The 4 Best Business VOIP Services

There are many VoIP providers who offer solutions for businesses, but the right one for your organization depends on your unique needs. Scalability and affordability are important to everyone, but features like auto attendants and integrations with third-party software aren’t necessarily required by every company. The best business VoIP services will give you a lot of flexibility, allowing you to mix and match different types of extensions to package the most cost-effective solution. You usually have to speak to a company representative to get a good idea of pricing and available discounts, so the first thing you should do is focus on the features your company needs to get the most out of your office phone service. Start with the four companies listed below. Each one offers a variety of plans catering to businesses of all sizes, so you should find something that will work for you.

8×8’s VoIP plans are easily customizable to suit businesses of every size. All of their plans include auto attendants, audio and video conference calling, and an online account where you can manage your extensions and settings. Mobile apps are also available for Apple and Android devices, which is great if you have a lot of remote or traveling employees. All calls can be forwarded to their cell phones when they’re out of the office so they don’t ever miss anything important. If you use CRM software like SugarCRM or Zendesk, 8×8 is a smart choice because it integrates seamlessly with them, allowing you to view all your client information during calls. As for the service plans themselves, you have the choice between three different types of extensions: metered, unlimited, and global. Mix and match them according to what works best for your organization and add, upgrade, or delete lines as needed.

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RingCentral is another VoIP company that caters exclusively to businesses. Larger organizations will appreciate the ability to set up auto attendants and call forwarding rules to handle the large number of calls they receive on a daily basis. RingCentral’s Office service also enables you to set up audio and video conferences. Depending on the plan you go with, you’re able to host up to 50 people on a single call. RingCentral is also well known for their Internet fax services, which are among the best in the industry. Like 8×8, RingCentral also integrates with third-party software, including Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, and Box. Organizations who use these services on a regular basis should definitely consider RingCentral because these integrations go a long way toward streamlining communication between you and your customers. This VoIP service is also great for collaboration because staff members can quickly and easily discuss projects through RingCentral’s Business SMS service. This works just like traditional text messaging except your employees don’t have to use their own cell phone plan since everything goes through VoIP.

Vonage is one of the most popular and well-known VoIP services in the industry, and their plans are designed to be very flexible and scalable to suit small businesses and enterprises alike. There are three types of extensions available, and you can mix and match them however you want. Metered extensions are a cost-effective option for employees who don’t use the phone often. Unlimited extensions are the most popular and let you call as much as you want for a monthly flat rate. Virtual extensions are ideal for employees who spend a lot of time out of the office. All extensions enable you to host conference calls, forward, or transfer calls as needed and connect through the Vonage Mobile app when you’re on the go. Like the two companies mentioned above, Vonage also offers integrations with third-party business software, including several popular CRM software, although it does cost extra if you want to use these services. The additional fee is only a few dollars per month, though, so it shouldn’t put you over budget. is another company worth considering if you’re searching for business-friendly VoIP service. There’s no limit on the number of extensions you can add, and you save more by adding more thanks to generous multi-line discounts. Choose between Pay Per Minute and Unlimited Extensions, or a mix of both. Set up each extension with its own number to make it easy for customers to connect to the right person. One really unique tool offers is Caller Analytics. This presents your caller data in an easy-to-understand format to help you learn more about the demographics of your callers. This service costs extra, but it can provide valuable insight into who your customers are. You can then use this knowledge to better serve them in the future. is also one of the few VoIP providers to offer HD Voice technology. This ensures all your calls are crystal clear and easily understood, which is great because disruption in phone service or poor call quality can be bad for business.