AT&T U-verse® Review

AT&T U-verse® provides TV service through a reliable network that includes fiber optic technology and sets themselves apart from competitors by allowing you to simultaneously record up to four programs.

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The Good

Record up to four shows at once

Most cable companies provide DVRs that are only capable of recording two shows at once. For many households, this will be plenty. But for viewers that have a lot of favorite shows, having a DVR that is capable of recording more can be a huge benefit. AT&T allows customers to choose from a number of DVR options, with the higher-end AT&T DVR being able to simultaneously record up to four shows at once. With plenty of hard drive space, you’ll be able to record 233 hours of standard definition television, and up to 85 hours of high definition. If you’re serious about staying up to date with your favorite shows, the AT&T DVR can definitely help.

Huge channel selection

AT&T offers customers a number of different TV packages to choose from. These packages offer a variety of local, sports, kids and family, lifestyle, and entertainment channels. AT&T also has a solid offering of premium channels and movie channels, as well as access to pay-per-view events. With up to 440 channels available (180+ in HD), everyone in the family is certain to find channels they enjoy. All channels won’t be available in every region, so be sure to check with AT&T representatives for specific offerings in your area.

Fiber optic network brings clear picture and fast Internet speeds

AT&T is one of very few cable TV providers that utilizes a network that includes fiber optic technology. Understanding the technical specifications of fiber optics may not be high on your priority list, but the important thing to take away is that this technology has the ability to deliver a less distorted signal, and consequently, you can expect a high-quality picture. If you’re looking to bundle TV and Internet, you’ll also appreciate the Internet speeds that accompany fiber optic networks. If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where fiber optic networks are available, AT&T is definitely worth looking into.

Competitive basic package pricing

Not everyone is interested in getting every possible channel and the highest quality DVR. One benefit of AT&T is the relatively cheap entry-level package starting at $14.95 per month for 12 months when you bundle with Internet. If you’re looking for cable only, you can get a respectable package for $29 per month for six months. Although the high end AT&T packages can get pricey, these entry-level options are competitive. If you’re looking for a low cost, entry-level TV plan, AT&T may be a good choice, but be sure to check with AT&T for local pricing.

The Bad

Limited availability

One of the major drawbacks to AT&T is the limited availability. Even though AT&T is currently available in just over 20 states, relative to standard cable and satellite, access to fiber optic networks is limited. There are multiple companies out there making a push for fiber optic networks, so availability will most likely increase over the next several years. In the meantime, if you’re determined to get TV services and AT&T isn’t an option, you can take advantage of DIRECTV satellite TV packages.

Prices increase after six months

The majority of cable companies offer an introductory price for a limited time that is lower than the standard monthly rate. With AT&T, the introductory pricing rate typically expires after six months. Even though this practice is fairly common in the industry, some TV providers this introductory rate will extend for nine months, or even a full year. This isn’t going to be a make-or-break item for most people, but getting a few extra months at a lower rate is always appreciated.

The Details

Provider Specs

  • 3D Channels: None
  • Available Channels: Up to 440
  • HD Channels: 180+
  • Monthly Price: $19 - $121
  • Number of Packages: 6
  • Service Area: Select States Nationwide
  • States Available: 21
  • Type: Fiber Optics

Receiver Specs

  • Channels Simultaneously Recorded: 4
  • Hours of HD Recording: Up to 82
  • Hours of SD Recording: Up to 233
  • Receiver Options: 3
  • Recording Capabilities (hours): Up to 233
  • Storage Capacity: 160GB - 320GB


Family TV

  • Total Channels: Over 140
  • Introductory Rate: $29/month
  • Length of Introductory Rate: 6 months
  • Standard Rate: $62/month

U200 TV

  • Total Channels: Over 300
  • Introductory Rate: $44/month
  • Length of Introductory Rate: 6 months
  • Standard Rate: $77/month

U200 Latino

  • Total Channels: Over 350
  • Introductory Rate: $54/month
  • Length of Introductory Rate: 6 months
  • Standard Rate: $87/month

U300 TV

  • Total Channels: Over 390
  • Introductory Rate: $59/month
  • Length of Introductory Rate: 6 months
  • Standard Rate: $92/month

U450 TV

  • Total Channels: Over 470
  • Introductory Rate: $91/month
  • Length of Introductory Rate: 6 months
  • Standard Rate: $124/month

* Package detail and pricing may vary according to location.

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