The 3 Best Web Conferencing Services for Small Businesses

Small businesses looking for a web conferencing solution need a powerful, collaborative software that enables them to meet with clients and colleagues at a price that fits tight budgets. It also helps if plans are easily scalable to accommodate a growing business. The needs of each organization dictates the right web conferencing solution. For some, mobile tools are critical because employees are spread across the country, and for others this might matter as much. The best way to decide what’s right for your organization is to make a list of the make-or-break tools you need in your web conferencing software, then compare the list against the best services in the industry. The list of the three best web conferencing services for small businesses below is a good place to start.

Fuze is a top choice for small businesses who need a powerful web conferencing solution but don’t have a huge budget. Their Free plan is easily the most generous in the industry, offering unlimited meetings for up to 25 participants. This means if you keep your conferences small you won’t have to pay anything for your web meeting service. If, as your company grows, you decide you need more space, Fuze’s Pro plan costs around $10 per month and enables you to host meetings with as many as 125 attendees. All of their plans include 1GB of cloud space for storing important documents for presentations as well as audio and video conferencing capabilities. Presenters are also able to share their screens and make notes on virtual whiteboards. There aren’t many web conferencing services that give you this many collaborative tools at such a low price, so if cost is your main concern, Fuze is worth a look.

IMeet doesn’t offer a free plan, but their rates are very affordable, especially if you pay annually as opposed to monthly. The plans are also scalable, so it’s easy to switch between levels as your business grows. The basic plan includes unlimited meetings for 10 attendees, screen and file sharing capabilities, and audio and video conferencing. For businesses who outgrow that plan, the PLUS plan is the next step up. It offers all the same features as the basic plan, plus Call Me dialing and premium customer support, in addition to an increased meeting room capacity of 35. There’s also the XL plan, which lets you host even larger meetings, but for most small businesses this isn’t going to be necessary. IMeet has a clean and simple user interface, so it’s easy to get started even if you’ve never used a web conferencing service before. And if you do need assistance, there’s an extensive amount of resources online to help you learn the ins and outs of the iMeet software.

Cisco WebEx Meetings rounds out the list of the best web conferencing services for small businesses. Their plans are slightly more expensive when compared to those offered by Fuze and iMeet, but they are very flexible and come with some of the widest arrays of collaboration tools in the industry. This includes audio and video conferencing, screen and application sharing, advanced customization tools, and full-featured mobile apps. Smaller teams may be able to get all of this without having to pay a thing, because WebEx offers a free plan that supports up to three participants. The next step up is the Premium 8 plan, supporting eight participants, and above that is the Premium 25 plan. With options like these, you won’t have to pay for large conference rooms you don’t need. Upgrade your plan as necessary or downgrade if you find you don’t need that much space. And if the price is a little steep for you, consider paying annually since WebEx offers sizeable discounts to their customers who do so.