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Victoria Lurie is the Audiences Section Lead and Freelance Manager for She joined the family in January 2019 and spends most of her time buffing up the Home Automation and Security service content you see shining before you (and the rest of her time wondering if it's a good idea to name her WiFi network "John Connor Must Die"). Victoria got her start at daily and college newspapers, and is seriously considering signing up for the service that sends you imperfect produce to pack bond with.

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Why Using Dark Mode Is a Bright Idea

Why Using Dark Mode Is a Bright Idea

Mar 26, 2019 | News

For once, being in the dark might be a good thing. We’re talking about Dark Mode, the internet’s equivalent to a sweet pair of shades. Early adopters have long preferred the darker palette because it’s sleek, slightly more customizable, and harkens back to Hollywood’s glamorization of hackers. But new studies (and an ever-growing list of…