Strong automation capabilities:

Vivant's automation capabilities include the ability to control lighting, temperature, and appliances through the security system. This functionality can also be accomplished through a web portal or on a mobile device. You can also schedule automation, turning lights on or off at certain times in order to make it appear as if someone is home. You can also set event-triggered automation, where lighting, appliances, video cameras, or other security equipment responds to certain events or actions.

Forward-thinking organization:

Vivint has made it a priority to embrace innovative and emerging technologies. In addition to smart home automation, Vivint promotes energy efficiency and is making an effort to be the industry-leading rooftop solar systems provider in the country.

High-quality, modern design:

When a home security company cares about design, it shows not only through their website but also in their keypad, mobile, and online portal interfaces. In addition, design-focused home security companies are more sensitive to the fact that you don't want big, bulky security equipment cluttering up your house. All keypads, sensors, and detectors provided by Vivint boast a clean and simple design and won't negatively impact the ambience of your home.

Well-established, financially stable company:

Founded in 1999, Vivint has been a solid industry competitor for many years. As indicated by the company history, Vivint has hit some impressive milestones over the past few years, and it's highly probable that the organization will continue to grow and diversify further in the future. Even more promising, Vivint was purchased by Blackstone Group LP for approximately $2 billion, which is a good indication that the company will be around for some time to come.

Internal monitoring:

Vivint provides internal monitoring and attempts to be transparent with customer service issues. Although the majority of top home security companies also provide internal monitoring services, it's not uncommon in the industry for the company you originally signed up with to outsource your monitoring to a competitor organization, or to turn around and sell your account to a different monitoring company altogether. Vivint remains committed to serving you and your home security needs as long as you're their customer.


Limited relocation options:

Vivint home security systems are installed by professional service technicians who mount keypads on a wall in your home. When you move, Vivint recommends reinstalling your system if you have roughly $500 worth of equipment. Further stipulations, like the length of time you've been a customer, can result in additional fees. If you anticipate moving before the terms of your contract expire, an out-of-the-box home security system may be a better fit.

Lengthy contract requirements:

Vivint's typical home security contracts range from 42 to 60 months, so be sure you take the time to understand contract expectations before signing. Vivint often provides a basic home security package at a heavily discounted cost. However, bear in mind that home security equipment is expensive, so anytime you're offered a free or cheap system, expect contracts to be fairly lengthy.


Contract Length 3.5 - 5 years
Equipment Manufacturer 2gig
Monthly Monitoring Fee $54+
Total Installation Cost $99+


  • Adjust Temperature You can adjust the temperature of your house remotely.

  • Appliance Control You can remotely turn small appliances on or off using a smartphone or Internet connection.

  • Arm/Disarm You can arm and disarm the security system remotely.

  • Change Access Codes You can change system access codes for different people who may have to enter your home.

  • Electronic Door Locks The company offers electronic door locks that can communicate wirelessly so you are able to lock and unlock your doors from anywhere.

  • Event-Triggered Automation You can set your lights to react to alarm sensors or other events.

  • History Log You can view a logged history of events that have taken place over a specified time period.

  • Home Alerts You can automatically receive alerts from your security system to keep you aware of what is happening in your house when you are not around.

  • Lighting Control You can turn lights on or off using your laptop or smartphone.

  • Scheduled Automation You can set a schedule for lights to be on at specific times of each day.

  • 24/7 Monitoring The company monitors your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Fire Department Dispatch The company will notify the local fire department if an environmental hazard is occurring in your home.

  • Internal Monitoring The company provides internal monitoring services instead of outsourcing these services.

  • Medical Dispatch The company will notify a medical team if a medical emergency is occurring in your home.

  • Police Dispatch The company will notify the local police if a break-in or other criminal activity is occurring at your home.

  • Alarm Sounding The security system has an alarm that is triggered inside the house when there is a break-in or other hazardous event.

  • Burglar Alarm The company monitors a burglar alarm signal received from your home and notifies you and the police.

  • Carbon Monoxide Carbon monoxide detectors are available that trigger an alert in your home while also sending a signal to the company monitoring center.

  • Door and Window Sensors Door and window sensors are available that notify the monitoring center when a door or window is opened.

  • Fire and Smoke The company monitors a fire or smoke detector and notifies your local fire department if necessary.

  • Flood Detectors Flood detectors are available to help protect your home against water damage.

  • Garage Door Tilt Sensor Garage door sensors are available that signal when a garage door begins to open.

  • Glass Break Detector Glass break sensors are available that notify the company monitoring center if a window is broken.

  • Motion Detector Motion detectors are available that sense movement and sends a signal to warn the owner.

  • Recessed Door Sensors Recessed door sensors are available. These work like door and window sensors but are hidden from view and installed inside the door frame.

  • Temperature Sensors Temperature sensors are available that monitor and detect significant changes in temperature within your home.

  • Wireless Sensors and Detectors The company offers wireless sensors and detectors.

  • Cellular Monitoring Keypad Keypads that communicate with the monitoring service through cellular technology are available.

  • Key Remote The company provides a key remote or fob for you to control your system and alarms.

  • Medical Devices The company offers additional devices for medical emergencies.

  • Panic Button The company provides a remote panic button, which sends an alert to the company when activated within your home.

  • Touch-Screen Panel The company provides a touch-screen panel for controlling the system.

  • Two-Way Intercom The company offers a two-way voice intercom system to immediately speak to a representative if you encounter an emergency.

  • Wireless Keypad The primary keypad for the system does not require a phone or Ethernet connection.

  • Custom Systems The company provides custom security systems for your home.

  • Homeowners Insurance Certificate The company will provide you with a certificate of installation that can often be submitted to insurance companies and used to obtain a lower homeowner insurance rate.

  • Technician Installation A service technician will install your equipment.

  • Window Decals The company provides window decals that show the home is protected by a security system to warn potential intruders.

  • Yard Sign The company provides yard signs that show the home is protected by a security system to warn potential intruders.

  • Free Activation There is no activation fee to start using the system.

  • Relocation Program The company allows you to move your security system without assistance from a technician if you move to a new home.

  • Self-Installation You can install your own equipment without the help of a service technician.

  • Android App The company has an Android app that you can use to access your security system.

  • iPhone App The company has an iPhone app that you can use to access your security system.

  • Live Video Feed You can watch a live video feed of what is going on inside your home.

  • Real-Time Alerts You can keep tabs on your home by receiving real-time email or text alerts.

  • Smartphone/Tablet You can access your system from a smartphone or tablet.

  • Status Snapshot You can get an updated status snapshot that shows what is happening in your home.

  • Web Access You can access your system online.

  • Fixed Video Cameras The company offers fixed video cameras to record happenings inside and outside of the house.

  • In-Home Surveillance You can view live surveillance footage of what is happening in other rooms on the TVs in your home.

  • Live Feed You can view live feeds of video that is recorded in real time.

  • Pan-and-Tilt Video Cameras The company offers pan-and-tilt video cameras that can be accessed and operated remotely to view more than a fixed area.

  • Record Triggered Event The video camera is triggered to record by an event like an entry, exit, or break-in.

  • Store Video Recordings The company offers the ability to record activity within your house and store it so you can watch it later.

  • Outdoor Video Cameras The company offers outdoor video cameras.

  • Snapshots The company offers a recording device or camera that takes snapshot photos of triggered events, like entries, exits, or break-ins.

  • Blog The company provides a blog with security tips and other relevant information.

  • FAQs The company provides a list of answers to frequently asked questions.

  • User Guide A user guide or training manual is provided by the company.

  • Video Tutorials The company provides video tutorials.

  • Knowledge Base The company provides a knowledge base of detailed help articles.

  • Email/Ticket The company has an email or ticket system dedicated to support.

  • Live Chat You can contact the company through live chat to get support.

  • Phone You can contact the company by phone to get support.

  • Social Media You can contact the company with questions through social media websites.


Home Security Package

Monthly Plan: $54+
Total Installation: $99+
Standard Contract: 3.5 - 5 years

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