AT&T Review

AT&T DSL Internet may not be the fastest, but it could still be the right choice for households looking for a reliable company that allows them to bundle their TV, phone, and Internet services together.

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The Good

Bundle your services

AT&T makes a great choice if you are looking to get your TV, phone, and Internet all in one place. Finding a DSL company that is willing to offer you this kind of deal is rare, either because most companies do not offer these other services at all or they just do not offer bundles with DSL. This makes AT&T offers extremely valuable and something you should definitely think about when selecting an Internet service provider.

No setup fees

With AT&T, you do not have to pay a setup fee in order to get access to their DSL Internet. All you have to do is sign up, purchase the modem, and get your system installed, and you will be ready to go. This is great because some companies can charge a rather costly setup fee, and your Internet service ends up being a bit more expensive than it appears from looking at the monthly price. But you won’t have to worry about this with AT&T.

One-year warranty

If something goes wrong with your DSL system during the first year of your ownership, AT&T takes care of it at absolutely no extra cost. This is because they provide a one-year warranty on their DSL plans, something that is pretty hard to find and very useful to have. Though you may never need the warranty, it shows that AT&T stands behind their services and that can give you a lot of peace of mind.

The Bad

6 Mbps max download speed

The download speeds offered by AT&T DSL Internet are a little less than what you find with most other DSL providers. The top speed is 6 Mbps, which is fine for those who don’t spend a ton of time online. Heavy Internet users, however, could have a problem with these speeds, especially if downloading music and playing online games are part of their usual routine, as these activities can take a very long time to load on a slow Internet connection.

Below-average upload speeds

AT&T upload speeds also fall behind the leaders in the industry, with even their most expensive plan not quite reaching 1 Mbps. This shouldn’t be as concerning as their slower download speeds because you probably download much more than you upload. However, there are plenty of other DSL Internet providers who offer much faster speeds than this, so this is something to keep in mind while considering AT&T for your DSL Internet service.

The Details

Provider Details

  • Monthly Price : $30 - $45
  • Service Area : West, Southwest, Midwest
  • States Available : 12

Additional Fields

  • Early Termination Fee : Up to $180
  • Equipment Lease Fee : $75 or $100 One-time Fee
  • Installation Fee : $99
  • One-Time Setup Fee : None
  • Other Fees : None


High Speed Internet

  • Price: $30/month (12 months)
  • Download Rate: 3Mbps
  • Upload Rate: 512Kbps
  • Data Allowance: 250GB

High Speed Internet + Home Phone

  • Price: $40/month (12 months)
  • Download Rate: 3Mbps
  • Upload Rate: 512Kbps
  • Data Allowance: 150GB

High Speed Internet + Home Phone

  • Price: $45/month (12 months)
  • Download Rate: 6Mbps
  • Upload Rate: 768Kbps
  • Data Allowance: 150GB

* Package details and pricing may vary according to location.

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