GlobalMeet Review

GlobalMeet, owned by PGi, is a top choice for mobile teams who need an online meeting solution that fits in with their on-the-go lifestyle. The intuitive interface also makes GlobalMeet a smart choice for those new to web conferencing.

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The Good

Simple, user-friendly interface

All of the important controls to manage your GlobalMeet conference are located in the toolbars across the top and left sides of the screen. You don’t have to go hunting through confusing menus to find the tools you need; just click on the appropriate button and you’re in business. Any documents or videos you share are displayed in the large main window, so they can’t be missed. The left sidebar contains a list of all your participants and clicking on a name brings up a variety of options, such as the ability to mute their line, start a private chat, or promote the participant to presenter status. The simplicity of this design means there’s virtually no learning curve to this software and you should have no problems getting your meetings started right away.

Pay for only what you use

GlobalMeet is a cost-effective choice for businesses who only host the occasional meeting. Their Pay As You Go plan accommodates meetings of up to 125 attendees and charges a per-minute rate for the service. If you host a lot of meetings, this isn’t going to be as affordable as GlobalMeet’s monthly flat-rate plans, but it’s an incredibly rare deal over the long run if you only host web conferences every once in a while. The Pay As You Go plan comes with all the same features as GlobalMeet’s other plans and access to the same 24/7 customer support.

Host effective meetings from any device

GlobalMeet offers mobile apps for Apple, Android, and BlackBerry devices, so it’s easy to connect with others no matter where you are. The clean interface of the desktop version carries over to the mobile apps. All of these apps come with the full range of audio conferencing tools, so it’s even possible to host from a tablet or smartphone. One thing to note, though, is you aren’t able to see any video or presentation material from a smartphone. If this is an issue, you can switch over to another device by clicking on the Transfer button right within the app. Mobile resources like these are going to be a top priority for those who travel a lot, so if this applies to you, move GlobalMeet up on your list.

Crystal-clear video quality

With GlobalMeet, you’re able to have up to 15 HD video feeds running simultaneously, which is great for hosting face-to-face meetings with clients or coworkers. During these conferences, it’s important to have a clear image so participants can easily read documents and follow the presentation. GlobalMeet’s software automatically optimizes your video quality to ensure you’re getting the best possible picture even if your Internet connection isn’t the best, and the same holds true for when you’re sharing your screen.

Unlimited file storage space

Your GlobalMeet Content Library is capable of storing an unlimited amount of files as long as they’re 100MB or less. This is a great place to keep all your important documents, and you can share them with participants or use it in an upcoming meeting. Not all web conferencing providers give you storage space like this and, of those that do, very few give you unlimited storage. Teams that need to collaborate with clients or coworkers on projects will appreciate the ability to keep all of their files in cloud storage because they’re accessible from any device and easily transferrable to another computer.

The Bad

Must send your own reminders

Once you schedule a meeting in GlobalMeet, invitations are sent out to all participants informing them of the date and time, but it’s up to them to set their own reminder. Many other video conferencing software programs send out reminder emails as the meeting date approaches to help ensure everyone shows up on time. If built-in reminders are important to you, it’s best to choose a different web conferencing software that includes this.

Attendees can't raise hands

If a participant in your meeting has a question, there is no way to indicate this to you by raising their hands. This is a very common feature among web conferencing services, so it’s a little unusual that GlobalMeet doesn’t offer this tool. There is an easy way around this, though. Participants may ask questions using the built-in Q&A tool, and the presenter can either respond directly to that individual or to the whole group.

The Details


  • Contract Length: Pay-As-You-Go, Month-to-Month, Annual
  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Max Number of Participants: 125
  • Monthly Price: $15 - $65
  • Simultaneous Video Feeds: 15
  • Storage Space: Unlimited


Pay As You Go Plan

  • Monthly Rate: $0.19/min
  • Max Number of Participants: 125
  • Simultaneous Video Feeds: 15
  • Storage Space: Unlimited

GlobalMeet – 10 Participants

  • Monthly Rate: $15 - $19
  • Max Number of Participants: 10
  • Simultaneous Video Feeds: 10
  • Storage Space: Unlimited

GlobalMeet – 125 Participants

  • Monthly Rate: $49 - $65
  • Max Number of Participants: 125
  • Simultaneous Video Feeds: 15
  • Storage Space: Unlimited

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