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Last updated on Oct 28, 2020

The Home Service Club Review

Great resources for new homebuyers and plenty of coverage options ​

The Home Service Club

  • Two customizable home warranty plans
  • Great online resources
  • High service fees
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The Home Service Club Review

Of all the home warranty companies we’ve reviewed, the New York City-based The Home Service Club has the best website — it’s packed with great resources, well-designed, and upfront about fees, liability caps, and coverage options. That’s one reason we named The Home Service Club “best for new homebuyers” on our 2019 list of the best home warranty companies, but the positives don’t stop there. The Home Service Club also provides flexible coverage plans and very generous caps on replacements and repairs.

For homeowners, The Home Service Club offers two home warranty plans. The Standard Coverage plan includes 18 of the most common systems and appliances, like air conditioning, heating, plumbing, refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers, and clothes dryers. The Comprehensive Coverage plan includes an additional 15 items (for a total of 33), like smoke detectors, doorbells, telephone and alarm wiring, and plumbing stoppage coverage. If you still need more coverage, Home Service Club offers a six-part Utility Line Coverage add-on package, plus stand-alone options that can be added to either plan, including sprinkler systems, line coverage, free-standing freezers, well pumps, water softeners, roof coverage, pools and spas, and more.

The Claim

“With a decade of service behind it,” The Home Service Club claims on its website, “HSC Warranty is committed to providing you with the service, assurance, and information you need to keep your home in top shape. The Home Service Club will eliminate the hassle, frustration, and expense of repairing or replacing covered home appliances and mechanical systems which break down due to normal wear and tear. By purchasing a home warranty from the Home Service Club, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with home service warranty protection against unpredictable breakdowns. One fixed home warranty cost might save you thousands on expensive repairs and home service.”

Is it true?

Yes, as long as you choose a home warranty plan that covers everything you need — and as long as you read the contract carefully to understand when and how much your home warranty can help when something breaks down. “If your dishwasher just fails, your refrigerator goes hot, your air conditioner quits blowing cold air, your garage door opener won’t open, those are the things that our industry takes care of,” Art Chartrand, Executive Director of the National Home Service Contract Association, told us. “But we do not offer emergency services.”

Additionally, while The Home Service Club does provide some of the most comprehensive and flexible coverage we’ve seen, it falls slightly short when it comes to workmanship guarantees and service fees. Of our favorite home warranty providers, The Home Service Club has one of the shortest recall periods and some of the highest service fees, meaning you might face extra frustration if you receive a faulty repair. That’s not to say that The Home Service Club isn’t worth considering — you may find that it offers the coverage you need at the best price — but it’s always a good idea to compare quotes with other top companies before committing to one.

Product Overview

Best for

New homebuyers and those who want flexible coverage options

Not for

Homeowners looking for long workmanship guarantees


Great online resources

Navigating your first home purchase is tough — that’s why we love The Home Service Club’s website, which offers tons of how-to guides and home care advice, with topics ranging from “Replacing Your HVAC System: How Much Does It Cost?” to “How Much Home Insurance Do I Need?” The Home Service Club also has a comprehensive FAQ section that covers basic home warranty questions, plan and coverage options, and service requests.

Generous liability caps

“Liability caps” indicate the maximum amount of money that a home warranty company will pay for a repair or replacement. Unlike other warrantors, which place a $500 cap on each appliance or system, The Home Service Club is generous with its coverage and models its caps off the average cost of repairs. You can find the caps on more than 40 appliances and systems in the service contract, which is one of the most clearly written contracts we’ve read. Heating and air-conditioning systems, which are often breakable and tricky to fix, are covered for $2,500 worth of repairs per contract terms — a great deal, in our opinion.

Points to consider

Potentially high service fees

The Home Service Club’s service fees can be on the higher end of the spectrum at $65 or $95, depending on which option you choose. Many of its competitors charge a flat rate between $60 and $75 for an approved service technician to visit your home and inspect a claim. If a $95 service fee is a deal breaker, then you can choose the cheaper option when you sign up for coverage — just know that this increases your monthly premium.

Shorter recall period

Among the home warranty companies we reviewed, The Home Service Club had one of the shortest recall periods — 30 days for parts and 90 days for labor. This means that if a repair or replacement goes sour after this window, you will be responsible for paying another service fee for a technician to come out and fix it again. Other companies we reviewed had longer recall periods of 60 to 180 days. Our awardee for “Best Workmanship Guarantee” was AFC Home Club, which will waive service fees on faulty repairs for the entire life of your contract.

The Competition

The Home Service Club vs. American Home Shield

Like The Home Service Club, American Home Shield (AHS) offers flexible coverage options. However, while their recall periods are comparable, American Home Shield’s service fees are potentially more expensive. Overall, The Home Service Club could be a better option for new homebuyers thanks to its online resources and cheaper service fees, but if you live in a larger or older home, American Home Shield has a few more generous liability gaps for major systems and appliances.

The Home Service Club vs. Choice Home Warranty

The Home Service Club’s coverage plans are a little more flexible than Choice Home Warranty’s, and we like the fact that with The Home Service Club, the most basic plan (Standard Coverage) includes air conditioning, refrigerators, clothes washers, and clothes dryers. With Choice, you’ll have to pay for its more expensive plan to get coverage for those essentials. However, on average, Choice processes claims faster than anyone else thanks its investment in technology, and it’s also the second-largest home warranty provider in the U.S., which usually means a larger network of service technicians. We recommend taking inventory of your coverage needs and comparing quotes from both companies before making a decision.

The Home Service Club vs. AFC Home Club

These two rivals have similar names, but AFC Home Club lives up to the “club” designation a little better thanks to its membership perks, like free credit score monitoring and identity protection alerts. AFC Home Club also enjoys a “B” rating from the Better Business Bureau — a nonprofit ratings organization by which The Home Service Club is currently unaccredited — meaning it may be more reliable in terms of customer service. But The Home Service Club’s online resources and liability caps make it a worthy competitor, so you should still compare quotes.

The Home Service Club FAQ

Does The Home Service Club require a home inspection?

No, The Home Service Club does not require an inspection prior to the purchase of a home warranty plan. “Our plans can easily be purchased online or via the telephone or, if you are a new home buyer, through your real estate agent,” it claims, adding, “We also will not refuse coverage based on the age of a system or an appliance.”

Does The Home Service Club have a recall period for repairs?

Yes, The Home Service Club has a “workmanship guarantee” of 90 days for parts and 30 days for labor. This is fairly standard for the home warranty industry, but it’s shorter than the recall periods of AFC Home Club, Total Protect, and Sears Home Warranty.

The Bottom Line

The Home Service Club is an excellent option for home warranty plans, especially for new homebuyers who want flexible coverage and tons of online resources. Shoppers will also appreciate The Home Service Club’s online chat feature for answering questions. But just like home insurance, it’s worth taking a look at all your options and comparing quotes, so visit our list of the best home warranty companies before making your decision.

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