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First American Home Warranty Review

First American offers affordable and reliable home warranty coverage for customers in select states. ​
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First American offers home warranty protection for home appliances and systems at affordable prices, with flexible payment options. If something breaks down unexpectedly, you can take advantage of First America’s 24/7, 365 service guarantee.

Depending on your needs and budget, First American offers a basic plan and a premium plan for as low as $28 per month. Also available is an online quote tool, which makes it easy to compare prices.

First American has extensive experience in the home warranty space. They were founded 125 years ago and currently serve in excess of 590,000 customers.

First American Home Warranty Overview

  • Plan types: Basic and Premium
  • Pricing: Plans start at $290 per year
  • Service fees: Yes, fees range from $75 to $100 depending on your plan
  • Workmanship guarantee: Yes
  • Contract length: 1 year
  • BBB rating (Letter): B+
  • Home inspection required? No
  • States served: 38 states

Plan Options:

Basic Plan

Monthly Premium: $28 per month

Systems Covered: N/A

Premium Plan

Monthly Premium: $40 per month

Who is this best for? 

First American is ideal for people who have basic appliances and systems, and want only essential coverage. Considering the high service fee, it’s also a better fit for people who have newer appliances that are less likely to require repair.


  • Customizable coverage: Customers can choose from two plans—basic or premium—and select a variety of add-ons.
  • Helpful online resources: First American stands out for its helpful online tools and resources, such as an online quote generator and a blog with tips to help customers maintain their home and understand warranty coverage.
  • Service guarantee: The company offers an impressive service guarantee. If a technician isn’t able to fix your appliance or system, they will replace it for free, depending on the terms of your plan.


  • Limited plans: First American only offers two plans, basic and premium. Other providers we evaluated offered more extensive options.
  • Service fees: The company does charge a service fee whenever a technician comes out. The fee ranges from $75 – $100 depending on your plan, which is a pretty steep price.
  • Availability: First American is not available nationwide—only in 38 states. Compared to the other providers we evaluated, First American offers the most limited coverage area. 

The Competition 

First AmericanAmerican Home ShieldChoice Home WarrantyAFC Home Club
States served38 states49 states50 states46 states
Reviews rating3.72/53.80/5N/A3.77/5
Service fee$85$75, $100, or $125$85$60
Workmanship guarantee90 days parts, 30 days labor60 days90 days parts, 30 days laborLife of contract
OtherTwo plans offered
Flexible payment options
Four plans offered
Custom coverage options
Wide availability
First month free
Lifetime workmanship guarantee
Four plans offered

*All information accurate as of April 10, 2020

First American compared to American Home Shield: 

  • Size: American Home Shield is a much larger provider than First American. American Home Shield serves over 1.8 million customers, while First American only has only 590,000.
  • Plans: American Home Shield is a much larger provider than First American. American Home Shield serves over 1.8 million customers, while First American only has only 590,000.
  • Service Fees: Both companies have service fees ranging from $75 – $100 depending on the plan. However, American Home Shield customers who agree to pay $125 for their service fee can lower their annual premium.
  • Appliance and System Coverage: The other notable difference in these companies is what each covers. For example, none of First American’s plans cover central air conditioning. It’s only available as an add-on coverage for a fee. American Home Shield automatically covers central air conditioning in all of its plans that include system coverage. 

First American compared to Choice Home Warranty: 

  • State coverage: Choice Home Warranty also outpaces First American in a few different areas. First, Choice Home Warranty is one of the only providers that offers nationwide coverage. First American only provides coverage in 38 states.
  • Discounts: For new customers, Choice offers a first-month-free deal, whereas First American doesn’t advertise any discounts. However, Choice’s premiums tend to be slightly more expensive than First American’s, based on our sample quote comparison.
  • Plan Structure: The plan structure for both companies is very similar. Choice and First American offer two tiers, a basic option and a premium option with more coverage. Each also offers the same add-on coverages for things like pool/spa equipment, sump pump, additional refrigeration, etc.
  • Customer Service: Both companies offer 24/7 service year round, even on holidays. Choice and First American customers can request service through an online portal or over the phone. Additionally, neither company requires a home inspection before you can purchase a plan.

The Bottom Line 

First American is a solid home warranty provider overall, with affordable premiums, basic coverage options, and a variety of add-ons for even more protection. If you live in a state that is covered by First American, it’s at least worth consideration. Keep in mind, First American is most ideal for people who don’t have many appliances and systems in their home, because the coverage options are relatively limited.  Before making a selection, make sure to compare plans to other home warranty providers

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