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Ring Alarm got its name from its original Ring Video Doorbell product, which was released before the company expanded into making alarm systems and providing home monitoring. What makes Ring Alarm great is its cutting-edge smart home technology and reliable alarm systems offered for affordable prices. 

While the technology is young and customers may experience glitches or issues from time to time, overall, you get a great value with Ring. Its Neighbors app helps you stay up with security-related happenings beyond the walls of your home, such as crime and safety alerts from authorities and your own neighbors.

Mr. Build It


  • “Ring offers unique equipment like corner-mounting motion sensors that can capture more of the room, and signal range extenders you can plug into outlets to extend the range in a large house.” 
  • “Everything is detachable, so you can easily take it down and move it to your next house.”


  • “There are hiccups, where sometimes the signal is lost or glitches happen with the equipment.” 
  • “There’s no Bluetooth connectivity for Ring security cameras, so they rely on your Wi-Fi.”

Louis, DefendItYourself.com 


  • “Ring’s equipment appears to be more reliable despite its affordability.”
  • “I get fewer complaints from Ring customers with their security hardware, especially Ring cameras.”


  • “Ring Alarm has already had a big login security issue this year.”
  • “The company hasn’t been around that long so they still have bugs.”

Julie Jacobson


  • “Monitoring plans are contract-free and affordable.”
  • “Ring has excellent cameras, and I love the automatic recording feature when the alarm is triggered.”


  • “You don’t get very many door/window sensors, so most homeowners will probably need to purchase extra.”

Shane Whatley


  • “The Ring app gives you so much access and control. You get to customize your system into a “Home” and “Away” mode and monitor your energy spending.”
  • “Ring has a strong lineup of security cameras with cutting-edge features great for self-monitoring.”
  • “They give you a range extender to make sure every sensor stays within range of the system.”


  • “You have to pay extra for cellular backup to protect your system against lost Internet connection.”
  • “Ring is great at making cameras, but their sensors aren’t so durable.”

Ring Alarm (4.5/5)

Ring Alarm offers high-quality technology that keeps things simple

PlansAvailabilityPrices Starting AtContract Length
Alarm Security Kit (five pieces)Nationwide $1991 month
Alarm Security Kit (10 pieces)Nationwide$2591 month
Alarm Security Kit (14 pieces)Nationwide$3291 month


Home automation and remote access make Ring a top pick

Ring’s self-monitoring plan is ultra-affordable, as is the starter equipment package. Even if you want the full extent of everything Ring offers, you won’t be paying more than you would with Ring’s competitors. We also love the fact that all plans come with home automation and remote access.

Ring offers you a choice of three equipment packages. The starter package costs only $199 for those who want the basics. For $259, you get the same essentials, with a total of five contact sensors and two motion detectors. Finally, the 14-piece equipment set for $329 that comes with eight contact sensors.

Ring Alarm hastwo monitoring plans: You can self-monitor and pay $3/month for system alerts to help you better monitor your home, plus video storage. Professional monitoring starts at $10/month with the Ring Protect Plus plan. Professional monitoring with Ring costs you less than half the rate of competitors like Frontpoint and Vivint.

Who is each plan best for?

  • Alarm Security Kit (five pieces) – Best for condos, apartment units, and small homes, since it includes just one motion sensor and one entry sensor
  • Alarm Security Kit (10 pieces) – Best for homeowners with more entryways to cover, who require ample signal range
  • Alarm Security Kit (14 pieces) – Best for large homes and protecting as many as eight windows or doors


Compared to local providers like CPI Security serving states only in the Southeast, Ring Alarm gives you nationwide professional monitoring coverage. That means you’re able to move anywhere in the country and your Ring monitoring plan won’t change. 

Ring Alarm gives you the option to self-monitor your home. Since professional monitoring is month to month with no long-term contract or even professional monitoring required, Ring Alarm is comparable to providers like SimpliSafe, Abode, and Nest.

Ring Home Security Review

Contract & Pricing (5/5)

Ring Alarm gets a 5 out of 5 for affordability and for all its monitoring plans being free of long-term contracts. All you pay is $10/month for professional monitoring and you can cancel anytime without owing anything. Like Abode, Nest, and Frontpoint, Ring gives you a30-day, money-back guaranteeif you don’t like it.

“Ring is your most budget-friendly option for month-to-month monitoring.” – Louis, DefendItYourself.com

“Monitoring plans are contract-free and affordable.” – Julie Jacobson

Customer Service (4/5)

With less than 10 years in business and its accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)still pending, Ring’s customer service reputation is still young, relative to long-standing providers like ADT and Brinks. 

Feedback indicates that while the technology overall is reliable, there are tech issues users experience that require attention from customer support. Despite this, users have had good experiences with customer support.

“Ring is good to its customers, I love its flexible policies and access to support.” – Julie Jacobson

Ease of Installation (5/5)

Ring Alarm is one of the easiest systems to install, no matter which equipment package you’re setting up. The company says you can install your kit in as little as 15 minutes and offers video tutorials to help you do so effectively. 

Installing the Ring Video Doorbell is trickier because it involves wiring. However, the other equipment is easily installed by plugging in the devices or activating the batteries and connecting to your Wi-Fi network or an Ethernet cable. 

Ring’s equipment features the same peel-and-stick installation style equipment made by Abode, Scout, Nest, and SimpliSafe. 

“Ring’s hardware has superior quality and is designed to be a self-installation solution.” – Louis, DefendItYourself.com

“You can’t really go wrong with setting up your system. With the range extender, you don’t have to worry about where you’re placing your hub.” – Shane Whatley

Ring Alarm vs. Other Providers

 Prices starting atMonitoring optionsInstallation options
SimpliSafe$14.99/monthDIY and ProfessionalDIY and professional
Blue by ADT$20/monthProfessionalDIY

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Does Ring offer professional installation?

No, but you shouldn’t need the help of a pro, since the steps are simple to follow and there’s no wiring or drilling involved.

Does Ring rely on my Wi-Fi connection?

The Ring alarm system comes with 24-hour backup battery that powers on automatically if your power goes out. If you have professional monitoring with Ring through the Protect Plus Plan, you get a cellular backup connection for your system so that it remains linked to the call center.

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