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Progressive home insurance does not offer some common coverage options and discounts, which may be a deal breaker for some. However, those customers whose coverage options are provided by Progressive will appreciate the large selection of add-on policy protections and quality customer support services. Get Quotes

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Updated: March 19, 2014

The Good

Solid additional policy protection options:

Progressive home insurance greatly delivers on their add-on policy protections. If you want to cover particular items that aren't included under most standard policies, including possessions like jewelry, fine art, antiques, computers, and firearms, you can add them to your policy with a scheduled personal property endorsement. You can also get protection for damage caused by floods, earthquakes, windstorms, and, in some cases, landslides. Coverage for expenses resulting from identity fraud is also available, which is an increasingly important as identity theft becomes more common. Finally, a Progressive personal umbrella policy offers up to $5 million in additional protection for liability claims that arise from an accident on your property, offering great peace of mind for you and your family.

Well-designed online quote process:

Comparison shoppers will appreciate Progressive's online quote tool, which produces a solid policy price in minutes. Though choosing home insurance policies can be complex, Progressive alleviates the process by walking you through with clear explanations so you know what information you need to provide. You can open a live chat with a Progressive home insurance representative as you complete your quote, a great way to clear up any confusion. Another helpful feature of Progressive's quote tool is the ability to get quotes for most types of dwellings and living arrangements, including quotes for mobile homes, condos, renters, and landlords.

Multiple support channels:

Progressive delivers great customer support, offering plenty of convenient ways to get in touch with a representative. You can call, email, or even use Twitter to contact Progressive's customer service. Though live online chatting with a representative is only available when using the Progressive home insurance quote tool, it's perfectly suited for that task.

The Bad

Limited learning materials:

Although Progressive home insurance ranks highly in other categories of customer support, it falls a little behind the industry leaders when it comes to providing thorough informational resources. If you're new to home insurance, it's important to have access to detailed tutorials, glossaries, and FAQ pages so you can learn the ins and outs of different policy options and coverages. Progressive home insurance does offer some basic materials that provide you with a good foundation in home insurance topics, but they don't go as far as other providers in the market who offer video tutorials on home safety and more sophisticated topics.

Limited discounts:

Progressive offers several nice price breaks, including a multiple-policy discount, a discount for installing a burglar alarm, and a discount for homes under 10 years old, but their discount options don't compare to the best insurance companies in the industry. Some relatively common discounts are unavailable, like those for new homeowners and newly renovated homes. You also won't get a price break for maintaining a claim-free record for years, a rather significant omission.

Missing some home coverage options:

Although Progressive home insurance offers standard coverage options for single-family homes, condos, and renters, they are missing several types of common coverage options. For example, Progressive is one of the few major insurers that doesn't offer coverage for rental properties. They also don't insure commercial farms and ranches, though coverage is available for properties that do not operate as businesses. If you have an older home, Progressive homeowners insurance isn't going to work for you either, although this type of policy is available from only a few major insurers. If you have a mobile home, you may be able to get a Progressive home insurance policy, but only if you live in one of the 16 states where it's available.

The Details

AM Best FSR A+
AM Best ICR aa
Financial Size Category $2 billion or greater
FSR Outlook/Implication Stable
ICR Outlook/Implication Stable
Moodys Financial Strength Aa2
Standard and Poors FSR AA


Home Insurance Coverages

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  • Condominium Insurance (HO6) - The insurance provider offers HO6 coverage for condos.
  • Farm/Ranch - You can buy insurance to protect your farm or ranch.
  • Mobile Home - You can buy insurance to protect your mobile home.
  • Renters (HO4) - The insurance provider offers renters insurance.
  • Special Form (HO3) - The insurance provider offers HO3, open perils coverage.
  • Older Homes (HO8) - The insurance provider offers HO8 coverage for older homes.
  • Premier Policy (HO5) - The insurance providers offers HO5 coverage that includes open perils coverage on personal property.
  • Rental Property Insurance - You can buy insurance to protect your rental property.

Homeowner Discounts

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