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Reviews.com is a website that displays results from thousands of hours of research and analysis on products and services across dozens of different verticals. Our team works hard to compile all of our research so that we can showcase it in way that is simple and easy to understand. Our primary goal is to help you make the best and most efficient purchasing decision for your needs.


We review the most popular products or services in a given vertical. Our approach is data-driven and honest. We combine the findings of our data with the knowledge of independent, industry-leading experts to create ratings that you can trust. Aside from our reviews, you will also find guides that help you become more informed and educated on the topics you are interested in. We review everything from treadmills down to online stock brokers.


In December of 2012, Reviews.com was established and we launched our first five verticals. We are a startup company located in Seattle, WA. Our team is primarily made of researchers who are passionate about discovering and showcasing the truth.

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Our vision is simple. We want to continue to grow and reach a wider audience, but we are just getting started. We want to cover everything so that Reviews.com can be the leading destination if you want the truth about the products and services you are interested in. It is our mission to build a world-class research platform across hundreds and eventually thousands of categories of products and services.

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