The 3 Best Cheap Wedding Insurance Providers

In order to determine which companies were the best cheap wedding insurance providers, we gathered quotes from all the companies we reviewed. These quotes were generated based on weddings of varying sizes and costs from several locations around the country. From this, we were able to get a sense of who consistently offered the lowest wedding insurance rates. But, before choosing a company, it’s still important to get quotes from a variety of sources to figure out which insurance provider offers the most affordable policy for you. If you’re interested in comprehensive wedding coverage, a company that offers a discount for purchasing liability and cancellation coverage together is your best bet. If you’re just looking for liability coverage, you may find a different company that offers a more affordable rate.

Markel Event Insurance regularly provided some of the lowest rates for both wedding cancellation and liability coverage. Their policies cover every aspect of your wedding, from the rehearsal dinner and event setup to the very end of the reception. Cancellation/postponement coverage reimburses you for all nonrefundable expenses if your wedding is delayed or canceled for a covered reason. It also includes additional coverage for things like wedding gifts, special attire, and jewelry. You don’t have to pay extra for this since it’s all included in the cancellation policy. Markel Event Insurance’s liability coverage automatically includes host liquor liability insurance, although you can remove this if you’re not serving alcohol, which will lower your premium. One of the best things about Markel Event Insurance’s wedding insurance is they give you a 15% discount if you purchase cancellation and liability coverage together. This leads to a sizeable decrease in the overall cost of your premium, making Markel Event Insurance one of the top choices for comprehensive wedding insurance.

WedSafe offered rates very similar to Markel Event Insurance’s for all of the weddings we quoted. They offer 10 levels of cancellation/postponement coverage available, along with six different liability policy options. And, of course, you can choose to purchase only one type of coverage if that’s all you need. Tables on WedSafe’s website make it easy to determine which level of coverage is right for you by breaking down exactly how much protection is offered by each. In order to get the best possible rates on your wedding insurance from WedSafe, it’s necessary to buy both types of coverage. This earns you a discount of up to 15% on your premiums depending on where you live. WedSafe enables you to purchase your policy instantly online as soon as you get your quote, which is perfect if you need coverage at the last minute. A copy of your wedding liability insurance policy can be emailed directly to your venue if they require proof of coverage. You also receive your own copies of the documents. only offers liability insurance, but their rates for this type of coverage were among the most affordable in the industry based on our sample quotes. They even beat out the two companies listed above on a few occasions, making them a top choice if you’re only looking for wedding liability coverage. Unlike the other companies mentioned above, they don’t give you too many choices in terms of coverage limits, but what they do offer should be plenty for most people. Host liquor liability is included at no additional cost, which is a huge bonus. If you’re personally selling alcohol, you must upgrade to retail liquor liability coverage for an additional fee, but this shouldn’t be necessary for most people. Like WedSafe, lets you purchase your coverage at the last minute, even on the day of your wedding. As soon as you pay, you’re able to print your policy documents right away. Also, if you need to make changes to your policy after the fact, this is easily done by looking up your policy on