Progressive Car Insurance Review

Progressive impressed us with a wide range of discounts, particularly for drivers whose risk factors may work against them — like teenagers or drivers with sub-par driving records.

It doesn’t offer quite as many options as its competitors, but it does provide some offerings that we didn’t find among any of our other top insurers. If you’re a low-mileage driver, you may benefit from Snapshot, a usage-based insurance plan that can be particularly attractive for drivers in urban areas who may not rely on a car as their day-to-day form of transportation.

That said, Progressive came in below the industry average for claims satisfaction in J.D. Power's 2018 Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. While you may get the best quote from Progressive, it’s worth considering your priorities when it comes to customer service.

Progressive Insurance Overview

  • In business since: 1937
  • A.M. Best financial strength rating: A+
  • Policy types: Auto (personal and commercial), motorcycle, boat, and RV
  • Unique discounts for riskier teen drivers
  • Mileage/usage-based plan

Progressive's Claim

From Progressive’s auto insurance page: “Progressive provides the right protection at an unmatched value.”

Is it true?


While Progressive is certainly one of the better insurers for value, we’re not convinced that it’s the unequivocal best. In auto insurance, the value a company can provide often translates to the number of discounts that will bring down your premium after you’ve selected your coverage. And while you won’t qualify for every discount an insurer offers, more discounts means more chances to save — and Progressive offers quite a few to choose from.

Deductions for simple activities like signing a new policy early and opting for paperless billing are broadly accessible, which means more customers may be able to access these savings. And as a company that’s been known to insure riskier customers than other major providers, Progressive offers some unique discounts that will help those drivers who are often forced to settle for higher premiums. This includes a seemingly too-good-to-be-true discount for drivers under 18, a demographic that’s widely considered one of the most likely to get in an accident. Progressive is undoubtedly a competitive value insurer — we’re just not convinced it’s the very best. Considering the company scored below the industry average in the 2018 J.D. Power auto claim satisfaction study, there’s room to be a little skeptical. However, Progressive wasn’t the only major auto insurance provider to to fall below the average.


Progressive’s Features

Liability coverage Bodily injury liability
Property damage liability
Coverage for your vehicle (and you) Comprehensive
Uninsured/underinsured bodily injury
Uninsured/underinsured motorist property damage
Medical payments
Extra coverage and benefits Roadside assistance
Loan/lease payoff
Rental car reimbursement
Custom parts and equipment value
Rideshare coverage
Teen-driver discount Under 18
Pet coverage
Name Your Price Tool Get a quote, receive a range of possible rates and choose the one you want.
Snapshot mobile app Monitor your driving without a device in your car’s data port.
Deductible savings Subtract $50 from your collision and comprehensive deductible for every claim-free policy period.

Gap coverage

Gap insurance pays the difference between the value of your wrecked vehicle and the amount remaining on your auto loan. This is important protection for customers who have recently purchased a car — if you’re involved in an accident that totals your new ride, you don’t want to be left footing the cost of a replacement while you’re still paying for the old one.

Pet protection

Progressive was one of the only auto insurers in our evaluation of the best auto insurance providers to offer pet protection, which pays the costs of veterinary bills if your pet is injured in your car. Veterinary costs can add up quickly; pet protection helps ensure that both you and your pets have the protection you need when the unforeseeable occurs.

Custom parts and equipment value

For drivers who like to personalize their vehicles, insurance coverage can often leave you hanging by refusing to pay the full costs of custom parts after an accident. Progressive does away with these worries by offering supplemental protection for accessories, including stereos, navigation systems, custom wheels, and even custom paint jobs. If it wasn’t installed by the original manufacturer, then it’s a custom job and should fall under this coverage.

Discount for drivers under 18

Progressive is one of only a few major insurers to offer a discount for drivers under the age of 18, a demographic that’s among the riskiest to insure. This near-unheard-of discount demonstrates Progressive’s dedication to insuring traditionally high-risk drivers. What’s more? Students earning B average grades or higher in school can also earn deductions.

Possible drawbacks

Low claims satisfaction score

When we compare and review auto insurance providers, we look at more than just the coverage options and discounts. We want to know the kinds of reputations these providers garner when it comes to handling claims and, unfortunately, Progressive scored quite low in the J.D. Power 2018 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. With the national average score at 861 out of 1,000, Progressive came in at 849. While this does not guarantee that you will have a terrible experience when filing a claim through Progress, it is something to take into consideration when you shop around for quotes.

Fewer safety discounts

With the exception of Snapshot, an opt-in program that monitors your driving habits to reward safer driving, Progressive doesn’t offer any safety-focused discounts. Most other providers we looked at offer discounts for safety features in your vehicle, such as anti-theft devices and anti-lock brakes, but these were nowhere to be found on Progressive’s discounts page. Some providers, like Travelers, also feature discounts for participating in driver education courses. Given Progressive’s emphasis on discounts for students and young drivers, it’s notably light on safe driving discounts.

Progressive’s Competition

Enter your ZIP code for quotes in your area

  Progressive Travelers Insurance Allstate State Farm
Our review Our review Our review
A.M. Best financial strength rating A+ A++ A+ A++
Moody’s rating A2 A2 A3 n/a
S&P Global rating AA AA AA- AA
J.D. Power 2018 Auto Claims Satisfaction Study score 849/1,000 866/1,000 857/1,000 864/1,000
Online claim filing
24/7 support
View plans View plans View plans View plans

Progressive vs. Travelers Insurance

If you’re drawn to Progressive for its low advertised rates, Travelers Insurance might also be appealing. Travelers offers almost as many discounts, and more supplemental coverage options than any of our other top picks, and thus provides more opportunities to save. Additions like accident forgiveness demonstrate Travelers’ understanding that accidents happen no matter how good of a driver you are.

Progressive vs. Allstate

Progressive and Allstate both excel when it comes to offering discounts for younger drivers. Progressive has one for any driver under age 18, while Allstate’s extends to any students under 25, making it a great choice for college students. However, it’s important to note that Allstate also fell below the national average in the J.D. Power 2018 auto claims satisfaction study. That being said, it still scored higher than Progressive which is something to consider when comparing quotes from both companies.

Progressive vs. State Farm

While State Farm has impressive customer satisfaction scores and financial strength ratings, we’d recommend Progressive for most drivers. It has more supplemental coverage options and discounts, meaning you’re likely to get exactly the protection you need at a lower price. However, State Farm is a better option for Uber and Lyft drivers — it lets you add rideshare coverage to your personal auto plan instead of buying a separate commercial policy.

Progressive Insurance FAQ

What discounts can I get with Progressive auto insurance?

As of right now, there are over a dozen discounts featured on Progressive’s site. These include:

  • Snapshot (a usage-based plan that rewards safe driving)
  • Good student discount
  • Distant student discount
  • Multi-policy discount
  • Homeowner discount
  • Multi-car discount
  • Continuous insurance discount
  • Teen driver discount
  • Online quote discount
  • Sign online discount
  • Pay in full discount
  • Automatic payment discount
  • Paperless documents discount

What is Progressive Snapshot?

Snapshot is a program offered by Progressive that bases your rate on the distance and manner of your actual driving using either a telematics device installed in your vehicle or through the Snapshot mobile app. Snapshot monitors the time spent driving as well as your habits: Sudden braking or high speeds can increase your rate, while infrequent use and low mileage will help save money. This program particularly benefits urban drivers who rely on other modes of transportation for day-to-day travels, but anyone confident in their driving abilities may see savings.

Can I bundle with Progressive home insurance?

Progressive has seen considerable success over the past few years, thanks partly to the company’s move into the home insurance industry — a $300 billion market that Progressive CEO Tricia Griffith calls a “game-changer.” If you’re thinking about purchasing home insurance in addition to your auto coverage, it’s worth finding out how Progressive stacks up against your current provider — bundling could save you money on your monthly insurance costs.

The Bottom Line: How Good is Progressive Insurance?

Progressive scores below the national average when it comes to the J.D. Power auto claims study, but it also offers some pretty unique discounts and supplemental coverage options. In keeping with its reputation for insuring “riskier” customers, Progressive has rare discounts for drivers who are frequently forced to go without. That said, it lacks more common ways to save like anti-theft device discounts. While it may not be the best auto insurer for all of your needs, Progressive is nevertheless a strong option for younger drivers who may face higher rates with other insurers.


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