Cox Communications Review

With download speeds exceeding 100 Mbps, Cox Communications has cable Internet plans that are perfect for heavy Internet users, but watch out for price increases after the first three months.

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The Good

Extremely fast speeds

With download speeds reaching 150 Mbps, Cox Communications is well-suited for gamers, streaming video lovers, and households with computers, TVs, and tablets all connected to the Internet at once. Upload speeds are also far better than what most cable Internet companies offer, with their best plan delivering 20 Mbps. Speeds like these result in reduced load time and a much more enjoyable Internet experience for you.

Design your own bundle

doesn’t just confine you to a few different bundle options. Instead, they allow you to create your own bundle where you can choose from several TV, Internet, and phone plans to create whatever combination is best for you. This level of customization is available from some other cable Internet providers, but certainly not all of them.

No activation fee

You don’t have to pay an activation fee when you sign up for any of Cox’s cable Internet plans. In an industry where activation fees are the norm, you should be able to save a fair amount of money up front, especially when you consider that some companies have activation fees that can reach up to $200. So if keeping costs down is paramount in your search for a cable Internet provider, and Cox is in your area, they may be the right choice.

Free cloud storage

When you sign up for Cox’s cable Internet service, you also get free cloud storage. The amount that you are able to store depends on which plan you select, but even their Essential plan offers plenty of room for backing up your most important files. Though not everyone may use this backup, it’s still a nice bonus you don’t find with many other Internet service providers.

The Bad

Prices increase after three months

Cox Communications’ promotional price doesn’t last long. After three months, the monthly prices are raised a fairly significant amount. The only silver lining here is that there is only one price increase so you are not hit with any other rate increases as time goes on.

No money-back guarantee

Almost every cable Internet service provider offers some kind of money-back guarantee on their services, but Cox is one of the exceptions. It’s not a major strike against Cox considering they don’t require any contracts and provide some of the fastest Internet speeds available.

The Details

Provider Details

  • Monthly Price: $34.99 - $79.99
  • Service Area: Nationwide
  • States Available: 19

Additional Fees

  • Early Termination Fee: Up to $240
  • Equipment Lease Fee: $6.99/month
  • Installation Fee: None
  • One-Time Setup Fee: None
  • Other Fees: None


Cox Internet Essential

  • Price: $34.99/month (3 months)
  • Download Rate: 5Mbps
  • Upload Rate: 1Mbps
  • Data Allowance: 100GB

Cox Internet Preferred

  • Price: $49.99/month (3 months)
  • Download Rate: 25Mbps
  • Upload Rate: 5Mbps
  • Data Allowance: 250GB

Cox Internet Premier

  • Price: $59.99/month (3 months)
  • Download Rate: 50Mbps
  • Upload Rate: 10Mbps
  • Data Allowance: 300GB

Cox Internet Ultimate

  • Price: $79.99/month (3 months)
  • Download Rate: 100Mbps
  • Upload Rate: 20Mbps
  • Data Allowance: 400GB

* Package details and pricing may vary according to location.

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