Wedsure Review

The option to pick and choose exactly what kind of coverage you need has made Wedsure the go-to company for anyone looking for a customized wedding insurance policy. They're also home to some very unique protections, such as the Change of Heart coverage.

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The Good

Mix and match the protections you need

Unlike most other wedding insurers, Wedsure gives you the freedom to create a truly customized policy. There’s your standard liability coverage, which is what most people look for, and then there’s also cancellation/postponement coverage, which covers you if an unforeseen circumstance cancels the wedding or puts it on hold. But what really makes Wedsure unique is their a la carte coverage. These options pay for things like stolen gifts or a damaged wedding dress. Most wedding insurers include these coverages as part of the cancellation coverage, giving you no choice whether you want them or not. With Wedsure, you don’t have to pay for any coverage you don’t want, which could result in a more affordable policy for you.

Comprehensive cancellation coverage

Wedsure’s cancellation/postponement coverage protects you against all sorts of unforeseen wedding disasters, including inclement weather, military deployment, and illness or injury. They also offer more unique coverage options, like Change of Heart coverage, which reimburses you for any nonrefundable costs if the bride or groom cancels the wedding. Wedsure is the only wedding insurer who offers this type of coverage, though they do charge an extra fee if you’d like to add it. Hopefully no one expects to use this coverage but, if you’re looking for the most comprehensive wedding protection you can get, it may not be a bad idea to consider adding this to your policy.

Simple one-page quote form

Getting a wedding insurance quote from Wedsure only takes about a minute using their simple Instant Quote Tool. Specify your event type and date, then choose the types and amount of coverage you want. Select your deductible and that’s it. Print or email your quote if you’re not quite ready to purchase, or click the Continue button to proceed. You have to create an account on Wedsure’s website before checking out. Later, you’re able to use this account to make updates to your policy as needed. Once you’ve got that set up, list your personal and payment information and purchase your wedding insurance. The whole process is fast and easy and can be completed in just a few minutes.

Assistance when you need it

Wedsure offers several outlets for you to connect with them to get your questions about your policy answered. Phone support is a good way to receive support or file a claim should disaster strike. Wedsure also enables their customers to reach out to them over live chat on their website and through email and social media. If you’d rather hunt for answers on your own, check out the FAQ section of their website. There’s also no need to contact the company directly if you need to make updates to your policy. Log in to your account on Wedsure’s website, change whatever you need to, and your policy’s automatically updated.

The Bad

Few choices for liability coverage

While the rest of Wedsure’s wedding insurance policies are extremely flexible and easy to customize, there are relatively few options in terms of liability insurance. There are only three coverage limits available, which isn’t many compared to companies like CSI Special Event Insurance, who offer 10 levels of protection to choose from. That being said, Wedsure’s liability coverage should be plenty for most people. Unless you have a very large or very small wedding, one of their three options should be a good fit.

The Details


  • Cancellation/Postponement Insurance Deductible: $25 per section of the policy
  • Liability Insurance Deductible: $1,000 (property damage only)
  • Types of Coverage Offered: Liability, Cancellation / Postponement

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