Markel Event Insurance Review

Specialty insurer Markel Event Insurance is a popular choice for those looking for comprehensive wedding insurance. Their flexible policies protect against all sorts of unexpected disasters and offer some of the best coverage for destination weddings in the industry.

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The Good

Several options for cancellation coverage

Markel Event Insurance offers 10 different levels of cancellation/postponement coverage, so there’s something to suit weddings of all sizes and costs. Also, if you’re not sure if you want to invest in a separate cancellation insurance policy, you don’t have to leave yourself unprotected. When you purchase wedding liability insurance through Markel Event Insurance, you have the option to add a $5,000 cancellation coverage endorsement to your policy. This works similarly to stand-alone policies where, if your wedding is cancelled for a covered reason, you receive $5,000 to cover any nonrefundable deposits you paid to the venue, caterer, or other vendors. This is a nice alternative to a more traditional cancellation policy if you want a bit more protection to add to your peace of mind.

Covers weddings outside the U.S.

Markel Event Insurance provides cancellation and liability coverage for weddings in popular destinations outside the U.S., including the U.K., Mexico, and the Caribbean. Cruise ships leaving from any of these locations are also covered. Cancellation/postponement coverage is more widely available than wedding liability insurance but, depending on where your wedding is taking place, you may still be able to get liability protection. Finding adequate coverage for your wedding outside of the U.S. can be a challenge, so it’s nice to see Markel Event Insurance offering so many choices to couples getting married abroad.

Discount for buying comprehensive protection

When you purchase Markel Event Insurance liability and cancellation/postponement coverage together, you earn a 15% discount on both. This is a nice bonus not offered by many other wedding insurers. If you’re interested in complete protection for your wedding, Markel Event Insurance is a good company to consider since you may be able to get a more affordable rate.

Quick turnaround on claims

Should an unexpected disaster occur, Markel Event Insurance enables you to start filing a claim right away over the phone or using their online form. After providing all the necessary information, including your policy number and the reason you’re filing a claim, Markel Event Insurance representatives take over and work on getting you your money back as quickly as possible. Speed up the process even more by submitting any necessary documentation when you submit your claim. Then, unless the claim involves stolen items, in which case you’d need to file a police report, all that’s left to do is wait. If you submit your claim right away, you should expect a pretty fast turnaround.

The Bad

Only three levels of liability coverage

Markel Event Insurance offers you plenty of options for cancellation coverage, but their liability coverage lacks the same variety, with only three levels of protection to choose from. While most people are able to find a suitable amount of coverage with one of these choices, it may not be enough for everyone. If you require a large amount of liability coverage, a company like WedSafe is one to consider because they offer up to $5 million of liability protection. However, the majority of people aren’t going to need this much coverage, so one of Markel Event Insurance’s liability policies may still be the right choice.

The Details


  • Cancellation/Postponement Insurance Deductible: $25 per section of the policy
  • Liability Insurance Deductible: $1,000 (property damage only)
  • Types of Coverage Offered: Liability, Cancellation / Postponement

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