Last Minute Travel Review

Last Minute Travel is an excellent option for travelers short on time and money. Their website makes it easy to plan every aspect of the trip, though their mobile app's limited capabilities make on-the-go booking a little more difficult.

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The Good

Book your complete travel itinerary

With deals on everything from flights to entire vacation packages, you can book every aspect of your next trip with Last Minute Travel. Not only does this flexibility simplify things by enabling you to conduct one search instead of several, but it can also help you save money. Finish off your travel itinerary by adding in a few activities. You can browse by city or activity type or conduct a targeted search. Available activities include sightseeing tours, theme park tickets, shows, restaurant reservations, and more. Once you’ve got your dream vacation planned out, head over to the My Reservations tab to view your complete itinerary.

Members save big

Last Minute Travel’s TripleDip rewards program enables you to earn points every time you make a purchase on their website, which you can then use toward your next vacation. Each dollar you spend earns you one point and you can redeem as soon as one month after you purchase your trip. There’s no blackout dates to worry about and no additional fees, either. All you have to do is search and book using your points. Frequent travelers may want to go one step further than enrolling in the rewards program and consider signing up for the LMT Club. This program gives you access to the best deals and discounts available, including up to 65% off select hotels. There is a yearly membership fee required to join the LMT Club, but if you travel enough, the savings easily outweigh the charge.

Search secret hotels for lowest prices

Like Hotwire, Last Minute Travel offers some huge savings on 4- and 5-star hotels by not revealing the hotel’s name until after you book. You do get to view all the details about the place upfront, including amenities, its general location, and even photos of the property. The only thing you won’t know right away is the hotel’s name and exact address. By keeping this information a secret until after the transaction is complete, these hotel chains are able to get rid of some of their unsold rooms without directly competing with their own websites. These secret hotels are some of the best deals available on the entire Last Minute Travel site, with some rooms as much as 70% off their original price.

Coupon codes for hotel reservations

Last Minute Travel is always running special promotions on hotels, which you can find under the Coupons tab on their website. Some are for specific hotels and others apply to a particular hotel chain. Each coupon has a minimum dollar amount you must spend in order to use it, but it’s usually easy to exceed that amount. New deals come up every month. When you find a coupon you want to use, just start the booking process and enter the code in the promo code section of the checkout. Your discount is then automatically applied.

Get help when you need it

Last Minute Travel provides several platforms for support, so you’ll never have a problem getting answers when you need them. Their detailed FAQ is a good place to start, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for there, you can always reach out to the company another way. Email or social media are convenient options if your questions aren’t urgent, while live chat or phone support is the way to go when you need answers right away. You can also book your trip entirely over the phone. Few other travel booking websites give you this many ways to reach out to them and, while chances are you won’t encounter any serious issues while booking on their site, it’s nice to know that representatives are standing by to assist you should any questions arise.

The Bad

Doesn't guarantee lowest price

Unlike most travel booking sites, Last Minute Travel won’t reimburse you if you find a lower price after you’ve booked with them. However, since low-price guarantees are usually limited to 24 hours after the initial purchase anyways, this won’t be much of a problem if you conduct enough research before you buy.

Lackluster mobile tools

Last Minute Travel has a mobile app available for Android and iPhones, but customer reviews indicate there’s considerable room for improvement. Part of this has to do with the fact that the mobile app only enables you to book flights and hotels and view your account. If you want to book an activity or a vacation package, you have to wait until you’re in front of a computer. On the plus side, if you’re trying to find a good deal on a place to stay at the last minute, you can see what all the rates are at the hotels around you and get directions if you need them.

The Details

Specific Site Information

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  • Travel Site Type: Travel Booking Site

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