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Whether you’re looking for a traditional home security system or want a full automation system, Vivint has excellent plans that make it a great fit if you’re looking to simplify your life. It’s not the cheapest, but additional features like expert installation and automation make it well worth it for many customers.

Vivint Pros

  • Expert security monitoring
  • Advanced home automation
  • Monthly contracts options

Vivint Cons

  • More expensive than other options
  • Have to pay for equipment upfront

Vivint Packages

PackagesPrice*Best forEase of  UseType of Installation
Smart Security Monitoring$29.99Outdoor camerasEasyProfessional
Smart Home Monitoring$39.99Home automationIntermediateProfessional
Smart Home Video Monitoring$44.99Video surveillanceAdvancedProfessional

All information accurate as of 06/11/2020.

*Plus equipment financing if paying for equipment over contract term

Vivint offers three basic packages that offer all of the services you need. 

Vivint specializes in superior equipment with full home automation — something not all home security companies offer. There is also live 24/7 support to ensure there is someone to help if you need it.

We really liked Vivint Car Guard, a helpful addition to your security when there’s a teenager or a senior driver in the home. Available separately or with your plan, Vivint Car Guard will notify you of fender benders, accidents, tows and theft with smart notifications and geo-fencing to keep the vehicle close.

Who is each Vivint package best for?

Vivint’s packages are highly customizable, but here are our recommendations for some of their most popular options.

  • Smart Security Monitoring – Best for Starters
  • Smart Home Monitoring – Best for Home Automation
  • Smart Home Video Monitoring – Best All-Inclusive Security

Smart Security Monitoring

When you need basic security monitoring without the fuss of video and home automation, smart security monitoring lets you take control of home security yourself.

Smart Home Monitoring

Protect your family with professional monitoring that includes extra features like window and door sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and a smart app that keeps you plugged in even when you are not at home. 

Smart Home Video Monitoring 

It’s tough to beat Vivint’s technology with indoor and outdoor cameras that identify lurkers and built-in body detectors. 

Vivint Prices

Vivint’s pricing is mid-range among its competitors. Contracts can run up to five years long, but you also have the option of a month-to-month account. However, you will have to purchase your equipment upfront that can call for an expensive initial investment. There is a 120-day warranty for purchased equipment and unlimited repair on any equipment covered under a service plan.

Ease of Use

Regardless of your plan, you can still enjoy access to its apps. This allows you to control your home from anywhere in the world. No matter where you are, you can log into the Vivint app to unlock the door for family or turn off the light you missed on your way out. You won’t be able to receive any of these benefits until you complete the in-person installation process with an actual rep. 

Vivint Types of Installation

Professional Installation

Vivint values customer service, and that is no more apparent than its installation process. You will benefit from a personal technician who will come out to your home to personally create and install your perfect security system.


  • You can benefit from the expertise of a professional who can customize the right package of you. 
  • You can add on equipment during your installation appointment.
  • You receive high-end equipment that is installed for you without the time and trouble of doing it yourself.


  • Vivint does not include its equipment in its packages; instead, you must purchase it separately. 
  • Installation can be an expensive process. 

DIY Installation

Vivint does not offer DIY or self-installation.

Vivint Types of Monitoring

Self-monitoredSmart Security ServiceInteractive
CostEquipment purchase required$29.99/month$39.99/month
Mobile App Control

When it comes to monitoring, you have plenty of options. If you want to skip the monthly monitoring service, you can go the DIY route, but you will still need to purchase your equipment upfront to avoid the contract.

If you opt for a monitoring plan, you can choose from two different plans, Smart Security Service and Smart Home Service. The Smart Security plan offers you basic monitoring with fire, theft and carbon monoxide detectors, window and door sensors and smoke alarms. If you want to add video surveillance, you can opt for the Smart Home Service which is just a few dollars more a month.

Additional Benefits

  • App access included

App access is included with all plans, and you have the option to add Vivint Smart Drive to store all of your data so that you aren’t forced to part with any records or footage that you may need later. However, this is an additional purchase that will cost you.

  • No shortage of features

Vivint doesn’t slack on technology. You can benefit from up to 1080p resolution on the indoor and outdoor cameras for an even better picture, and The Ping Indoor Camera even has calling capability.

  • Extra security

The cameras can provide you with a wide field of vision of up to 180 degrees. Vivint also incorporates new, improved technology like infrared night vision, 4K image sensors, body and lurker detectors and a siren.

Additional Drawbacks

  • Long contracts

If you don’t purchase your equipment outright, you can finance it, but that will come with a minimum contract of five years. It is a long time to commit to a home security plan when your needs can easily change before then.

  • Requires an investment

Other companies like Ring offer DIY installation and service as low as $3 a month,  and while they don’t have Vivint’s technology, they don’t require you to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment purchases.

Compare Home Security Providers

Vivint SimpliSafeFrontpointADTRing
Our Rating*4.73/5**4.63/54.34/53.67/53.54/5
Contract lengthNo contractNo contract12 – 36 months24 – 60 months No contract

View plansView plansView plansView plansView plans

* Our rating is based, in part, on industry metrics such as Better Business Bureau grades and rankings in the J.D. Power 2019 Home Security Satisfaction Study, as well as user ratings via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

** Pricing is for the basic package. Please note pricing will vary based on customization, package tiers, and fees.

The Bottom Line

Vivint is among the very best in the industry. The free app offers a live feed and past footage, while smart home automation lets you turn off the lights and lock the doors from anywhere in the world.

The customer service is stellar with live representatives standing by to dispatch help when and where you need it, no matter the time. It’s an additional layer of security that makes a real difference in an emergency.

Vivint Home Security FAQ

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