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Travelocity Review

Travelocity has remained a major player in the industry for years thanks to its sizeable discounts, guaranteed 24/7 customer service, and wide selection of travel services (including activity booking and cruises). Though it doesn’t offer a flexible date search option, its excursion add-ons and lack of service fees make it worth a close look, especially if you have an elaborate trip in mind.

The Claim

Travelocity keeps its promises simple. Its advertised tagline reads, “Get travel help when you need it. Guaranteed.” That’s a pretty vague claim, but the intention is clear. With Travelocity, you’ll find the tools to book your vacation at the best rate — whether that’s buying a plane ticket, searching for accommodations, or reserving an excursion — and you'll receive plenty of help along the way.

Is it true?

Yes. Though we’d argue that most travel sites give you “travel help when you need it,” Travelocity exceeds this baseline with an intuitive and easy-to-explore site. Even if you’re just considering a vacation, you can scroll through its Inspiration page and save any search result to your account. You’ll want to know the exact dates you’re traveling, however, or things could get complicated. Travelocity doesn’t have flexible date filters, so have to run separate searches for every variation of dates to find the best deals.

The good news is, if you do have dates in mind, you’ll find a vast array of booking options. Unlike other travel sites, you can book activities and excursions through Travelocity. Travelocity offers deals on flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, activities, and complete vacation packages. Whether you need just one or several of those things for your next trip, you can quickly book them all together online through Travelocity's services.

Bundling your travel arrangements together is always a good idea because it can help you save a considerable amount on the overall cost of your trip — sometimes up to a 45% discount for booking a hotel, flight, and rental car together. What’s more, Travelocity comes with a price match guarantee if you happen to find a better deal elsewhere.

Product Overview

Best for

Specific travel plans, bundling multiple amenities/activities

Not for

Flexible date planning


Standout Features Activity booking, deals section, price match guarantee, 24/7 customer service guarantee
Booking Options Vacation packages, hotels, flights, car rentals, cruises, activities
App Rating 4.8/5
Owned By Expedia
In Business Since 1996

Activity booking

Travelocity’s activity search is a relatively uncommon find in the industry, and it helps you score tickets for everything from Broadway shows to theme parks. If your destination is excursion-heavy or if you have several travel partners with different activities in mind, you can easily coordinate and purchase your activities with the rest of your travel plans.

Budget options

Travelocity provides a few accessible options for travel planning on a budget. The Deals section of the website lists all of the special promotions it’s currently running, as well as featured deals on hotels, flights, and activities in several major cities. This is a great place to begin your search, because it helps you quickly locate the lowest prices on some of the most popular trips. You can also find discounts on certain activities, like shows or theme park tickets, on this page. Another easy way to save when booking on Travelocity is by booking a flight and hotel together. By bundling your travel arrangements like this, you can save hundreds of dollars on your vacation.

Member perks

By signing up for a Travelocity account online, you’ll always be apprised of the latest promotions and sales via its email newsletters. Membership also entitles you to access certain members-only tools, like FareWatcher Plus, where you enter up to 10 different destinations you’d like to visit and receive notices when the prices for those trips change or a special offer comes up. A tool like this is perfect if you’re planning a trip but want to wait until prices go down before you book. It’s also a beneficial tool if you’ve got your eye on a few destinations but aren’t sure where you want to go yet.

Fewer fees

Travelocity doesn’t charge you any extra fees for changing or canceling your reservation once it’s been booked. It also doesn’t require you to pay any booking fees when you buy a round trip plane ticket on a single airline. Service fees with some companies may be as high as $30 per day, which can get expensive if you’re taking a long trip. By eliminating a large portion of these fees, Travelocity has made itself attractive to budget-conscious travelers. Keep in mind that you may be charged certain change or cancellation fees by the airline or hotel you’re booking with, but this is true of all travel sites.

24/7 customer service guarantee

A main goal of Travelocity is that their customers travel worry-free, they guarantee 24/7 support to help achieve this, offering personal assistance before, during, and after your trip on all their services.

Travelocity will come to the rescue should you experience any of the following setbacks: price drops (Travelocity will refund you the difference), car rental disappointment, cancelled flight, overbooked hotel or lost reservation, weather threats, and much more.

Travel insurance

When purchasing a trip on Travelocity, you can choose to add a Travel Guard travel protection plan, which covers expenses related to trip cancellation, among other things. Neither nor Kayak offer this service, and it’s worth considering; if something comes up and you need to reschedule or cancel your vacation, travel insurance helps ensure that you get your money back. This policy also covers lost, stolen, or delayed luggage and medical treatment you may need while traveling outside of the country. While travel insurance isn’t necessary, it’s nice to see Travelocity offer this service to international travelers and other individuals who want it.

Possible Drawbacks

No flexible date search

When searching for a flight on Travelocity, you must select the exact days of your trip rather than a range of dates. A flexible date search is helpful if your main goal is making sure you get the lowest possible price on your airfare. In order to search multiple date ranges on Travelocity, you have to conduct several searches, which is somewhat time-consuming. However, unless you’re still in the very early stages of planning and require a lot of flexibility, Travelocity’s other features more than make up for the inconvenience.

Owned by Expedia

In 2016, Travelocity was purchased by Expedia, and the two are essentially the same site now. In our full analysis of travel sites, we found that prices and packages were often identical between the two sites. Even the website design and search tools are identical (save a few color changes). Essentially, Travelocity only exists to capture brand power and doesn’t offer anything unique to Expedia. That’s not to say Travelocity isn’t worth utilizing, especially because we found deals across sites (even those not associated with each other) that were within dollars of each other. But don't bother comparing the two; choose one that you find more aesthetically pleasing and save price comparisons for sites like or Kayak.

The Competition

Owned By
App Store Rating
Flight Booking
Rental Car
Cruise Booking
Activity Booking
Flexible Dates

Travelocity vs.

With, we found the lowest prices for airfare of any other travel site by about $10 to $20. While $20 seems slim in the face of a $300 flight, the cost adds up as you tack on additional travel amenities. That said, if those additions are rental cars or cruises, you may be out of luck with The site lacks search options for both of these and has very limited customization. With you may find cheaper rates, but Travelocity includes a wider selection of tools for a more customized vacation.

Travelocity vs. Kayak

Perhaps the biggest draw of Kayak is that it lends itself to flexible searching. If you have a destination in mind but are open to travel dates, you can search for the cheapest options along a flexible timeline. A simple search produces elaborate charts with price ranges and their variations across airlines. However, Kayak’s functionality ceases at your search. While and Travelocity book and purchase your arrangements through their sites, Kayak redirects you to rental agency or airline. If just want to find the best deals with a focused search engine, Kayak is for you. But you’ll want to consider Travelocity if you prefer something more akin to a digital travel agent.

Travelocity FAQ

Can you cancel Travelocity flights within 24 hours?

Within 24 hours of booking, yes. Travelocity allows you to cancel your flight for free up to 24 hours after you book. When it comes to hotel reservations, Travelocity will not charge cancellation fees up to three days before your stay.

What is Travelocity's Price Match Guarantee?

For flights, hotels, vacation packages, rental cars, and activities, Travelocity will match a cheaper (and identical) offer. You’ll have to submit the claim within 24 hours of booking in order for Travelocity to refund the difference. For specific requirements, check out the site’s FAQ.

Does Expedia own Travelocity?

Yes. Most online travel sites are owned by either Expedia or Priceline. Travelocity was acquired by Expedia in 2015. Expedia also owns Orbitz,, Trivago, among others.

The Bottom Line

If you’re planning an elaborate vacation, with dates, destinations, and activities in mind, Travelocity is a simple way to cohere your plans and condense your booking experience. The wealth of travel add-ons, features, and budget options make Travelocity an invaluable planning assistant. For the more casual traveler who is looking for the best deals no matter the timeline, a site with flexible date options like Kayak may serve you better. However, Travelocity is great for the dedicated vacationer looking for a great deal and low fees.

Interesting facts about Travelocity:

12.4 million monthly visitors
91 million page views per month
60% of Travelocity users are women
61% of Travelocity users are aged 25-54

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