Alert 360 Home Security Review

Erin Gobler
Erin Gobler

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  • Alert 360 earned a 2.5 out of 5 based on monitoring prices, equipment cost, installation, and other factors. 
  • A thorough Alert 360 review reveals 36-month contracts, insurance reimbursement, non-traditional pricing, and four packages to choose from.
  • Alert 360 requires professional installation, which starts at $99. 

Founded in 1973, Alert 360 has become a leader in home security. The company provides professional home security systems in 26 states, primarily in the southern and central parts of the U.S. Alert 360 has some great selling points, including its professional monitoring and variety of packages to choose from. We reviewed Alert 360 and compared it to other home security providers based on price, customer satisfaction, and more. 

Alert 360 Home Security Overview Score
Contact requirement
Packages and plans

Alert 360 is the fourth-largest residential security and alarm company in the United States. The company has a lot to offer and specializes in providing high-quality professional service. Alert 360 isn’t a DIY home security company — it only offers professional installation and monitoring. But for consumers who want to outsource their home security to a trustworthy source, the company may be a good option. But people who want a low-cost DIY system should look elsewhere.


  • Insurance deductible reimbursement: Alert 360 will reimburse up to $1,360 of your homeowners insurance deductible.
  • Free installation when you move: If you move, Alert 360 re-installs your security system for free in your new home.
  • Variety of packages to choose from: Alert 360 offers four different packages, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.
  • Professional monitoring: Alert 360 offers professional monitoring, so you know your home is safe.


  • Lengthy contracts: Alert 360 requires a 36-month contract but has the option of paying month-to-month if you buy your equipment upfront.
  • Installation fee: DIY installation isn’t an option, and professional installation starts at $99.
  • No transparent prices: Alert 360 doesn’t clearly display tit prices on its website — you have to do some digging or enter your ZIP code.
  • No self-monitoring option: Alert 360 packages are only available with professional monitoring.

Alert 360 Home Security Highlights

Plans & Pricing
Storage & Compatibility

Alert 360 has four different device packages. Each one comes with a specific suite of devices, as well as professional monitoring. Your monthly price depends on your zip code, but here’s roughly what you can expect to pay:


  • Complete Smart Home: $54.95/mo; includes touchscreen panel, Alert 360 app, smart video doorbell, keyless door lock, wireless HD indoor camera, one wireless motion sensor, three wireless door/window sensors.
  • Door Command: $50.95/mo; includes touchscreen panel, Alert 360 app, smart video doorbell, keyless door lock, one wireless motion sensor, three wireless door/window sensors
  • Smart Home Video: $44.95/mo; includes touchscreen panel, Alert 360 app, wireless HD indoor camera, one wireless motion sensor, three wireless door/window sensors

Smart Door Lock: $44.95/mo; includes touchscreen panel, Alert 360 app, keyless door lock, one wireless motion sensor, three wireless door/window sensors

Customers don’t have the option of installing their system themselves, as Alert 360 requires professional installation. Professional installation starts at $99 and could go up to $149, depending on the package you choose.

Alert 360 waives the installation fee for customers who move. If you move to a new home and take your Alert 360 system with you, the company will install it in your new home for free.

All Alert 360 cameras include 24/7 high-definition continuous video recording with playback of stored video. Devices can store anywhere from 1TB to 4TB of data.

As far as compatibility, Alert 360 is compatible with Alexa-enabled devices. The company also has its own smart home devices available in some of its packages.


Alert 360 doesn’t share any warranty information on its website. Customer reviews suggest there is a warranty built into package financing. However, a message from the company on the Better Business Bureau website states the company doesn’t replace devices or systems rendered inoperable due to an “act of nature” such as a lightning strike.

Alert 360 vs. The Competition ScoreStarting PriceEquipmentInstallation
Alert 3602.5$44.95Cameras, sensors, doorbell cameras, hubs, etcProfessional
SimpliSafe4.4$14.99/mo.Keypad, burglary and instruction sensors, cameras, environmental sensors, panic button, smart home devicesDIY
Cove3.5$14.99/mo.Touchscreen panel, burglary and intrusion sensors, cameras, environmental sensors, panic buttonDIY
Blue by ADT3.6$19.99/mo.Keypad, burglary and intrusion sensors, cameras, environmental sensorsBoth

Information accurate as of April 2021

Alert 360 vs. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is one of the leading DIY home security systems. Unlike Alert 360, SimpliSafe’s packages are designed for easy DIY installation. Professional monitoring is available at a considerably lower price than you’d get through Alert 360, and there are no contracts. Customers can also opt for free self-monitoring.

One of the most important features of SimpliSafe systems is its customization. While there are a handful of pre-set packages to choose from, you can choose to build your own instead.

Provider PlanPriceWhat’s Included
Self-Monitored$0/mo.Live video feed
Standard$14.99/mo.Live video feed, 24/7 professional monitoring & dispatch
Interactive$24.99/mo.Everything in the standard plan, video recording and storage, alarm verification & priority police dispatch, advanced phone alerts

Alert 360 vs. Cove

Unlike Alert 360, Cove doesn’t offer bundled home security packages. Instead, it has a lineup of products to choose from to ensure you’re only getting exactly what you need. But it’s also important to note that Cove’s product list doesn’t include everything you might need for your home security system. The only camera available is an indoor camera and it doesn’t currently offer outdoor or doorbell cameras.

Provider PlanPriceWhat’s Included
Cove Basic$15/mo.24/7 monitoring, environmental monitoring, notifications
Cove Plus$25/mo.Everything in the basic plan, lifetime equipment warranty, smartphone control, Alexa and Google voice control, $5 per month equipment reward, lifetime monitoring rate-lock guarantee

Alert 360 vs. Blue by ADT

Like Alert 360, Blue by ADT specializes in offering high-quality professional monitoring. The company’s monitoring is provided by its parent company, ADT. Blue by ADT also offers free DIY monitoring for people who don’t want the monthly expense of professional monitoring. The two are pretty similar in terms of the devices offered, though Blue by ADT offers more customizable plans than Alert 360.

Provider PlanPriceWhat’s Included
DIY Monitoring$0/mo.Self-monitoring, mobile alerts & notifications, Wi-Fi
Professional Monitoring$19.99/mo.24/7 professional monitoring by ADT, mobile alerts & notifications

Alert 360 FAQ 


We evaluated Alert 360 based on equipment cost, monthly costs, contract options, installation and customer satisfaction to determine scores and create our best home security reviews. To compare home security companies with other providers across the board, we calculate each score based on the following:

  • Monthly Price: The lower the cost of a home security company’s monthly contract, the higher the score. Inversely, the higher the cost of the monthly contract, the lower the score in this metric. 
  • Equipment Cost: Affordability is important with home security, so we awarded higher scores to home security companies with lower prices on equipment.
  • Contracts: reviewed the flexibility in contracts of the home security companies. The more flexibility, like having no contracts to bind customers for long periods, the higher the score. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: With J.D. Power’s 2020 Home Security Satisfaction Study, we assigned a score to each company based on the rating it received.
  • Installation: Just like with contracts, we award higher scores to companies that have flexible installation options, like DIY or professional options.

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