RingCentral Review

RingCentral is a top choice for organizations interested in scalable VoIP service and streamlined communications. Their services carry a high per-user fee, but the wide variety of business-friendly tools means you're still getting a great deal.

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The Good

Integrates with popular business tools

Businesses who use Salesforce to manage their relationships with their clients should check out the RingCentral App, which lets you make calls from inside Salesforce with a single click and automatically connect to RingCentral’s VoIP service. While you’re on the call, you can take notes, all of which are automatically saved under the appropriate contact in Salesforce. When someone calls you, their contact information is instantly pulled up so you don’t have to spend time searching for it in the system. RingCentral also integrates with the well-known cloud storage service Box. If you fax frequently, this is very useful because you can send faxes of your documents stored in Box from inside the RingCentral system. If you use any of these services, RingCentral is a company worth checking out because these integrations are rare in the industry.

One of the best for video conferencing

RingCentral enables you to host HD video conferences with as many as 50 participants at once. The exact number of participants you’re allowed to have varies depending on your plan. Only Enterprise customers can hold such large meetings. Standard and Premium customers are limited to four and 25 people per conference, respectively. Conferences can be conducted in the office or on the go using smartphones and tablets. If you decide you don’t want to use the video feature, just turn it off and you’ve got a traditional conference call. RingCentral also enables customers to share their screens with others during the conference call. This is useful if you have documents, presentations, or web pages you’d like to refer to during your meeting.

Choose any kind of phone number

When you sign up for one of RingCentral’s business VoIP plans, select a new local, toll-free, or vanity number, or keep the one you already have. Each option has its own advantages and will appeal to different types of businesses. Keeping your number is smart if you already have an established customer base. Small businesses or larger organizations who want to establish a local presence can choose a new local number. Toll-free numbers are more common among enterprises, and vanity numbers make it easier for your customers to remember your number. Vanity numbers aren’t offered by the majority of VoIP providers, so if this is something your company is interested in, move RingCentral up on your list.

Powerful cloud faxing service

Organizations who send and receive a lot of faxes on a regular basis should check out RingCentral’s Internet fax service. Because their fax and VoIP services use the Internet rather than a traditional phone line, you’re able to send and receive faxes even while using your RingCentral phone service. Thanks to the company’s mobile apps and softphone, you don’t even have to be in the office to send out faxes. While almost all VoIP providers enable you to add a fax line to your plan, RingCentral is one of the few that offers advanced features, such as the ability to add cover letters and sign faxes from your computer. For this reason, heavy fax users should definitely take a closer look at RingCentral.

Improve collaboration with text messaging

RingCentral’s Business SMS capability enables employees to send and receive texts to other RingCentral extensions and local phone numbers. This is a great way to quickly connect to fellow employees and collaborate on team projects. There’s no limit to the number of texts you can send and receive. All you need is a smartphone and the RingCentral app to get started. Text messages can also be used to set up video conferences or share websites or phone numbers. Click on the conference invite and you’re automatically patched in to the conference. Clicking on URLs sent via text message automatically opens the website, while clicking on phone numbers immediately starts the call.

The Bad

No residential services

RingCentral focuses on providing VoIP solutions to only small businesses and enterprises. That being said, businesses interested in VoIP service would find it well worth their time to investigate RingCentral’s offerings. Their products go beyond phone service to include things like video conferencing, Internet faxing, and integrations with popular third-party applications for a flat, monthly rate. These services aren’t found with the majority of VoIP providers and make valuable additions to a business.

Somewhat pricey

RingCentral might not be the right choice for smaller organizations because they charge a relatively high per-user fee for their services. This is less of a problem for larger businesses because you get discounts as you add more lines. Signing a contract or paying annually rather than month to month can also help lower the costs, but the final price might still be too much for some. Keep in mind, though, you receive a number of extra features you can’t find with other companies, so you’re getting your money’s worth.

The Details


  • Early Termination Fee: None
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Monthly Price: $24.99/user - $44.99/user
  • Setup Fee: None
  • Shipping and Handling Fees: $18.95 - $70.95

Pricing - Business Plans


  • Monthly Rate: $24.99/user
  • Contracts Offered: Month-to-Month, One-Year
  • Local/Long Distance Minutes Included: Unlimited
  • International Minutes Included: None


  • Monthly Rate: $34.99/user
  • Contracts Offered: Month-to-Month, One-Year
  • Local/Long Distance Minutes Included: Unlimited
  • International Minutes Included: None


  • Monthly Rate: $44.99/user
  • Contracts Offered: Month-to-Month, One-Year
  • Local/Long Distance Minutes Included: Unlimited
  • International Minutes Included: None