Cox Communications Review

Offering a full range of cable TV plans, Cox Communications' cable service should suit any size household. Exact pricing can be tricky to track down, but families looking to save will appreciate the competitive rates.

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The Good

TV for the whole home

There are a number of features of Cox cable that support an entire household of viewers. You can expect to find a full range of channels with Cox, and there is something to fit every taste in your household. Cox TV can be made available on all of your TVs at home with no need for additional equipment, and you can even watch TV on the Internet. You can record what you want to watch later, while the kids are watching their shows. Parental controls and purchase controls are additional features that may be useful for parents who want to limit the kinds of programming shown at home.

Options to bundle

Cox Communications is a cable TV provider that also offers Internet and phone services, and gives you the option to build a bundle with only the services you need. Some TV providers only offer a bundle with all three major services- including phone, Internet, and TV, but Cox will let you select any combination of services that you want and leave out the ones you don't need. You can also select different levels of service with each service type, so you won't be stuck with a bundle that doesn't scale to your needs. If you know you're on the market for more than just TV, Cox Communications may be what you're looking for.

Spanish packages offered

Spanish channels are becoming more of a standard offering with most TV providers, but Cox offers Spanish TV packages in three different varieties. An entirely Spanish package, Paquete Latino, is strictly a selection of the most popular Spanish channels. Cox also offers two unique packages that combine Spanish and English channels into one plan, including El Mix and Super Mix. Spanish programming may not be a priority in every home, but for Spanish speaking households, the packages offered by Cox are worth considering.

Sports package option

For every kind of sports fan, there is a sports package available with a Cox cable TV plan. There are seven different specialized sports channels that you can choose from including those dedicated to MLB, MLS, NHL, NBA, and the NFL. In addition, college football fans will appreciate access to ESPN Game Plan, which is a pay-per-view package covering college football. These channels are only offered when each sport is in season, so there are no unnecessary subscription fees, and you can select only the sports that interest you. If you have a big sports fan in your home, Cox Communications is a great option.

Reasonable availability

As the third largest cable provider, Cox has a reasonably wide availability, providing services in 19 states across the country. There are only a few larger providers that offer greater nationwide coverage, but Cox typically offers better pricing on plans than bigger TV providers. If you've been stuck with one of the national providers and are looking for an alternative, Cox Communications has a lot to offer.

The Bad

Disappointing mobile app

The Cox TV Connect app is available on iPad, iPhone, select Android tablets, and a personal computer, but it underperforms on most that it promises. Cox claims the app lets you watch live TV on your smartphone anywhere in your home, but not all channels are offered, only a few dozen are actually available. You can do basic activities like view all TV channel listings and browse FAQ, but the iPhone version currently has a meager 2 star rating, and many users complain that the app is slow and glitchy. Mobile viewing is not important to all customers, but if it's a priority in your household, you may find that the mobile services provided by Cox come up a bit short.

Relatively long contracts

For those that try to avoid long term commitments with TV providers, Cox may not be the best option as they require a two to three year term agreement. A contract of two years is fairly standard in the industry, but there are many providers that offer some option for a no-contract agreement, or in the least, offer one year contracts. However, if you are the type that wants to stick with a provider for a long time, then choosing Cox may lock you into a better rate, for a longer stretch of time.

The Details

Provider Specs

  • 3D Channels: 1
  • Available Channels: 380+
  • HD Channels: 114
  • Monthly Price: $30.49 - $157.99
  • Number of Packages: 6
  • Service Area: Select States Nationwide
  • States Available: 19
  • Type: Cable

Receiver Specs

  • Channels Simultaneously Recorded: 2
  • Hours of HD Recording: 300
  • Hours of SD Recording: 1,000
  • Receiver Options: 4
  • Recording Capabilities (hours): Up to 210
  • Storage Capacity: 160GB - 320GB


Cox TV Economy

  • Total Channels: 155+
  • Introductory Rate: N/A
  • Length of Introductory Rate: N/A
  • Standard Rate: $30.49/month

Cox Advanced TV

  • Total Channels: 220+
  • Introductory Rate: $59.99/month
  • Length of Introductory Rate: 12 months
  • Standard Rate: $73.99/month

Cox Advanced TV Preferred

  • Total Channels: 280+
  • Introductory Rate: $69.99/month
  • Length of Introductory Rate: 12 months
  • Standard Rate: $83.99/month

Cox Advanced TV Premier

  • Total Channels: 340+
  • Introductory Rate: $83.99/month
  • Length of Introductory Rate: 12 months
  • Standard Rate: $97.99/month

Cox Advanced TV Ultimate

  • Total Channels: 380+
  • Introductory Rate: $143.99
  • Length of Introductory Rate: 12 months
  • Standard Rate: $157.99

* Package details and pricing may vary according to location.

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