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A home warranty is an optional service that covers repairs and replacements of home systems and appliances for a specified amount of time — usually one year. The best home warranty companies cover what your homeowners insurance doesn’t. They have excellent, transparent policies and customer service, and allow for customization of your plan. To help you find the best home warranty companies, we scored customer reviews, spoke with service contract experts, contacted providers’ customer service agents and dug into their service agreements. We compared the various home warranty plans and found 10 companies that rose above the competition. 

Owning a home now is more complex than it used to be, as technological innovations change our homes, from kitchen refrigerator to front doorbell. The best home warranty companies are expanding to meet that need at a reasonable price that lets you save money in the long run while gaining peace of mind. 

The 10 Best Home Warranty Companies

  • American Home Shield: Best customizable plans
  • America’s First Choice: Best workmanship guarantee
  • Choice Home Warranty: Best response times
  • Global Home Protection: Best for multiple properties
  • Cinch Home Services: Best parts coverage
  • Total Home Protection: Best claim limits
  • Complete Protection: Best for no service fees
  • First American Home Warranty: Best online resources
  • Landmark: Best regional coverage
  • Select Home Warranty: Best sign-up bonuses

    Compare Best Home Warranty Companies

    Best ForCustomer Score
    American Home ShieldBest customizable plans3/55/53.75/5
    America’s First ChoiceBest workmanship guarantee3/51/52.25/5
    Choice Home WarrantyBest response times3/52/52.25/5
    Global Home ProtectionBest for multiple properties5/55/54.75/5
    Cinch Home ServicesBest parts coverage3/51/52.75/5
    Total Home ProtectionBest claim limits2/51/51.5/5
    Complete ProtectionBest for no service fees5/52/53.75/5
    First American Home WarrantyBest online resources4/51/53/5
    LandmarkBest regional coverage3/53/53/5
    Select Home WarrantyBest sign-up bonuses3/51/51.75/5

    Best Customizable Plan: American Home Shield

    Best Customizable Plans
    American Home Shield

    American Home Shield


    • Build-your-own plan 
    • Service fee options
    • Combo plan for systems and appliances
    • In business 45+ years


    • Workmanship guarantee only 30 days
    • Plan fees a bit pricey

    Why we chose American Home Shield

    With nearly 50 years in the business, American Home Shield brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to the table. Its build-your-own plan is unique; none of the other companies we review offer this level of customization. Although its prices are a little high, it offers good value for the money.

    Best Workmanship Guarantee: America’s First Choice

    Best Workmanship Guarantee
    AFC Home Club

    AFC Home Club


    • Workmanship guarantee lasts the life of the plan
    • Can work with your own technicians and workers
    • Free credit monitoring
    • Discounts available for home security systems and more


    • Not available in Hawaii, California, South Carolina, and Nevada
    • No preexisting condition coverage
    • No pricing transparency; must call for individual quotes

    Why we chose America’s First Choice

    America’s First Choice has standard home warranty coverage options, but what sets them apart is a generous workmanship guarantee that lasts for as long as you own the plan — as opposed to the 30- to 90-day options that are available from most companies. The company has a fleet of technicians that they can assign to your jobs, or you can work with your own trusted handyman.

    Fast Response Time: Choice Home Warranty

    Best Response Times
    Choice Home Warranty

    Choice Home Warranty


    • Processes 90% of claims within four hours
    • Service fee $85
    • First month free
    • Network of 15,000 contractors


    • No pricing transparency on website
    • Low Better Business Bureau ranking
    • Only two plan options

    Why we chose Choice Home Warranty

    Considering its name, it’s surprising that Choice only offers two plan options with optional add-ons. Its prices are reasonable with the Total Plan coming in below other companies for comprehensive coverage. The company claims to process its claims with lightning-fast speeds, so if you’re concerned about getting your appliances and systems back in working order fast, it’s worth considering.

    Best for Multiple Properties: Global Home Protection

    Best for Multiple Properties
    Global Home Protection

    Global Home Protection Home Warranty


    • Discounts for multi-home properties
    • No fees for transferring property
    • A- rating with Better Business Bureau
    • Stellar plan includes preexisting conditions
    • $75 service fee


    • Claims must be reported in 24 hours
    • Early cancellation fees

    Why we chose Global Home Protection

    Global Home Protection is a good choice if you are a landlord or own a vacation home since there are discounts available for more than one property. The company offers other uncommon protections available at the higher-level plans, such as permit costs and, in some states, termite treatment. The company’s charges for these plans are also quite low, making GHP a good candidate for a quote, no matter your situation.

    Best Parts Coverage: Cinch Home Services

    Best Parts Coverage



    • 180-day workmanship guarantee
    • Coverage included for components and parts 
    • $25 credit toward filters
    • Coverage for preexisting conditions
    • Rust and corrosion coverage


    • Service limit of $10,000
    • Not available in Arkansas and Hawaii

    Why we chose Cinch Home Services

    Although not the cheapest company on our list, Cinch offers some excellent coverage options that we didn’t see elsewhere, such as parts coverage for components like oven knobs and drawer pulls — which might seem like a small thing, but they can quickly add up. Other perks include a free water sensor to help detect leaks and a $25 credit if you need to purchase new filters for your air conditioner or fridge. If you need to claim your homeowner’s insurance, Cinch will chip in with $500 to pay your deductible.

    Best Claim Limits: Total Home Protection

    Best Claim Limits
    Total Home Protection

    Total Home Protection


    • Unlimited claims filing
    • First month free
    • Low service fees of $45-$75


    • Not available in Washington or California
    • C rating with Better Business Bureau

    Why we chose Total Home Protection

    Total Home Protection doesn’t cap the number of times you can file a claim, unlike most companies. This makes it a good option if you have older appliances or systems that may be likely to break down more often, causing you to file more than one claim a year. Although the company only offers two plans, you can customize your policy to add coverage for pool, spa, roof leaks, and more.

    No Service Fee: Complete Protection

    Best for No Service Fees
    Complete Protection

    Complete Protection


    • No service fee or deductible
    • Coverage for preexisting conditions
    • Prices at the low end
    • A+ Better Business Bureau rating


    • No coverage in New York, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin
    • No coverage for ductwork, sump pumps 
    • Liability cap for septic, plumbing and electrical

    Why we chose Complete Protection

    If you’re interested in saving money, Complete Protection is worth looking at. The company’s plans are priced within market standards, but the real bonus here is the lack of a service fee or deductible that needs to be paid every time you make a claim. The caveat is that there is a cap on liability for some of the more expensive systems — septic, plumbing, and electrical — but you still stand to save money on most repairs. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, they are also a company that takes customer service seriously.

    Best Online Resources: First American Home Warranty

    Best Online Resources
    First American Home Warranty

    First American Home Warranty


    • Low monthly premiums
    • Educational blog
    • No claim limits


    • Available in 38 states
    • Only two plans
    • 30-day workmanship guarantee
    • Plans for condos, townhouses and mobile homes

    Why we chose First American Home Warranty

    You may come for the entertaining blog entries, but you’ll stay for the low prices. First American Home Warranty’s pricing comes in at the low end of all our chosen companies. It offers standard coverage options that don’t differ from the norm, along with add-ons such as additional refrigerator, pool, septic tank and well pump. Plus, it covers preexisting conditions as well as rust, corrosion, sediment and problems resulting from lack of maintenance — something we haven’t seen elsewhere.

    Best Regional Coverage: Landmark Home Warranty

    Best Regional Coverage

    Landmark Home Warranty


    • Coverage for termite control
    • Tune-ups included in both plans
    • Coverage available for guest house


    • Available in Arizona, Idaho, Nevan, Oregon, Texas, and Utah
    • B rating with Better Business Bureau

    Why we chose Landmark Home Warranty

    Landmark provides good, comprehensive coverage with some nice perks if you live in one of the six Western states where it operates. The company’s website hints that it’s going national soon and if so, they’re a good bet for anyone looking for solid coverage. Unlike most warranty companies, it offers AC and heating tune-up services, as well as pest and termite treatment. Its optional add-on list is similarly comprehensive, with coverage for everything from water softener units to guest houses.

    Best Sign-up Bonuses: Select Home Warranty

    Best Sign-up Bonuses
    Select Home Warranty

    Select Home Warranty


    • First two months free
    • Free roof coverage
    • $100 off any plan
    • Low $45 service fee


    • B listing with Better Business Bureau
    • Available in 45 states
    • Prices vary by state

    Why we chose Select Home Warranty

    You’re rewarded very quickly when you sign up for a plan with Select Home Warranty. All three of the company’s plans include two free months, a $100 signing bonus and free roof coverage, which the website says is a $99 value — something not many warranty companies offer. The plans themselves are standard, without any stand-out coverages, but if all you want is basic coverage for your home systems and/or appliances, take a look at Select. 

    How we chose the best home warranty companies

    We based our methodology on a profile developed by the Reviews team based on a family of three persons with an annual income of $70k and a dwelling cost of $320,000 to determine the average premium for customers. We then evaluated the companies based on their customer rating and experience, cost, financial stability and coverage to determine the best providers.

    Guide to Home Warranties

    Types of home warranties

    Homeowners warranty

    A regular homeowners warranty is the right choice for most people. It’s a great choice if you are currently in a home that you own (or have mortgaged), and are not in the process of moving in the near future. You’ll pay for your warranty either by month or annually, and it will cover either your home systems, such as electrical and plumbing, your major appliances, including fridges and dishwashers — or some combination of both of these. 

    Home warranties are not meant to substitute for your homeowners insurance, which covers you from damage caused by weather conditions, theft or other named perils. A home warranty’s purpose is to help you pay for repairs when normal wear and tear takes a toll on your home.

    Homebuyer’s warranty

    A homebuyer’s warranty is similar in scope to a regular homeowners warranty, but tweaked slightly to make it a great choice for anyone who is purchasing a home, and doesn’t want to be saddled with repairs before the boxes are unpacked. The homebuyer’s warranty may be paid by the buyer as part of the closing costs, or by the seller or realtor. 

    Seller’s home warranty

    A seller’s home warranty is also similar in coverage to the homeowners warranty, but gives you the security of knowing that last-minute repairs or requests by the homebuyer will not cost you out-of-pocket. It may also be a perk that is intended to increase the desirability of your property for potential homebuyers.

    Other Home Warranties

    • New construction warranty: as the name indicates, new construction warranties are meant to cover the workmanship and materials on newly-built homes and their various systems.
    • Home warranties for rental properties: if you own a rental property, a home warranty that is specifically designed for landlords may help you when there are major repairs to be made on your property. They are especially useful if your property is older and more likely to require a claim.

    How to choose a home warranty?

    A good home warranty can save you money while providing you with peace of mind and the knowledge that you’ll be able to pay for repairs if a big-ticket home expense comes your way. But how do you pick the best one? Here are a few things to keep in mind while searching:

    • Although you want to pay as little as possible, of course, the cheapest home warranty option may not be the best one for you. Take the time to review the systems and appliances covered by each company’s plans before you decide which one suits your own needs. 
    • Make a list of your own home’s appliances and systems — giving special attention to those that are older — and match them with each company’s offerings. If you don’t have a dishwasher, for example, you don’t need that element of coverage.
    • Be wary of companies that don’t include a sample contract or pricing structure on their website.
    • Optional add-ons can allow you to customize a policy by adding coverage for a pool or other less-common items that you have at your house for a small additional cost.

    Do you need a home warranty?

    A home warranty isn’t mandated by your mortgage lender as your homeowners insurance is, but it can save you money in some circumstances. The older your home and appliances, the more likely you are to need to make a claim — and therefore the more likely you are to save money with a warranty. One the other hand, if you’ve got a brand-new home with up-to-date, top-of-the-line appliances and systems, a home warranty might be money wasted. 

    A home warranty also makes sense if you aren’t the type of person who enjoys pulling out the fridge to fix that knotty little problem with the coils. If you’re not handy, you’re likely to spend more on technicians who can make repairs as needed — so a warranty may make sense.

    Home Warranty FAQ

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