different, but each can help you find low prices at hotels around the world. specializes in hotels and other travel accommodations, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise they top the list of the best hotel booking sites. They offer deals on vacation rentals, hostels, and bed and breakfasts, as well as many other hard-to-find property types. customers have reported a high degree of satisfaction with their service, particularly the ease of the booking process. Get started by entering your destination and travel dates. Then, using their filtering tools, you can focus your results on certain amenities and other details that are important to you. There’s also the option to run a theme search, which isn’t something you’ll find with most hotel sites. These searches are ideal when you’re trying to quickly locate a family-friendly or business hotel, for example. Once you’ve found the right place, click into it to view more detailed information and book it right away. If you’re not near a computer, you can also book your hotel from’s mobile app and check today’s rates at the hotels in your area if you need to make a last-minute reservation. is another place to check out if you’re looking for the top hotel booking sites. Their sizeable discounts give you plenty of opportunities to save, sometimes up to 50%, on your total room costs. Their Welcome Rewards program is perfect for frequent travelers because it helps you earn a free night at participating hotels for every 10 nights you stay. Loyalty programs like this are relatively uncommon among hotel booking sites so, if you’re interested in earning these kinds of rewards, it’s worth taking a closer look at what has to offer. Spontaneous travelers will also find plenty to love about, including their last-minute deals on hotels all over the country. If you’re traveling with a large party, there’s a group travel service available for you to take advantage of. A representative helps you locate and book as many rooms as you need at discounted rates and can also hook you up with a meeting or banquet space if you need it. Like, has a mobile app for searching and booking hotels as well if this is more convenient for you.

Hotwire helps their customers save a considerable amount on their hotel reservations by keeping the name of the travel site you’re booking with a secret until after you’ve purchased a room. Doing this enables Hotwire’s travel partners to get rid of their unsold rooms while offering you significantly lower rates than those you’ll find with many of the other top hotel sites. You’ll still have the opportunity to view photos and details of the location you choose as well as customer ratings and reviews. The only thing you won’t know until after you’ve booked is what travel partner helped you score that deal. This process has earned Hotwire a reputation as one of the best hotel booking sites in terms of overall customer satisfaction. Another reason Hotwire is such a great choice for the budget-conscious traveler is they have numerous trip-planning tools to help you locate the vacation destinations with the lowest rates on hotels. They can even help you pinpoint the best time to travel to that particular location. Like the other companies on this list, Hotwire has powerful search and filtering tools to assist customers in quickly narrowing down their results to find the hotel that best fits their needs.