ClickMeeting Review

ClickMeeting is great for small businesses looking for robust features and lots of latitude to customize the meeting space. The advanced rebranding tools enable organizations to impress clients with a professional design.

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The Good

Customizable layout for each meeting

ClickMeeting gives you several different conference room layouts to choose from as well as the option to create your own. Each layout is composed of multiple pods, which vary in size and can be adjusted to suit your needs. The Presentation Mode layout is the best choice if you plan on using Share pod features (including presentations, whiteboards, shared files, and screen sharing) often in your meeting. In this layout, the shared tools are displayed in the center of the screen, making it easy for attendees to follow along. If you’re planning a face-to-face video conference, it’s better to go with the Video Chat layout. The Chat pod enables you to type messages either to the whole group or to a specific individual and the Attendee List pod lets you manage participants and control what they can do in the meeting.

Advanced mobile tools for meetings on the go

ClickMeeting’s mobile apps for Apple, Android, and BlackBerry devices put the entire meeting in the palm of your hand. With a full range of conferencing tools available to mobile users, it’s even possible to host a meeting away from the office. Schedule a new meeting, chat with fellow participants, and record your discussions with a single click. More advanced features like screen sharing, video conferencing, and virtual whiteboards are also available to mobile users. Few web conferencing apps are as full featured as ClickMeeting’s, so if you or your associates travel a lot, this is definitely something to consider.

Rebrand to represent your organization

ClickMeeting enables you to completely rebrand your account to deliver a professional and customized meeting experience for your customers. Start by adding your company logo to the waiting and meeting rooms. Add additional graphics and change the color palette of the space. Fonts are also easily customizable to fit with your business theme. For larger organizations with multiple departments, consider creating unique templates to distinguish each group. Many of these tools aren’t available with the majority of web conferencing services, so if you want to impress your clients with a custom-branded meeting space, ClickMeeting should be near the top of your list.

Better communication with international clients

ClickMeeting integrates with Google Translate to provide translations of your chat conversations to help facilitate communication with your clients. Choose from 52 different languages and then click on the Translate button. Everything you’ve typed into the chat box is immediately translated into your client’s native language and, when they reply to you, you can switch the text back into your language. This is a unique tool that isn’t generally found with web conferencing software, but it’s undoubtedly useful to have if you regularly work with individuals in other countries.

Easy to receive feedback from your participants

The built-in polling tools are an ideal way to engage your audience and get feedback on new ideas, even within a large group. Create different types of polls and surveys to ensure you get the information you want. Choose between single-choice, multiple-choice, and open-ended questions. All participants’ responses are tallied up and listed as a percentage immediately, so you’re able to see how people are responding on the spot. Polls and surveys are also useful for getting feedback on your own presentation. Ask attendees what they liked or didn’t like and use that to improve your future conferences.

Integrates with the services you already use

In the ClickMeeting App Center, there are different integrations designed to help you improve productivity and connect to services you’re already using. For example, download the Outlook or Google Calendar apps and schedule your meetings directly from there rather than signing in to your ClickMeeting account. Post information about your upcoming meetings to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn via ClickMeeting’s unique integrations for each social network. Integrations for Microsoft Office and YouTube to make it easier to share files and videos during your presentations. And if you don’t find the integration you need, there’s an option to create your own using ClickMeeting’s application programming interface.

The Bad

Not suitable for large meetings

ClickMeeting lets you host an unlimited number of meetings, but only 25 attendees may attend a given meeting. For some customers, this should be plenty, but it could be an issue for larger organizations. There are two possible solutions to this problem. One is to choose a different web conferencing software altogether. The other is to look into ClickWebinar, which is very similar to ClickMeeting but is designed for webinars and accommodates up to 1,000 attendees in a single meeting.

The Details


  • Contract Length: Month-to-Month, Annual
  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Max Number of Participants: 25
  • Monthly Price: $22.50 - $30
  • Simultaneous Video Feeds: 4
  • Storage Space: Unlimited


ClickMeeting 25

  • Monthly Rate: $22.50 - $30
  • Max Number of Participants: 25
  • Simultaneous Video Feeds: 4
  • Storage Space: Unlimited

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