Lingo Review

Lingo's VoIP service doesn't have all the bells and whistles you find with some other companies, but it's perfect if you're looking for a basic home phone service that can help you save a ton of money on your monthly phone bill.

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The Good

Reasonably priced plans

Lingo’s plans start at around $10 per month for 500 minutes of local and long-distance calling. If that’s not enough, upgrade to the Lingo Unlimited plan or one of their international calling plans for just a few more dollars. Activation is free and so is the VoIP adapter. You don’t have to pay to port your number over to Lingo and you don’t have to worry about getting hit by unexpected fees down the road. Many common charges, like the Admin and Federal Program fees, are included in the monthly rate listed on the website, which is a relatively uncommon practice among VoIP providers. All of this boils down to an affordable home-phone solution, perfect for anyone looking to keep costs low.

Adjust bandwidth to improve call quality

If you experience choppy or poor-quality reception, Lingo’s Connection Enhancer tool should be able to help by adjusting bandwidth. This optimizes call quality and eliminates choppiness and delays, so your VoIP phone calls sound just as good as calls made from your traditional home-phone service. VoIP call quality varies dramatically depending on Internet speeds, so a tool like this is extremely valuable, especially if your home Internet connection isn’t very fast. To adjust these settings, log in to your Lingo account and choose Support from the menu. Then, select Connection Enhancer and make your changes. You’ll start noticing a difference right away.

Adapter included at no additional cost

All of Lingo’s plans come with free shipping and a free lease of the VoIP adapter, resulting in a savings of nearly $90. Some other VoIP phone service providers charge a monthly fee for using the company’s adapter, which is not always factored in to the price you see listed on the website. This isn’t a concern with Lingo because they clearly list which fees are included with the plan and which aren’t. Not having to pay for the adapter or shipping means the only number you need to know is the monthly fee for your plan.

The Bad

Residential plans only

Lingo specializes in providing home VoIP services, so small businesses and enterprises interested in this type of service won’t find what they’re looking for here. This is unusual, but not unheard of, among VoIP providers, most of whom offer separate plans designed for professional organizations.

Can't make calls via computer

Unlike most VoIP service providers, Lingo doesn’t offer a softphone to their customers, so you must have a traditional or mobile phone to make calls. Softphones enable you to make calls directly from your computer, something which can be very useful if you’re traveling and don’t want to bring your adapter along with you to make calls. Most other VoIP providers in the industry offer a softphone, either for free or at an additional price. If this type of service appeals to you, look into other companies who do offer this kind of technology.

No money-back guarantee

If, after trying Lingo’s services for a few weeks, you decide it’s not for you, you won’t get a refund for your money because they don’t offer any sort of satisfaction guarantee. If this is a concern for you, it’s best to sign up for one of their month-to-month plans to start with. The monthly rate is higher, but you’re not locked into a contract and can cancel at any time. For most people, there shouldn’t be any trouble with Lingo’s services, but this is something to bear in mind when shopping for a VoIP phone service.

The Details


  • Early Termination Fee: None
  • Money-Back Guarantee: N/A
  • Monthly Price: $9.95 - $23.95
  • Setup Fee: None
  • Shipping and Handling Fees: None

Pricing - Residential Plans

Lingo Essential

  • Monthly Rate: $9.95
  • Contracts Offered: Month-to-Month
  • Local/Long Distance Minutes Included: 500
  • International Minutes Included: None

Lingo Unlimited

  • Monthly Rate: $14.95 - $19.95
  • Contracts Offered: Month-to-Month, One-Year
  • Local/Long Distance Minutes Included: Unlimited
  • International Minutes Included: None

Lingo Select

  • Monthly Rate: $19.95 - $23.95
  • Contracts Offered: Month-to-Month, One-Year
  • Local/Long Distance Minutes Included: Unlimited
  • International Minutes Included: 1,000

Lingo World

  • Monthly Rate: $19.95 - $23.95
  • Contracts Offered: Month-to-Month, One-Year
  • Local/Long Distance Minutes Included: Unlimited
  • International Minutes Included: Unlimited