The 3 Best Online GMAT Courses

Whether an in-person GMAT prep course isn’t available in your area or you simply want to study in the comfort of your own home, an online course is an excellent option. There are two types of online programs: live online and on-demand. Live online is the best alternative to a traditional course because it allows for instant communication with your instructor and personalized assistance when you need it. On-demand courses are better for students with hectic schedules or those who prefer to study on their own. The top three companies listed below offer both types of online programs as well as a number of other study materials to help you develop a thorough understanding of the concepts that appear on the GMAT exam.

Kaplan’s Classroom Anywhere programs give you all the benefits of a traditional in-person course with the added convenience of being able to study wherever you are, whenever you want. During your sessions, you log in to your online account where you’re able to view and chat with your instructor, teaching assistants, and fellow classmates. Problems are displayed on a virtual whiteboard so you’re able to follow along with every step. As with the in-person GMAT prep courses, online students take nine practice tests throughout the program and have access to over 5,000 additional practice problems in their online account. If you’re willing to pay extra for the AdvantagePlus online course, you receive all of the resources mentioned above, plus Kaplan’s math and data sufficiency on-demand courses and three hours of one-on-one tutoring with a Kaplan GMAT instructor. For students who prefer to study on their own, Kaplan also offers the same high-quality course materials in a self-study package.

Veritas Prep’s Full Course is available to students online and in person. Each course format includes 36 hours of live instruction from one of the company’s highly trained GMAT instructors. In addition, instructors hold online office hours for two hours per day every day of the week. This gives you plenty of time to get the one-on-one assistance you need. This online course also includes 12 full-length practice tests and access to 3,000 additional questions in Veritas Prep’s free online question bank. Communication during lecture works in much the same way as Kaplan’s online courses. There’s a live chat tool built into the online course interface for instant communication with instructors and fellow students. Veritas Prep also stands out in terms of their on-demand courses, which include video lessons covering all the major topics discussed in the in-person and live online classes. These videos can be viewed from your computer or an iOS device, and your account is automatically synced to the cloud so you’re always able to pick up right where you left off. If you choose to go with this self-study course, you still get the 12 practice tests and access to the question bank for some hands-on practice with the types of questions that appear on the official GMAT exam.

The Princeton Review’s online GMAT prep courses stand out in terms of their advanced technologies that enable easy communication within the virtual classroom. Instructors are able to quickly share files and their computer screens with students and there’s a built-in chat to handle any questions that may arise during the lesson. A virtual whiteboard tool enables you to follow along as your instructor goes through problems step by step. If you have a question you want to ask your instructor privately, there are breakout chat rooms specifically designed for these instances. The Princeton Review’s online course covers the same 27 hours of material as the in-person program and includes all the same study resources, such as 10 practice exams and an online question bank. Should you miss a class, there’s no need to worry. All class recordings are saved to your account, so whenever you have some free time, go back and watch the video lesson. Then, if you run into anything you don’t understand, reach out to your instructor during one of their 30 office hours per week.