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Nest vs. Ring

Comparing the merits of two of the top self-monitored home security providers ​
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Google Nest vs. Ring Home Security Review

Home security is easier and more affordable than ever with the rise of self-monitored home security systems. These providers allow you to take home security into your own hands and create a customized DIY home security system. Two options, Google Nest Secure and Ring Alarm, are great choices for those who want smart home security solutions at an affordable price. In this Ring vs. Nest comparison, we’ve reviewed each product thoroughly to help you make an informed decision.

Google Nest vs. Ring Overview

Google Nest
Upfront equipment cost Starting at $399 Starting at $199
Cost for basic plan $19 per month $10 per month
Monitoring DIY or Professional DIY or Professional
Terms 3-year contract
$29/ month no contract
No contract
Standout features Nest Tag key fobs Stores video for 60 days


Google Nest and Ring are popular options for users who want self-monitored, DIY home security systems. But both also offer professional monitoring, which gives you even more peace of mind, albeit at a higher price.

For basic DIY monitoring, Ring offers subscription fees starting at $3 per month, while Nest Aware self-monitoring starts at $5 per month. Both are relatively inexpensive and include similar features, although Ring will store your video footage for 60 days at this price point while Nest will delete it after just five.

When you look at professional monitoring, the real differences between Ring vs. Nest security systems start to appear. Google Nest Secure offers professional monitoring from Brinks Home Security at $19 per month with a 3-year contract or $29 per month with no contract. On the other hand, Ring’s Plus subscription comes with 24/7 professional monitoring for only $10 per month or $100 per year.


Before you purchase a Google Nest or Ring Alarm, take a look at your existing home security system. Each alarm runs on a completely different ecosystem and it’s difficult to integrate products whose compatibility is based on a different network. If you already have smart home security products, such as video doorbells, you’ll get the best experience from purchasing an alarm that integrates with your current tech. And if you purchase a Google Nest or Ring, keep in mind that you’re making a long-term commitment to these product lines. Look at additional product reviews, like security cameras or Nest vs. Ring doorbells, to evaluate add-on items before you buy.


Both the Google Nest and Ring Alarm are designed for easy setup. Each works with a smartphone app that will help you walk through the installation process. If you have trouble with setting up your home security system, each company offers customer service to help straighten things out.

So, which is right for me?

If you… Then you should go with: Here’s why:
Have Amazon smart home devices Ring Ring is owned by Amazon, so the Ring Alarm will integrate easily with Amazon products such as the Echo and Alexa.
Have Google smart home devices Google Nest The Google Nest Secure is part of the Google lineup, so integration will be easy with your existing home tech.
Are concerned about price Ring With an upfront equipment cost of $199 and self-monitoring subscriptions that start at just $3 per month, Ring Alarm is a much more affordable option.
Want robust professional monitoring Google Nest Google Nest’s partnership with Brinks Home Security means you can get top-quality professional monitoring for extra peace of mind.

How to compare home security companies


While both security systems feature entry codes, Google Nest also provides fobs called the Nest Tag for people to come and go, while the Ring can only be disarmed via app or keypad. Nest Tags can be especially useful for house guests or for the people you have watching your pets while you’re on vacation. Guests entering a home protected by Ring will need a PIN code from the owner, and Ring has guidelines on how to provide various levels of access.

How long do you want to store your video footage?

One final key factor to consider is how long you want to keep your video footage. Video security is only helpful if you’re able to review the captured images later, especially if you need to file a police report or a home insurance claim. Ring will store your footage for 60 days, whether you choose self or professional monitoring. However, Google Nest Secure will only keep it for five days with the most basic self-monitoring plan, and up to 30 days if you choose a more expensive subscription.

Home Security FAQ

Should I get a video doorbell to go with my Google Nest or Ring Alarm?

Video doorbells are a wonderful addition to your home security system. The main difference between the Nest doorbell vs. Ring doorbell is that each can only be integrated with its corresponding home security system.

Is professional monitoring necessary for my home security system?

Professional monitoring is a nice service to have, but it’s not totally necessary. If this is important to you, keep it in mind when deciding between Ring vs. Nest security systems.

What is the best home security system?

Our analysis of self-monitored home security systems compared Ring vs. Nest and found that both were among the top three currently on the market.

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