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Last updated on Apr 16, 2020

The Best Utah Car Insurance Companies

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    With strong customer service, paired with solid coverage options and affordable annual premiums, four insurance companies in the state of Utah stood out from their competitors in the car insurance industry. These four companies were: USAA, American Family Insurance, State Farm, and GEICO.

    Starting with 10 of the most popular car insurance providers in the state, we analyzed customer satisfaction, coverage options, and affordability, as well as financial strength and available discounts, to determine which companies provided the best overall experience. 

    The 4 Best Car Insurance Companies in Utah

    USAAAmerican Family InsuranceState FarmGEICO
    Our reviewOur reviewOur reviewOur review
    AM Best Financial Strength RatingA++AA++A++
    J.D. Power 2019 Overall Customer Satisfaction Score (Southwest Region)5/53/55/53/5
    Avg. Annual Premium$483$806$912$527
    Compare ratesCompare ratesCompare ratesCompare rates


    Best Companies For
    Utah Auto Insurance


    • 5-star customer care
    • Low annual premiums


    • Available only to military families
    • Few physical locations

    USAA is the clear winner on our list of the best Utah car insurance companies. Not only is USAA the only car insurance company on our list to score a perfect 5 out of 5 on the 2019 J.D. Power Overall Customer Satisfaction Study for the Northwest Region, but we also found USAA to be the least expensive provider in Utah.

    There is, however, one giant catch: to qualify for USAA insurance, you or a family member must be an active-duty military member, Guard or Reserve personnel, a veteran, a midshipman, or a cadet. 

    Because USAA is available only to military families, it has fewer physical branches than several of the other providers on our list, but if you’re managing insurance online this might be a minor concern for you.

    American Family Insurance

    Best Companies For
    Utah Auto Insurance
    American Family
    American Family


    • Strong customer service
    • Many coverage options and discounts available


    • Slightly lower financial strength scores
    • Coverage available in only 19 states

    American Family Insurance received a 4 out of 5 rating on the 2019 J.D. Power Overall Customer Satisfaction Study for the Northwest Region.  The company offers advanced coverage options including gap insurance, rental reimbursement, and emergency road service. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the many varied discounts including paperless discount, for volunteering, and for being a loyal customer over time.

    The potential downsides are minimal, however their AM Best Financial Strength Rating is slightly lower than the competition, they still enjoy an A rating.  Then, there’s the fact that American Family Insurance only offers coverage in 19 states, including Utah.

    State Farm

    Best Companies For
    Utah Auto Insurance
    State Farm
    State Farm


    • Great for rideshare drivers
    • Highly rated mobile app


    • Higher annual premiums
    • Fewer discounts than competitors

    You may still think of State Farm as the friendly neighborhood insurance provider with locations all over the U.S., but State Farm has done an excellent job of expanding its business to meet the needs of customers in the age of gig work and tech. State Farm is serving Lyft and Uber drivers with rideshare coverage which offers an add-on to your existing car insurance policy to also include the time you spend driving for these companies. And the highly rated State Farm app allows you to easily monitor claims, make payments, and even handle basic banking.

    Unfortunately, coverage through State Farm is on the more expensive side of our insurance providers list for Utah. And while State Farm offers standard discounts (such as multi-vehicle discounts and safe driver discounts), it doesn’t offer as many discounts as competitors like American Family Insurance (which includes discounts for paying premiums in full and going paperless). 


    Best Companies For
    Utah Auto Insurance


    • Affordable annual premiums
    • Fast and convenient auto repairs


    • Mediocre customer service
    • No discounts for hybrid/electric cars

    If low rates are an important factor for you, but you don’t qualify for USAA insurance, consider GEICO. GEICO comes in just behind USAA on our list of the cheapest car insurance companies in Utah. What’s more is you’ll also have access to GEICO’s Auto Repair Xpress system, which provides a quick and convenient way to get your car repaired after an accident so you can get back on the road. 

    The primary downside is that you may not receive the best customer service. Despite the 4.5-star rating on the GEICO website, GEICO ranked just below average on the 2019 J.D. Power Overall Customer Satisfaction Study. Another potential downside is that GEICO doesn’t currently offer a discount for hybrid or electric cars. 

    The Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Utah

    Largest Companies by Market Share in UtahAverage Annual Premium 
    American Family Insurance$806
    State Farm$912
    Farmers Insurance$994
    Credit Rating tierAverage Annual Premium 
    Below Fair$1,181
    Average Across Credit Rating Tiers$1,000

    Top 3 Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Utah

    • USAA – $483
    • GEICO – $527
    • Esurance – $677

    Top 3 Most Expensive Car Insurance Companies in Utah

    • Allstate – $1,025
    • Farmers Insurance – $994
    • State Farm – $912

    USAA, GEICO, and Esurance are among the cheapest car insurance companies in Utah. Allstate, Farmers Insurance, and State Farm are the most expensive in the state. 

    The figures used to calculate the cheapest and most expensive auto insurance companies are based on general profiles. Your quote will vary due to factors like age, driving history, location, credit score, and coverage. For more accurate estimates that are specific to your requirements, request personalized quotes from multiple insurance companies.

    Guide to Utah Car Insurance

    Utah Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

    All drivers in Utah are legally required to maintain a car insurance coverage to help with expenses incurred in the event of an accident. These expenses could be to repair, replace damaged property, or to pay for medical expenses if the accident causes physical injuries. According to the Utah Insurance Department, the minimum amount of insurance drivers are required to carry in Utah is as follows:

    • $25,000 per person for bodily injury liability
    • $65,000 for two or more persons for bodily injury liability
    • $15,000 for property damage liability

    Additionally, drivers must maintain a no-fault insurance through the registration period. “No-fault” means your insurance company is responsible for making a payout for your expenses regardless of who caused the accident. 

    Don’t Settle for the Minimum

    Minimum car insurance requirements keep you from fines or even imprisoned, but may not be enough to protect you from financial losses if you’re in a serious accident. If the cost of repairs and medical treatment exceeds your insurance coverage, you’ll be responsible for making up the difference.

    It’s generally a good idea to purchase as much insurance coverage as you can afford. Spend some time exploring coverage options with online quote tools from multiple insurance providers. Adjust deductibles and add coverage to see how much your rates change as your protection increases.

    How We Found the Best Utah Car Insurance Companies

    To determine the best Utah car insurance companies, we started with the 10 most popular car insurance providers in the state. We analyzed key factors like customer satisfaction, financial strength, coverage options, discounts available, and affordability for each of these providers to see which companies compared favorably to the others.

    We worked with Quadrant Information Services to provide data on auto insurance rates by company and credit score. Quadrant makes this information available using rate data that insurers are required to file with the state Department of Insurance. Rates are based on sample profiles created by Reviews.com for comparative purposes.  

    Utah Car Insurance Companies FAQ

    What is the average auto insurance rate in Utah?

    Based on pricing data from Quadrant Information Services, average auto insurance rates in Utah range between $483 and $1,025, depending on your auto insurance company. With so many factors included in calculating car insurance rates, it makes sense to invest a little time in getting a personalized online quote from multiple providers. Each quote may only take you 5 to 10 minutes, which is well worth the time to make sure you’re getting the best price on car insurance.

    How can I protect myself from auto theft?

    According to the Utah Insurance Department, protecting yourself from auto theft comes down to four key things:

    • Common sense. Lock your vehicle and keep track of your keys.
    • Visible and audible devices. Have a car alarm and/or steering wheel lock.
    • Immobilizing devices. Smart keys or kill switches can keep others from driving your vehicle.
    • Tracking devices. If your vehicle is stolen, you can locate it.

    Taking these precautions helps increase your protection against auto theft.

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