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Last updated on Mar 19, 2021

MetLife Review

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  • Solid financial ratings
  • Hard-to-find supplemental coverage options
  • Fewer overall discounts than the competition
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MetLife Auto Insurance Review

As a global provider with more than 90 million customers, MetLife knows a thing or two about insurance, and it’s reflected in many of their MetLife insurance reviews. It has all of the standard coverage to protect you and your vehicle in the event of an accident, plus some supplemental options that are exclusive to MetLife among major providers. But, according to Metlife auto insurance reviews, fewer overall discounts means you’ll have fewer opportunities to save, and a low claims satisfaction score instills doubts about its claims process. That said, your rates will vary between companies, and given the perks that MetLife does offer, it’s absolutely worth getting a quote as you begin your search.

Metlife’s Full Coverage Average Premium In Each State

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The Claim

MetLife promises “great savings,” “quality coverage,” and “convenience” for all of its auto insurance customers.

Is it true?

Sort of.

When it comes to savings, it’s true that MetLife offers discounts to help its customers lower their premiums, according to Metlife reviews. These discounts are primarily based on good behavior from the driver, including up to 7% in savings for completing a qualifying driver training course and up to 20% off for going five years without an accident. MetLife also offers up to 15% off for student drivers who maintain good grades in school. Overall, however, MetLife has far fewer discounts than its competitors — Geico, for example, has nearly three times as many. That said, MetLife does provide solid coverage choices for standard protections and offers some unique supplemental options that we didn’t see with any other major providers.

Unfortunately, MetLife’s “convenience” can’t keep up with its coverage. MetLife buries its claims form online, funneling customers to file over the phone or through the company’s mobile app instead. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that — we just expected a company that boasts convenience to have simpler ways to file.

Plus, MetLife’s mobile app is far from user-friendly: Consistently poor customer reviews cite a glitchy interface and frequent crashes, leading to an abysmal 1.3 star rating for its iOS version and 2.3 stars for Android. Dealing with your insurer after an accident is stressful enough; dealing with a faulty mobile app when doing so just adds another layer of inconvenience.


Product Overview

Best for

Customers with good driving habits or owners of newer vehicles

Not for

Drivers looking for budget auto insurance or a hassle-free claims process


Unique supplemental coverage

MetLife doesn’t have the most coverage options in the auto insurance industry, but it does offer some standouts. For instance, it will waive your deductible if your windshield is chipped or cracked. It’s also one of few insurers to offer GAP coverage, which pays off your car’s lease or loan if the vehicle is totaled, even if the cost to do so exceeds the actual value of the car. Additionally, MetLife pays for legal fees if you’re sued after an accident and will reimburse you up to $200 per day for lost wages if you have to go to court to resolve the incident: an exceptional add-on that we didn’t find from any other insurers.

Solid discounts

While it doesn’t have as many discounts as other top companies, MetLife still offers a number of ways to keep your premium down based on your own good behavior. It has deductions for completing a driver training course and maintaining an outstanding record, with the ability to earn $50 for every accident-free year (up to $250) that can be used toward paying your deductible after a claim.

Streamlined quote process

MetLife offers two ways to go about the quote process: Customers can either call a company representative to customize coverage and payment options or go online through MetLife’s service portal, MyDirect. If you’re happy with the quote you’re given, your policy can be purchased and managed the same way.

Possible drawbacks

Mediocre customer satisfaction

While MetLife has solid financial ratings, it scores well below the industry average in both J.D. Power’s 2018 Insurance Shopping Study and J.D. Power’s 2017 Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. Claims satisfaction is generally treated as an indicator of customer satisfaction, so while a low score won’t impact your coverage, it does suggest that filing a claim with MetLife could be more of a pain than it is with other insurers.

Flawed mobile app

MetLife’s mobile app allows you to view your policy, pay your bill, report an accident, and more. But these capabilities don’t amount to much when users frequently report glitches, slow loading times, and general unreliability. While it’s nice to have a mobile option available, most MetLife customers will have to call or go online to actually access the services they need.

The Competition

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Online claim filing
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*Only through mobile app

MetLife vs. Travelers

When we evaluated the best car insurance companies, we preferred Travelers Insurance to MetLife in just about every respect. It has all of the essential coverage, plus a ton of supplemental options — including the GAP coverage we lauded with MetLife. Travelers is also a clear winner when it comes to discounts, providing a greater breadth and variety than we saw with MetLife. We recommend starting with Travelers when gathering auto insurance quotes.

MetLife vs. Progressive

Deciding between MetLife and Progressive comes down to whether you want a lower price or fuller coverage. MetLife has far more supplemental coverage options like personal injury, new car replacement, and rental car reimbursement, but Progressive has more generous discounts. Progressive is also a great choice for customers with spotty driving records, as it’s known to insure drivers that other companies won’t touch.

MetLife vs. Allstate

We found MetLife and Allstate to be fairly comparable when it comes to coverage options and the number of discounts offered, but Allstate stands out for one group in particular: new drivers. It offers a ton of discounts for younger drivers, who are typically the most expensive to insure. Its customer satisfaction scores are also significantly higher than MetLife, so it’s worth getting a quote, even if you aren’t a new driver.

MetLife FAQ

The Bottom Line

MetLife is a solid insurer — it’s just not exceptional. While we’re impressed by its selection of coverage choices, including some supplemental options that aren’t offered by even our favorite auto insurers, MetLife still comes up short on discounts. And the convenience it hails as one of its distinguishing qualities is far from convenient in practice. While it’s certainly worth getting a quote from MetLife as you begin your quote comparisons, there are likely better auto insurance options out there.