VOIPo Review

VOIPo doesn't offer many plans, but the few they do provide are very affordable and perfect for those who need a basic VoIP service to replace their home or office phone.

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The Good

Affordable monthly rate

If you plan on keeping your VoIP service for a long time, consider going with VOIPo’s two-year plan rather than the month-to-month option. VOIPo charges their two-year customers significantly less per month than those who aren’t willing to make the same commitment. Their regular price is around $15 per month, which is average for the VoIP industry. With a two-year commitment, that price drops down to about $6 per month, resulting in a savings of more than $200 over two years.

Two lines with every plan

Every VOIPo plan includes a free rollover line, which works as a separate line connected to the same phone number. This rollover line makes it possible to make and receive calls even when someone else is already on the phone. Small businesses in particular will benefit from this free additional line because customers won’t have to wait on hold as long. This type of deal isn’t something that’s very common among VoIP providers, so if you’re interested, take a closer look at what VOIPo has to offer.

Free international minutes

Every month, you receive 60 free international minutes to call landlines and cell phones in dozens of countries around the world. This is perfect if you have to make the occasional international call but don’t want to pay to upgrade your plan. If you find you need more than this, you have two options. Pay a small, per-minute fee for your calls or purchase a 1,200-minute upgrade for a few dollars per month. Infrequent callers shouldn’t have any problems getting by with the 60 free minutes and a per-minute rate thereafter. However, if you have relatives overseas or work with clients in other companies, the upgrade is definitely worth the investment.

Adapter and activation included in monthly rate

VOIPo leases the VoIP adapter to you for free when you sign up for either their residential or small-business plan. Some companies charge you an additional monthly fee for renting this equipment, which can make the VoIP service less affordable than originally anticipated. With VOIPo, the cost of renting the equipment is factored into the monthly service charge. Shipping is also free, something that’s relatively rare in the industry, and there are also no charges for activating your service.

Simple and convenient account management

Manage your VOIPo account by logging into your control panel on their website and adjusting the appropriate settings. View your call logs, listen to voicemails, set up special call routing rules, and more. VOIPo also offers their customers the unique ability to update their account information and settings without logging in to their account. Send texts from your cell phone to VOIPo regarding the settings you want changed and they’ll be automatically updated. This makes it easier than ever to manage your account anytime, anywhere.

The Bad

Few plans to choose from

VOIPo only has two plans to choose from: one is for home use and the other is designed for small businesses. Both plans offer unlimited local and long-distance calling, which is great if you make a lot of phone calls, but infrequent callers might appreciate a more limited plan for a lower monthly fee. However, their plans are well-suited to the average consumer, so the majority of customers should be content with the available options.

Calling Puerto Rico costs extra

In order to make calls to Puerto Rico, you have to use your international minutes because VOIPo doesn’t include Puerto Rico in their unlimited nationwide calling. VOIPo isn’t the only company to do this, but there are many services that don’t charge you extra to call this destination. If you have family or friends living in Puerto Rico with whom you speak to often, explore other options before committing to VOIPo.

The Details


  • Early Termination Fee: None
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Monthly Price: $6.21 - $15
  • Setup Fee: None
  • Shipping and Handling Fees: None

Pricing - Residential Plans

Home Plan

  • Monthly Rate: $6.21 - $15
  • Contracts Offered: Month-to-Month, Two-Year
  • Local/Long Distance Minutes Included: Unlimited
  • International Minutes Included: None

Pricing - Business Plans

Small Business Plan

  • Monthly Rate: $6.21 - $15
  • Contracts Offered: Month-to-Month, Two-Year
  • Local/Long Distance Minutes Included: Unlimited
  • International Minutes Included: None