The 3 Best Last Minute Travel Deal Sites

Booking a vacation at the last minute can be difficult because available flights and hotels can be limited. This is why many travel booking sites have special sections of their website devoted to helping travelers who haven’t planned far in advance. Some only have deals on flights or hotels, but the best last minute travel sites have deals on both, in addition to rental car or cruise deals. Another element that separates the top travel deal sites from the rest is the presence of specialized search tools that focus specifically on discounted flights, hotels, and vacation packages that are available for the next few weeks. Many sites also give you the opportunity to browse the options by city, which is great if you’re not entirely sure where you want to go. The three companies listed below excel in the areas mentioned above and are all good starting points for individuals hoping to score a good deal on a last-minute vacation.

Their unique Name Your Own Price® service earns Priceline the top spot on the list of the best last minute travel sites. By deciding how much you want to pay for a flight, hotel, or rental car, you can save 50% or more on your travel accommodations. Plus, Priceline’s partners are able to get rid of their unsold inventory. Of course, just because you bid on something doesn’t mean you’ll automatically win, but there’s a pretty good chance. Once you submit your bid, you’ll get an answer right away indicating whether or not you’ve won. If you didn’t, just wait 24 hours and bid again or bid on a different property, flight, or rental car. The Name Your Own Price® tool also works for vacation packages, including flight+car and flight+hotel deals. Last-minute travelers who don’t feel like bidding can also check out Priceline’s PriceBreaker deals, which offer deeply discounted rates on flights, hotels, and more for a limited time. You don’t have to bid on these; just make sure you take advantage of them before they’re gone.

Expedia is another excellent choice for individuals looking for the best travel deal sites. They enable you to conduct a targeted search for last-minute deals on flights and hotels in addition to flight and hotel packages. There’s also the option to browse through some of the featured deals on travel for this and the next week. If you’re looking for a cheap last-minute vacation, this can be a great place to get some ideas. Individuals planning on taking a cruise can find information on last-minute rates on the Cruises page of Expedia’s website. There’s no way to conduct a specific search, but you’re still able to browse through the discounted trips coming up. Not many last minute travel sites offer deals on cruises, so Expedia’s a good place to begin if this is the type of vacation you’re interested in. There’s no way to get a flight with your cruise, though, so you’ll have to run a couple last-minute deal searches to get everything you need.

Orbitz offers last-minute travel deals on flights and hotels in cities all around the country. To get started, browse through the list of the top destinations and check out what’s available in that area. Or you can run a targeted search for your specific trip dates. Booking your hotel and vacation together is an easy way to save even more on top of the already discounted last-minute prices. When you’re not near a computer, you can always use Orbitz’s mobile app to book flights and hotels. They don’t have a designated last-minute search tool, but you can still run a date search on hotels and flights and find deals that way. The reason Orbitz ends up in third on this list is because there aren’t any last-minute deals available for rental cars or cruise vacations. However, these aren’t as important to most travelers as flights and hotels, so Orbitz is still a great place to turn to when you’re looking to get a cheap rate on a spontaneous vacation package.