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Last updated on Mar 10, 2021

The Best Nanny Cams

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How We Reviewed The Best Nanny Cams

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Not every indoor security camera makes a good nanny cam. The best nanny cams of 2020 improve communication between parents, children, and the caregiver and prioritize security and ease of use. Features such as two-way audio, night vision, wide camera angles, HD recording capabilities, cloud storage, motion detection, home automation integration, and two-factor authentication accomplish these goals. But the number one feature to look for in a nanny cam is the ability to view the camera’s live stream and important recordings from a mobile device, giving parents peace of mind any time they need it.

The 3 Best Nanny Cams

  • Blink XT2: Best Overall
  • Nest Cam IQ Indoor: Best for Data Security
  • Vivint Ping Camera: Best for One-Touch Callouts

The Best Nanny Cams: Summed Up

 PriceField of ViewLivestream capabilities
Blink XT2$99.99110 degreesYes
Nest IQ$229130 degreesYes
Vivint Ping$199.99155 degreesYes

*Data as of 04/21/2020

Blink XT2


  • $99.99

The Blink XT2 camera looks small and unassuming, making it an excellent choice for parents who don’t want to install an obvious nanny cam. Place the Blink XT2 among decor to keep its presence discreet. Blink XT2’s top-of-the-line features make it a superior choice for a nanny cam:

  • Two-way audio for quick check-ins
  • Night vision to monitor children at night
  • Instant app alerts when it detects motion and records a video clip to send with the alert
  • Access to live video feeds from the app
  • HD recordings and 110-degree viewing angle

The Blink XT2 includes a 60-day limited warranty.


Because Blink is an Amazon company, this camera is designed for use with Amazon Echo for voice control. The Blink XT2 requires a public or private Wi-Fi connection with a minimum upload speed of 2 Mbps. To monitor activity through the mobile app and receive instant alerts, the minimum operating system requirements include iOS 10.3, Android 5.0, or Fire OS 5.1. 


Thanks to its durability and wireless installation, you can mount the Blink XT2 indoors or outdoors. You can set it up yourself, without a professional, and it’s as easy as downloading an app, adding batteries, and syncing the device.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor

Best for Data Security
Nest Cam IQ Indoor

Google Nest IQ Indoor


  • $229

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor has powerful microphones and speakers—plus echo and noise suppression—for crystal clear, two-way conversations. A two-year limited warranty is included with its purchase, and Nest customer service is available seven days a week for support. This camera includes:

  • Facial recognition (only with a separate Nest Aware subscription) to decrease the number of alerts you don’t need
  • Night vision to help monitor children at bedtime
  • Records snapshots when it detects motion
  • Two-way authentication so only authorized users can view your live feeds
  • HD recordings with 130-degree views


Because Nest was developed by Google, the Nest IQ Indoor camera has Google Assistant built-in for voice control in numerous languages. This camera requires Wi-Fi or a broadband Internet connection with at least a 2 Mbps upload speed. To use the free Nest app for monitoring and controlling your Nest camera, you need at least iOS 11.0 or Android 5.0. You can also use the Nest app via a web browser.


Nest IQ Indoor plugs into a wall outlet and comes with mounting hardware for easy DIY installation.

Vivint Ping Camera

Best for One-Touch Callouts
Vivint Ping Camera

Vivint Ping Camera


  • $199.99

The Vivint Ping Camera has numerous features ideal for a nanny cam: 

  • Two-way audio in case you need to check in on your kids or the sitter
  • One-touch calls that allow your kids or their caretaker to reach you in an emergency
  • Night vision to help you keep an eye on sleeping children
  • HD recordings and 155-degree viewing angle
  • Mobile alerts when motion is detected so you can view the live feed


Vivint’s Smart Home products integrate with Amazon Echo and Google Home for additional control and ease of use. The Ping Camera requires a slightly slower upload speed (1.5 Mbps) than the Nest IQ Indoor or Blink XT2 and plugs directly into a wall outlet. You can receive customized alerts using Vivint’s Smart Home app, which is compatible with Android, iOS 12.0, and watchOS 4.0.


The only drawback to the Vivint Ping Camera is that it requires professional installation. You’ll need to schedule a time for a service pro to set up the camera and its smart home integrations, including Amazon Echo.

How We Chose the Best Nanny Cams

We looked for indoor cameras with two-way audio capabilities, motion-triggered alerts, and mobile monitoring. We also felt that night vision represented a crucial feature for nanny cams used in children’s bedrooms.

Viewing angles, price, ease of installation, smart home compatibility, storage capabilities, and the other nuances of each nanny cam helped set them apart. The more features and flexibility provided by a camera, the higher we rated it.

Nanny Cam FAQ

Should I hide my nanny cam? 

You may not be allowed to hide a nanny cam—or to record audio—depending on your l laws. Assuming it’s legal, hiding a nanny cam makes it impossible to use features like two-way audio, which can decrease your children’s safety in an emergency.

Do nanny cams need Wi-Fi?

If you want to view the live feed on your smartphone or store video clips in the cloud, yes, the nanny cam needs to be connected to Wi-Fi to transmit that information. If desired, you can find nanny cams that store videos on a hard drive wired directly to the camera.

Do nanny cams have audio? 

Nanny cams do have audio, but whether or not you can legally record it depends on where you live. In that case, use the nanny cam’s mute button to silence the audio.

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