BroadVoice Review

All of BroadVoice's nationwide plans include unlimited calling for a competitive monthly fee, but where they really stand out is their international calling plans. If you have family or friends abroad or do a lot of business overseas, BroadVoice is worth a closer look.

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The Good

Affordable monthly fees

BroadVoice offers VoIP service for less than $20 per month, which includes unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. It also includes bonuses like a free second phone line and 60 free minutes of international calling per month. Not many other companies have deals like this and, in most cases, you’re looking at paying an extra monthly charge in order to get these additional features. BroadVoice also gives you other ways to save, by either committing to a contract or prepaying for a year of service. A two-year contract earns you $5 off your monthly service, while prepaying nets you nearly $140 in savings over the course of a year. If you can manage to pay the large upfront costs, this is definitely the way to go.

Excellent choice for international calling

BroadVoice’s three international calling plans give you an unlimited number of minutes to call landlines and mobile numbers all over the world. The three plans are exactly the same except for the monthly price and the number of countries you can call. The Unlimited World plan lets you call landlines in 28 countries and mobile phones in seven countries. For an additional $5 per month, upgrade to the Plus plan and make calls to 75 countries, including 26 mobile areas. The Premium plan offers unlimited minutes to landlines in 87 countries and cell phones in 47 countries.

Simple online account management

Log in to your BroadVoice account and pay your bill, adjust settings, view call history, and more. You can even make calls by clicking on the person’s name in your contacts list. The Click2Call feature automatically connects the call to your BroadVoice number then to the person you’re calling. For times when you’re going to be away from home, set up call forwarding rules so all calls get sent to your cell phone. In addition, you’re able to adjust settings like Voicemail-to-Email and Anonymous Call Rejection, turning them on and off with just a click.

Use your VoIP service away from home

BroadVoice customers are able to use Phone Power’s mobile apps in order to make and receive VoIP calls on the go. This is because BroadVoice and Phone Power are sister companies and offer similar services. Using these apps, you can make calls even when you’re not on Wi-Fi or 3G using their Click2Call tool. This connects any call you make to your BroadVoice number before dialing the number you’ve selected. Call forwarding rules can be adjusted on the fly, and so can features like block lists and speed dials. The mobile app works just like an extension of your home VoIP service, so you’re never using your cell phone minutes to make any calls. This app is completely free and compatible with Apple and Android devices. All you have to do is download it and sign in to your account to get started.

Good choice for homes with slow Internet

BroadVoice is one of the few companies that provides a Bandwidth Saver tool to their customers for improving call quality on slow Internet connections. It works by reducing the amount of bandwidth the VoIP service needs for each phone call, making it easier for calls to be understood. To adjust these settings, log in to your BroadVoice account and find the Bandwidth Saver. Then, select how much bandwidth you would like the service to use. The new changes go into effect immediately and you should start noticing an improvement in the call quality the next time you pick up the phone.

Quickly get help when you need it

Should you run into problems with your BroadVoice system, contact one of their company representatives by phone, email, or live chat at any time. They have people standing by seven days a week to answer any questions you may have about the service or to assist you with troubleshooting issues with the BroadVoice system. There’s also a detailed knowledge base you can turn to for answers to your questions. Here, you’ll find instructions on how to set up your system and adjust certain call settings in your account, as well as a list of frequently asked questions.

The Bad

High fee for early termination

BroadVoice customers who commit to a contract will be charged $99 if they cancel their service before the two-year service period is up. This is a relatively high fee compared to the rest of the industry, but it’s a charge that can be easily avoided. If you absolutely can’t hang on to your VoIP service until the two years is up, consider BroadVoice’s month-to-month or yearly prepay plan and avoid the contract altogether.

The Details


  • Early Termination Fee: $99
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Monthly Price: $8.33 - $49.95
  • Setup Fee: None
  • Shipping and Handling Fees: $15

Pricing - Residential Plans

Unlimited U.S. and Canada

  • Monthly Rate: $8.33 - $19.95
  • Contracts Offered: Month-to-Month, One-Year, Two-Year
  • Local/Long Distance Minutes Included: Unlimited
  • International Minutes Included: 60

Unlimited World

  • Monthly Rate: $19.95
  • Contracts Offered: Month-to-Month
  • Local/Long Distance Minutes Included: Unlimited
  • International Minutes Included: Unlimited

Unlimited World Plus

  • Monthly Rate: $24.95
  • Contracts Offered: Month-to-Month
  • Local/Long Distance Minutes Included: Unlimited
  • International Minutes Included: Unlimited

Unlimited World Premium

  • Monthly Rate: $49.95
  • Contracts Offered: Month-to-Month
  • Local/Long Distance Minutes Included: Unlimited
  • International Minutes Included: Unlimited

Pricing - Business Plans

Business Plans

  • Monthly Rate: Contact Company
  • Contracts Offered: Contact Company
  • Local/Long Distance Minutes Included: Contact Company
  • International Minutes Included: Contact Company