TV for the whole home:

There are a number of features of Cox cable that support an entire household of viewers. You can expect to find a full range of channels with Cox, and there is something to fit every taste in your household. Cox TV can be made available on all of your TVs at home with no need for additional equipment, and you can even watch TV on the Internet. You can record what you want to watch later, while the kids are watching their shows. Parental controls and purchase controls are additional features that may be useful for parents who want to limit the kinds of programming shown at home.

Options to bundle:

Cox Communications is a cable TV provider that also offers Internet and phone services, and gives you the option to build a bundle with only the services you need. Some TV providers only offer a bundle with all three major services- including phone, Internet, and TV, but Cox will let you select any combination of services that you want and leave out the ones you don't need. You can also select different levels of service with each service type, so you won't be stuck with a bundle that doesn't scale to your needs. If you know you're on the market for more than just TV, Cox Communications may be what you're looking for.

Spanish plans offered:

Spanish channels are becoming more of a standard offering with most TV providers, but Cox offers Spanish TV packages in three different varieties. An entirely Spanish package, Paquete Latino, is strictly a selection of the most popular Spanish channels. Cox also offers two unique packages that combine Spanish and English channels into one plan, including El Mix and Super Mix. Spanish programming may not be a priority in every home, but for Spanish speaking households, the packages offered by Cox are worth considering.

Sports package options:

For every kind of sports fan, there is a sports package available with a Cox cable TV plan. There are seven different specialized sports channels that you can choose from including those dedicated to MLB, MLS, NHL, NBA, and the NFL. In addition, college football fans will appreciate access to ESPN Game Plan, which is a pay-per-view package covering college football. These channels are only offered when each sport is in season, so there are no unnecessary subscription fees, and you can select only the sports that interest you. If you have a big sports fan in your home, Cox Communications is a great option.

Reasonable availability:

As the third largest cable provider, Cox has a reasonably wide availability, providing services in 19 states across the country. There are only a few larger providers that offer greater nationwide coverage, but Cox typically offers better pricing on plans than bigger TV providers. If you've been stuck with one of the national providers and are looking for an alternative, Cox Communications has a lot to offer.


Disappointing mobile app:

The Cox TV Connect app is available on iPad, iPhone, select Android tablets, and a personal computer, but it underperforms on most that it promises. Cox claims the app lets you watch live TV on your smartphone anywhere in your home, but not all channels are offered, only a few dozen are actually available. You can do basic activities like view all TV channel listings and browse FAQ, but the iPhone version currently has a meager 2 star rating, and many users complain that the app is slow and glitchy. Mobile viewing is not important to all customers, but if it's a priority in your household, you may find that the mobile services provided by Cox come up a bit short.

Relatively long contracts:

For those that try to avoid long term commitments with TV providers, Cox may not be the best option as they require a two to three year term agreement. A contract of two years is fairly standard in the industry, but there are many providers that offer some option for a no-contract agreement, or in the least, offer one year contracts. However, if you are the type that wants to stick with a provider for a long time, then choosing Cox may lock you into a better rate, for a longer stretch of time.


Provider Specs
3D Channels 1
Available Channels 380+
HD Channels 114
Monthly Price $30.49 - $157.99
Number of Packages 6
Service Area Select States Nationwide
States Available 19
Type Cable
Receiver Specs
Channels Simultaneously Recorded 2
Hours of HD Recording 300
Hours of SD Recording 1,000
Receiver Options 4
Recording Capabilities (hours) Up to 210
Storage Capacity 160GB - 320GB


  • Educational The company offers educational channels like the History Channel, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and others.

  • Entertainment The company offers entertainment channels like MTV, VH1, CMT, BET, E! Entertainment, Comedy Central, and others.

  • International Programming The company offers foreign-language programming.

  • Kids and Family The company offers channels for kids and family like the Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and others.

  • League Passes The company offers access to league passes like NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice, MLS Direct Kick, MLB Strike Zone, and others.

  • Lifestyle The company offers lifestyle channels like BIO, Bravo, The Food Network, HGTV, OWN, and others.

  • Local The company offers local channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, and others.

  • Movie The company offers movie channels like Encore, The Movie Channel, EPIX, and others.

  • Music The company offers channels that play music.

  • News The company offers news channels like CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, The Weather Channel, C-SPAN, and others.

  • Premium The company offers premium channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz.

  • Spanish Programming The company offers programming available in Spanish.

  • Specialty Sports The company offers specialty sports channels like the NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB Network, NHL Network, and others.

  • Standard Sports The company offers standard sports channels like the ESPN family of networks, the Golf Channel, regional sports, FUEL TV, Fox Sports, and others.

  • NFL Sunday Ticket The company offers the NFL Sunday Ticket.

  • Cable Programs You can view popular cable programs through On Demand.

  • HD Programs The On Demand service includes HD programs.

  • Movies You can view free movies through On Demand.

  • Pay-Per-View Adult Entertainment Adult entertainment is available through pay-per-view.

  • Pay-Per-View Movies You can view newly released movies for a fee through pay-per-view or On Demand.

  • Pay-Per-View Special Events Pay-per-view special events are available through On Demand.

  • Pay-Per-View Sports Pay-per-view sporting events are available through On Demand.

  • Premium Programs The On Demand service includes series from premium channels that you are subscribed to.

  • Spanish Programs The On Demand service includes Spanish programs.

  • Multi-Room Viewing You can view recorded programs on more than one TV in your home.

  • Parental Controls The receiver allows parents to block material deemed inappropriate.

  • Purchase Controls You can set controls to limit program purchases.

  • View Recorded Programs You can view recorded programs.

  • Picture-In-Picture You can watch multiple channels at the same time on your TV.

  • Sync to Devices You can sync your recorded programs to your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone and view the programs without being connected to the Internet.

  • DVR The company offers access to a DVR.

  • HD The company offers an HD receiver.

  • HD DVR The company offers access to an HD DVR.

  • Standard The company offers a standard receiver.

  • TiVo The company offers access to TiVo.

  • Advanced Receiver The company offers access to an advanced receiver.

  • Extended Recording You can set the receiver to record past the stop time for sports, award shows, and other programs that may run long.

  • Multi-TV Recording You can record programs on multiple TVs throughout the house.

  • Record 200 Hours of SD The receiver allows you to record 200 hours or more of SD programming.

  • Record 70 Hours of HD The receiver allows you to record 70 hours or more of HD programming.

  • Record Entire Series The receiver allows you to record an entire series.

  • Record Live TV The receiver allows you to record live TV.

  • Record New Episodes Only The receiver allows you to record only the new episodes of a given series.

  • Record More Than Two Programs The receiver allows you to simultaneously record more than two programs.

  • Simultaneous Program Recording The receiver allows you to simultaneously record multiple programs.

  • 3D-Compatible The company utilizes technology that is compatible with 3D TVs.

  • HDTV-Compatible The company utilizes technology that is compatible with HDTVs.

  • SDTV-Compatible The company utilizes technology that is compatible with SDTVs.

  • Automatic Payments You can set up your account to automatically make a payment.

  • Manage Subscriptions You can manage your channel subscriptions online.

  • Online Account You can create an online account to view and manage your TV account.

  • Online Payments You can pay your bill online.

  • Pay by Mail You can pay your bill by mail.

  • Payment Preferences You can change your payment preferences through your online account.

  • Phone Payments You can pay your bill by phone.

  • Retail Location Payment You can make a payment at a local retail location.

  • View Transactions You can view a history of transactions on your account online.

  • Customer Service The company has a customer review score of 3 out of 5 or higher for customer service.

  • Email/Ticket The company has an email or ticket system dedicated to support.

  • Live Chat You can contact the company for support through live chat.

  • Phone You can contact the company by phone to get support.

  • Social Media You can contact the company with questions through social media websites.

  • High Customer Service Score The company has an average customer service score of 4 out of 5 from reputable customer review websites.

  • High Reliability Score The company has a reliability score of 4 out of 5 from reputable consumer review sites.

  • Installation Window The company has an installation window of 4 hours or less.

  • Professional Installation The company offers a professional installation option.

  • Schedule Online You can schedule an installation time online.

  • Self Installation The company offers a self installation option.

  • Fast Forward Recorded TV The receiver allows you to fast forward recorded TV.

  • iPad/Tablet Remote Your iPad/Tablet interfaces with the receiver and can be used as a remote.

  • Pause Live TV The receiver allows you to pause live TV.

  • Program Management You can schedule, update, or delete recorded programs.

  • Rewind Live TV The receiver allows you to rewind live TV.

  • Advanced Search You can use the guide to conduct an advanced search.

  • Channel Listing You can access a channel listing that details program scheduling.

  • Menu A menu exists to help you navigate the system.

  • Sports Scores The guide provides quick access to sports scores.

  • Authorized Dealers You can sign up for an account in person through an authorized dealer at a retail location.

  • Online You can sign up for an account online.

  • Phone You can sign up for an account by phone.

  • No Credit Check Required The company does not require a credit check in order to obtain an account.

  • No Lengthy Contract Requirements The company offers contract options of one year or less.

  • No Price Increases Monthly rates do not automatically increase at certain intervals (i.e. at the six-month or one-year mark).

  • Spanish Cable Packages The company offers Spanish cable packages.

  • International Packages The company offers international packages with foreign language channels from around the world.

  • Satellite Radio The company offers access to satellite radio.

  • Internet You can bundle TV and Internet services.

  • Phone You can bundle just TV and telephone services.

  • Triple Services You can bundle TV, phone, and Internet services.

  • FAQ The company has a list of answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Forum The company has an interactive forum where users can post questions and answers.

  • Knowledge Base The company has a knowledge base of detailed help articles.

  • User Guide The company has a user guide or training manual.

  • Video Tutorials The company has video tutorials.

  • Android App A native Android App is available.

  • Bill Pay You can pay your bill through the mobile app.

  • iPhone App A native iPhone App is available.

  • Manage DVR You can schedule, record, or delete programs on your DVR with your mobile phone.

  • Stream Live TV You can stream live TV to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Favorable App Store Reviews The company has a combined 3.5 stars or greater for their iPhone and Android apps.

  • On Demand You can access On Demand on your mobile device.

  • Set Parental Controls You can set parental controls with your mobile phone.

  • Watch Recorded Programs You can use your mobile device to watch programs recorded on your DVR.


Cox TV Economy

Total Channels: 155+
Introductory Rate: N/A
Length of Introductory Rate: N/A
Standard Rate: $30.49/month

Cox Advanced TV

Total Channels: 220+
Introductory Rate: $59.99/month
Length of Introductory Rate: 12 months
Standard Rate: $73.99/month

Cox Advanced TV Preferred

Total Channels: 280+
Introductory Rate: $69.99/month
Length of Introductory Rate: 12 months
Standard Rate: $83.99/month

Cox Advanced TV Premier

Total Channels: 340+
Introductory Rate: $83.99/month
Length of Introductory Rate: 12 months
Standard Rate: $97.99/month

Cox Advanced TV Ultimate

Total Channels: 380+
Introductory Rate: $143.99
Length of Introductory Rate: 12 months
Standard Rate: $157.99

* Package details and pricing may vary according to location.

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