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MeetingBurner is fairly new to the web conferencing industry, but they've already made a name for themselves by offering a generous free plan and a solid selection of communicative tools. Organizations looking for more advanced collaborative technology might want to look elsewhere, though.

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The Good

Generous free plan

MeetingBurner’s Free plan is easily one of the best in the industry, offering unlimited conferences that support up to 10 people. It includes all the core features of MeetingBurner, such as screen sharing, group chat, audio and video conferencing, and mobile tools. More advanced features like meeting recording are only available with a paid plan, but if you rarely host meetings and are looking for a basic software that enables you to discuss and collaborate on important documents, this plan is difficult to beat. Few web conferencing providers offer free plans at all, and those that do usually limit meetings to three attendees or fewer. MeetingBurner’s plan is far more generous and definitely worth considering if you have a limited budget for web conferencing.

Solutions for organizations of all sizes

If you own a small business, you may be able to get web conferencing service from MeetingBurner without paying a dime. Their Free plan includes many of the basic tools you need for collaborating with team members or clients, and you can host as many meetings as you like with up to 10 participants. For medium-size businesses or organizations who need more robust functionalities, consider upgrading to the Pro plan. This gives you the ability to host meetings with up to 50 attendees, record meetings, and set up custom registration forms. Paying customers also get access to more accessible support. If the Pro plan still isn’t enough for you, check out the Premier plan. It’s designed for large-scale meetings, webinars, and training sessions, and includes advanced tools like meeting analytics and PayPal integration.

Easy to sign up and get started

Signing up with MeetingBurner is as simple as filling out a one-page form with your basic information and creating a login. There’s no need to worry about entering credit card information right away, even if you’re signing up for a paid plan. For the Pro and Premier plans, you can try out the system firsthand by taking advantage of the 14-day free trial. Once you’ve got your account set up, starting a meeting is as simple as pressing the Meet Right Now button. You’re taken right into the meeting room where you can view and chat with the other participants, share files, and much more. The whole process takes a relatively short time to complete, so you’ll have your first meeting up and running in just a few minutes.

Integrates with certain email marketing software

Businesses who use AWeber Communications for their email marketing campaigns should consider MeetingBurner as their web conferencing service. MeetingBurner funnels the emails of everyone signed up for a meeting or webinar into campaign lists in AWeber’s system. This makes it easy to follow up with your attendees at a later date, and it saves you the time of having to manually enter all of the contact information into your email campaign. MeetingBurner also integrates with Constant Contact’s EventSpot service, which is useful if you’re planning a larger event. Very few online meeting services offer these types of integrations, and while not every business is going to have a need for them, they are undoubtedly a valuable addition that help streamline communications and improve productivity within your organization.

The Bad

Missing several common collaborative tools

While MeetingBurner nails the basics, like in-meeting chat and screen sharing, this is really the extent of their collaborative technology. They are missing other fairly standard offerings, such as file sharing, private chat, and remote control of another’s computer. This could be problematic for businesses who meet and collaborate often, but for those just looking for a basic web conferencing system without all the bells and whistles, MeetingBurner is a good value for the money. Another thing to keep in mind is that MeetingBurner, founded in 2011, is relatively new in the scene of web conferencing services, so they may expand their offerings to include more of these advanced tools over time.

Screen sharing requires an additional download

When you want to show participants a document on your computer, you must first download the Screen Sharing app. To get started, press the download button on the main page of the meeting space. After, you must wait for the software to download and run before others can see your screen, which could cause delays during your presentation. Many other video conferencing solutions only require you to push a button on the control panel so your screen automatically appears for others to view. This is obviously more convenient, but MeetingBurner’s screen sharing shouldn’t pose too much of an issue. If you know you’re going to be sharing your screen with others, download the app prior to the start of the meeting so you don’t have to worry about any delays once you get started.

Cannot share more than one webcam

Unlike most web meeting services, MeetingBurner only enables you see the host’s webcam feed. This may not be a serious concern for most businesses, particularly since you can switch which video feed is being shown throughout the meeting, but being able to speak to meeting participants face to face adds a nice, personal touch, particularly with clients. For in-house meetings with other employees, it may not be necessary to share webcams with other participants, though, and in these cases, MeetingBurner should work just fine.

The Details


  • Contract Length: Month-to-Month
  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Max Number of Participants: 1,000
  • Monthly Price: $0 - $99.95
  • Simultaneous Video Feeds: 1
  • Storage Space: N/A


MeetingBurner Free

  • Monthly Rate: $0
  • Max Number of Participants: 10
  • Simultaneous Video Feeds: 1
  • Storage Space: N/A

MeetingBurner Pro

  • Monthly Rate: $39.95
  • Max Number of Participants: 50
  • Simultaneous Video Feeds: 1
  • Storage Space: N/A

MeetingBurner Premier

  • Monthly Rate: $99.95
  • Max Number of Participants: 1,000
  • Simultaneous Video Feeds: 1
  • Storage Space: N/A

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