VOIP.com Review

VOIP.com places a strong emphasis on flexibility, letting residential customers choose the terms of their contract and businesses mix and match extensions as they see fit. However, those with family or friends abroad may be able to find cheaper international calling plans elsewhere.

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The Good

Reasonably priced residential plans

VOIP.com offers unlimited local and long-distance calling for less than $20 per month with no annual contract. This is on par with the rest of the industry, where $15 to $20 for an unlimited plan is normal. VOIP.com gives you the opportunity to save even more on your monthly bill by committing to an annual contract. One- and two-year contracts are available, with larger discounts being granted to those who commit to a longer term. To earn the most savings, prepay for a year of service. This makes your plan considerably more expensive at first, but in the long run, it’ll save you nearly $90 on your phone service. If you plan on sticking with their VoIP service for a long time, it’s worth it to take advantage of one of these contracts because the savings add up quickly.

Reliable, scalable business phone systems

VOIP.com offers their business customers a choice between cloud PBX and SIP trunking solutions, with several different plans available to suit a variety of organizations. All plans include easy installation and a 99.99% uptime guarantee, something few other business VoIP providers offer. Once your account is up and running, manage it through the online portal and add or delete users as needed. Add, modify, or delete Auto Attendants and adjust call settings as well. The simple customizability of these business plans makes them well-suited to any organization looking for an affordable VoIP solution that can grow with them over time.

Easily manage your account online

Through the My Account portal on VOIP.com’s website, you can pay your bills, view call logs, and adjust settings as needed. There’s no need to contact the company if you want to upgrade or downgrade your plan either. Log in and select the new plan you want. Then, if necessary, pay any additional charges and get started with your new service right away. Your online account is where you’re able to set up call-forwarding rules, including a failsafe number, where all your calls are sent in the event of an Internet or power outage. View your contacts list and dial a number just by clicking on it using the Click2Call feature and VOIP.com’s softphone. All of the tools you need to adjust your call settings are just a few clicks away, so managing your account is fast and easy.

Second phone line included

Residential and small-business customers receive a free second phone line with their purchase of a VOIP.com plan. This second line is perfect for when you need to make a call when someone else is already using the phone. You can also pick up incoming calls on the second line, so customers calling your small business won’t have to wait on hold or try again later. VOIP.com isn’t unique among VoIP providers for offering their customers the option of a second phone line, but only VOIP.com and its sister companies, including Phone Power, give that second line to their customers free of charge. So if you’re interested in getting a second line for your home or small-business phone, VOIP.com is a good place to find a cost-effective solution.

60 minutes of free international calling with residential plans

Sixty free minutes of international calling per month to 75 countries are included with every residential VOIP.com plan. Once you’ve used up those 60 minutes for the month, you’re charged a per-minute rate that varies depending on what country you’re calling and whether the number is a landline or mobile. This is a nice extra offered by VOIP.com to help save you money in the event you need to make an occasional call to someone abroad. There are many VoIP providers that don’t offer any free minutes and charge you a fee right from the start, and though those fees are only a couple cents per minute, they add up over time.

The Bad

No monthly international plans for residential customers

As a residential VoIP customer, you get 60 free minutes per month to use toward international calls, but beyond that, you’re charged a per-minute fee. VOIP.com does offer an unlimited international calling plan, but only business customers are eligible. If you have family abroad who you talk to a lot, a per-minute rate could get expensive pretty quickly and an unlimited plan with a flat rate would help ensure you don’t run into any surprises on your monthly bill. Companies like Lingo offer plans like this, so they might be worth checking out if you’re not satisfied with VOIP.com’s international-calling options.

Expensive additional fees

VOIP.com charges their customers $15 for shipping the adapter to their homes and $99 for cancelling before the contract is up. While these are one-time charges, they’re a little expensive in comparison to other companies, some of which don’t charge these fees at all. For the most part, these extra expenses shouldn’t be a problem for the majority of people. If you already have a compatible VoIP adapter, you don’t need to worry about the shipping costs because you don’t need a new adapter mailed to you. As for early termination fees, these are easily avoided by waiting until the end of your term to cancel the service or by not signing a contract in the first place. VOIP.com does offer month-to-month plans with no contract required.

The Details


  • Early Termination Fee: $99
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Monthly Price: $12.50 - $19.95
  • Setup Fee: None
  • Shipping and Handling Fees: $15

Pricing - Residential Plans

Domestic Plan

  • Monthly Rate: $12.50 - $19.95
  • Contracts Offered: Month-to-Month, One-Year, Two-Year
  • Local/Long Distance Minutes Included: Unlimited
  • International Minutes Included: 60

Pricing - Business Plans

Cloud PBX Standard Plan

  • Monthly Rate: $17.95/extension - $19.95/extension
  • Contracts Offered: One-Year, Two-Year
  • Local/Long Distance Minutes Included: Unlimited
  • International Minutes Included

Cloud PBX Global Plan

  • Monthly Rate: $24.95/extension - $29.95/extension
  • Contracts Offered: One-Year, Two-Year
  • Local/Long Distance Minutes Included: Unlimited
  • International Minutes Included: Unlimited