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AT&T TV Review


  • Tons of plans
  • Easy user interface
  • Voice Assistant
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How We Reviewed AT&T TV

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With AT&T TV, you get the best of both worlds: streaming TV and cable TV, delivered through the Internet and from your AT&T streaming box for the ultimate entertainment package. 

Many television packages limit you to just one kind of service, like live TV with limited cable channels, and you have to download a special app to be able have access. AT&T combined everything you love about cable TV with the modern convenience of live streaming, so you don’t miss a single episode of your favorite show, wherever it may air. There are also over 5,000 apps available for download, and users receive up to 500 hours of extra DVR storage.

We received exclusive early access to see what exactly this new service has to offer for both new and traditional TV audiences.




✓ Tons of plans
✓ Easy user interface
✓ Voice Assistant


✗ Lack of new features
✗ Pricey plans
✗ Expensive fees

AT&T TV Plans and Prices

PlanPrice per MonthChannelsPopular ChannelsBest for
Entertainment$49.9965+ESPN, HGTV, Nickelodeon, TNTBest Value
Choice$54.9985+Travel, MLB, Tennis, Cooking ChannelBest for Lifestyle Channels
Xtra$64.99105+GOLF, FXM, CBS Sports, NBA TVBest for Sports
Ultimate$69.99125+STARZ ENCORE, BoomerangBest for Movies

*Package availability depends on location, prices may vary by location.

AT&T TV Features

Clean and Simple User Interface

Setting up AT&T TV is a breeze, and once you are connected, you’re introduced to a surprisingly smooth, easy-to-navigate interface — our favorite aspect of AT&T TV. We found AT&T TV to be an immersive experience that doesn’t aim to reinvent the wheel but simply to improve it.

There are five different menu options and the features are fairly standard, so most users will be able to navigate without too much confusion. The all-in-one experience is certainly polished and convenient. The downside is that there really aren’t any exciting new features.

No shortage of content

You won’t be bored with AT&T TV. In addition to your standard cable channels, you will also enjoy streaming options for all your favorite shows and movies. AT&T TV also gives you access to over 5,000 apps in the Google Play Store for endless entertainment. Some of the apps you can access through the AT&T TV are HBO Max, Netflix and Pandora, among others.

AT&T TV is built for accessibility first, allowing you to seamlessly switch between cable and streaming without even changing the input on your TV. The interface is smooth and easy-to-use. Even better, you can use the voice-activated remote for easier surfing. It also integrates both Google Assistant and Google Chromecast to further simplify your life.

AT&T TV Price and Bundles

Packages start at $49.99 for the first year, but nearly double in the second year. It requires a  24-month contract, and cancelling early would mean paying the early termination fees.

Although AT&T TV does offer some value as a standalone TV service, it’s significantly more appealing when bundled with AT&T internet. In fact, when paired with AT&T internet, it’s one of the most impressive bundles on the market with AT&T TV’s bundle packages starting at $39.99 for the Entertainment package, $44.99 for the Choice, and $54.99 for its premium Xtra package.

Even with the price jump in the second year, these plans are a great deal for added savings. 

AT&T TV Equipment, Contracts, and Fees

Sleek box design

The new AT&T TV box, built with a minimalist design and a matte finish, is sleek and discreet. There are five ports total: the HDMI and power ports are on the back, and the addition of three other ports — USB, digital audio, and ethernet — are great for niche purposes. 

If you’re looking for a box with a slim profile that caters to simplicity, the AT&T TV set-top box excels in this regard.

Simple installation process

A top selling point for AT&T TV is a simple and convenient self-setup process. In a TV world plagued by satellite dishes, bulky cable boxes, and prolonged appointments, AT&T TV set up is so straightforward, you likely won’t need the manual. Simply connect the HDMI cable to your TV, plug the power cord into an outlet, and voila — you’re ready to go.

The intent here is clear: AT&T TV is looking to connect with an audience that’s interested in television without all the bulky equipment or overly-complicated installation process.

Contract & Fees

Contract24-month contract (second-year price may vary)
Activation Fee$19.95
Regional FeesUp to $8.49/mo
TaxesVary by state

The Bottom Line

We love AT&T TV for its easy efficiency and loads of content – 55,000 shows and movies On Demand and over 5,000 Google Play apps is enough to keep anyone entertained for the weeks and months to come.

However, the requirement of a contract is enough to give one pause before signing on the dotted line. Because of this, AT&T TV can feel more like a revamped cable service than the cord-cutting service that it is designed to be. 

If you’re a new buyer looking for a cable-like service with streaming capabilities, AT&T TV will offer you excellent content with traditional cable-top features.


Where is AT&T TV available?

AT&T TV is available nationwide, with the exception of Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands.

What is the difference between AT&T TV and AT&T TV Now?

With DIRECTV Now rebranding to AT&T TV Now, it’s easy to confuse these two, but they are in two whole different categories. AT&T TV allows you to take advantage of a set-top box that provides live cable TV, as well as traditional TV features like a guide feature and a cloud-based DVR with seamless access to online streaming services.

Can I stream AT&T TV?

Download the AT&T TV app, and you can stream anywhere from your phone, tablet, or web browser. This is especially convenient for users that aren’t home enough to fully take advantage of the box. 

Who is each AT&T TV package best for?

  • Entertainment — Best value
  • Choice — Best for lifestyle channels
  • Xtra — Best for sports
  • Ultimate — Best for Movies

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