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Cinch Review

Cinch offers affordable and reliable home warranty services for your most important appliances and systems ​
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No caps on most appliances and systems
Comprehensive coverage
180-day workmanship guarantee
Free first month

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Cinch offers home warranty services for an extensive list of appliances and systems. Customers can get coverage on anything from their washer/dryer to their built-in whirlpool tub.

Depending on your needs, there are three different plans to choose from that are affordably priced. Customers can also choose between a $100, $125, or $500 deductible. Keep in mind that rates vary by area and coverage, so it’s important to get a quote specific to your situation using the online tool.

Cinch Overview

  • Plan types: Appliances, Built-in Systems and Complete Home
  • Pricing: Monthly plans range from $65.99 – $84.99
  • Service fees: $0, but all services require a deductible payment upfront
  • Workmanship guarantee: 180 day guarantee
  • Contract length: One year
  • BBB rating (Letter): B+
  • Home inspection required? No
  • States served: All states except Alaska and Hawaii
Plan Type
Built-in Systems
Complete Home
Monthly Premiums $65.99/month* $69.99/month $84.99/month
Appliances Covered
  • Dryers
  • Washers
  • Cooktops
  • Dishwashers
  • +8 more (see below)
  • None All from appliances plans
    Systems Covered None
  • Air Conditioning
  • Garage door openers
  • Garbage disposals
  • Smoke Detectors
  • +12 more (see below)
  • All from built-in systems plan

    *Prices vary by location and coverage – sample data was taken from the online quote tool.

    Who is this best for?

    Cinch is a great home warranty company for homeowners that want to save money on coverage. Because the service limit is $10,000 for every plan, Cinch may not be the best option for people who have outdated appliances and systems that might need repairs more frequently.


    • Pricing varies: Cinch’s plans aren’t the highest in the industry, and can be paid monthly or yearly. Customers can choose a deductible between $150-$500 depending on their budget and the state they live in.
    • Extensive coverage options: Even at a low price, Cinch covers an extensive list of household appliances and systems.
    • Service guarantee: The company honors a 180 day service guarantee on all repair work.


    • Low coverage limit: Cinch will only cover up to $10,000 in repairs to your systems and appliances, which means you might not be able to fix everything you need to.
    • Coverage doesn’t start immediately: After purchasing your plan, there’s a waiting period before you can request service.

    The Competition

    Choice Home Warranty
    American Home Shield
    First American Home Warranty
    States served
    All states except AK and HI
    All states except CA and WA
    Reviews rating
    Service fee
    Workmanship guarantee
    180 days
    90 days for parts, 30 days for labor
    30 days
    30 days
  • Online quote generator

  • Extensive coverage options

  • No service fee

  • First month free offer

  • Add-on coverages

  • Flexible pricing

  • Flexible coverages

  • Choose your service fee

  • Available nationwide

  • Optional coverages

  • Affordable prices

  • No coverage limit

  • *All information accurate as of February 2020.

    Cinch Compared to Choice Home Warranty

    Generally speaking, Choice Home Warranty offers better coverage options because customers can customize their plan based on their needs. For example, Choice Home Warranty provides coverage for a second refrigerator, well pump, roof leak or pool, which aren’t offered by Cinch.

    Looking at the price, it’s hard to compare the two. Both companies offer affordable plans, but Cinch charges customers differently based on their location. For Choice Home Warranty, it’s a flat fee regardless of the state. Choice Home Warranty runs a “first month free” deal when you purchase any new policy. However, they also charge an $85 service fee, which is expensive when you consider that Cinch doesn’t charge one at all.

    Lastly, Cinch has a better workmanship guarantee. The company offers a guarantee on both parts and labor for 180 days, whereas Choice Home Warranty only offers a 90-day guarantee for parts and 30 days for labor.

    Further reading: Choice Home Warranty Full Review

    Cinch Compared to American Home Shield

    Right off the bat, one of the advantages that American Home Shield has over Cinch, is that it’s available in every state. Like Cinch, American Home Shield also offers three plans—one that covers appliances, one for systems, and one for both. In addition, American Home Shield also offers a build your own plan option for completely customized coverage.

    When it comes to service fees, Cinch has a leg up because they don’t require one unless additional labor is needed above and beyond basic services. However, American Home Shield provides a service fee based on the cost of the customer’s plan. Customers with a more expensive plan pay less, and those with a cheaper plan pay more.

    The major drawback to American Home Shield is their service guarantee—it’s only 30 days, which is pretty low compared to other providers on the market. Cinch offers a 180-day service guarantee, which is great for customers, even if they’re paying more.

    Further reading: American Home Shield Full Review

    The Bottom Line

    With affordable prices, no service fee, and a solid 180-day guarantee, Cinch is a great home warranty provider on all fronts. The company offers extensive coverage options and a variety of plans to give you peace of mind knowing that your appliances and systems are covered. Keep in mind that Cinch does have a $10,000 limit, so it’s best suited for people who don’t have old appliances or home systems that may require more frequent or extensive repairs.

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