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Last updated on May 19, 2020

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Georgia

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Georgia’s average annual premiums for homeowners insurance are right in line with the national average — $1,152 per year for an HO-3 policy, compared to $1,173 nationwide. That said, how much you’ll pay can vary a lot depending on your home’s size, your assets, and your address. Use our tool to find your best rates:

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What Does Homeowners Insurance Cost in Georgia?

Average annual premium in Georgia: $1,152

$0 $2,500
U.S. Average

We took a close look at the dozen homeowner insurance companies that write the most policies in Georgia to determine the ones that are giving you the most value for your dollar in the state. Our top choices combine low premiums with solid customer service, financial stability, and a broad range of coverage options and available discounts. Our choices include both large national corporations as well as smaller regional insurers, proving that the size of the company doesn’t matter when it comes to getting the best homeowner insurance for your particular needs.

The Five Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Georgia 

 Farmers InsuranceCincinnati InsuranceAuto-OwnersUSAAAllstate

Our reviewOur reviewOur reviewOur reviewOur review
A.M. Best Financial Strength RatingB++A+A++A++A+
J.D. Power Overall Customer Satisfaction Score (Relevant region)808/1000NA826/1000NA814/1000
Online Quote Tool XX

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Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Georgia

The average annual cost for homeowner insurance in Georgia is $1,401, a few hundred dollars more than the national average of $1,211. That’s mostly because of weather: much of Georgia is considered to be subtropical, and with that comes extreme wet weather that may cause flooding or damage to homes. It is also prone to hurricanes and, on occasion, tornadoes. All of these perils may impact the cost of homeowner insurance. 

Location within the state is also a factor. Your insurance costs near a large city like Atlanta are likely to be less than if you are in one of the more remote areas of the state. Of course, the details of your specific house: its age and condition, what it’s made of, and the details of construction also play a role, as do other factors such as your credit rating.

Home Insurance add-ons that will further protect you

One add-on to consider is an amendment to cover sump pump and sewer backup. This is a tricky subject, because some policies cover damage to your house if the backup occurs on your property, but not if it’s a broader backup that started at street-level pipes. A conversation with your agent will help you to understand what’s included in your own policy.

Flood insurance is another add-on for homeowners in Georgia, which is one of the rainiest states in the U.S. This is especially true if you live in a flood plain. To find out if you do, check out FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center. Flood insurance can be added through your insurance company if they are partnered with the National Flood Insurance Program, a government-backed program to protect you for up to $250,000 of your home’s value.  

Helpful Resources for Georgia Homeowners

If you’re new to the world of homeowners insurance, you’ll appreciate this guide from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. It tells you what you’ll need to know to apply for homeowner insurance in Georgia, and includes a worksheet to compare offers from different companies. It also has a glossary and helpful overview of insurance types.

This homeowners insurance rate comparison from the Georgia Office of Insurance lets you insert your financial information and review what companies are charging in different parts of the state. If you’re just moving to Georgia and haven’t settled on a location yet, it can be eye-opening to see the differences.

Also from the Georgia Office of Insurance is the Consumer Complaint Portal, which you may need in the unlikely event that you have a bad experience with your insurer. You can make a complaint via the portal and stay in touch with the office via the website. 


We used the criteria that we developed for our national homeowners insurance review to find the best homeowner insurance in Georgia. We looked at data from agencies that assess financial strength, like AM Best and Standard & Poors. Good customer experience is important so we also took ratings from Consumer Reports and J.D. Power into consideration.

We took a deep dive into each company’s website to see if they made it easy to do tasks like pay your bill or get an online quote. Some of these companies impressed us when they offered supplemental information and educational materials to help you better understand your policy through their page. 

Lastly, we got a quote from each one for a sample Georgia house — but remember that your own experience may be different from ours, since there are many factors that come into play in determining policy costs. 

Best Georgia Homeowners Insurance Companies

Farmers Insurance




  • Extended standard features
  • Three tiers of coverage





  • Limited discounts
  • B++ financial strength rating



Farmers is a well-regarded company that stands out for a couple of reasons, beginning with the way they present your quote: with three possible levels of coverage that allow you to choose your limits, from a standard option that features basic coverage up to a premier level, if you want to be covered to the max.

No matter which level you choose, Farmers offers some perks with every policy, including a claims-free discount, claims forgiveness if you’ve been claims free for five continuous years, and a declining deductible that earns you $50 toward your deductible for every year your policy is in force.

Farmers includes some nice endorsements such as the “go green” one that will pay for eco-friendly materials if you’re rebuilding, and identity theft protection. Its discount list is limited to a few standard options for smoking, fire and burglar alarms, and multi-policy, but with its low-cost premiums, that should not be a problem. 

Cincinnati Insurance 

Cincinnati Insurance
Cincinnati Insurance



  • Good for high-value homes
  • Homeowner Plus endorsement
  • Good customer service





  • Few discounts



Cincinnati Insurance is a writer of business and individual policies based in Ohio, though it has a strong presence in Georgia. It positions itself toward high-net-worth individuals, though it does sell policies for homes of any value. 

We liked the Executive Homeowner Plus endorsement, which allows you to add padding to your coverage, such as replacement cost on personal property, with no deduction for depreciation, replacement for damaged trees and plants, and even coverage for the contents of your freezer after a power failure. 

Cincinnati isn’t rated by Consumer Reports or J.D. Power, but it’s got an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, and its complaint index with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners is well below average. It’s also got good marks from organizations that rate financial strength such as AM Best, which gives it an A+.

Auto-Owners Insurance




  • Excellent customer service
  • Financially solid
  • High claims satisfaction





  • Poor digital experience



If you prefer doing your insurance business in person or by phone rather than digitally, Auto-Owners could be a good fit for you. The company has a track record of landing near the top of consumer rating organizations. It’s third on Consumer Reports’ listing with an excellent 89 out of 100. J.D. Powers gives it four out of five Power Circles for overall satisfaction, as well as high marks for claim servicing, estimating, and settlement of claims. 

The company has the highest grade possible from AM Best — an A++ — so you know they will be able to pay out on claims in the event of a regional disaster. 

Auto-Owners doesn’t have an online quote tool, nor can you report a claim online. It lists an extensive number of discounts on the site, but generally you won’t find a lot of extra information or educational resources there.





  • Excellent financial strength
  • Solid customer service
  • Inclusive online community





  • Only available to military families



USAA may just be the best insurance company you’ve never heard of — unless you’re current or former military. That’s because the company serves only those who have served in the Armed Forces and their families. If you fit in that category, we strongly recommend you get a quote, because it’s a solid company.

In fact, USAA ranks in the number two spot on Consumer Reports homeowner insurance ratings and in J.D. Powers similar listing, just behind Amica Mutual. It’s financial rankings are also good, with an A++ from AM Best — the highest rank that the company bestows. 

USAA’s website is fairly sparse, though you can get a quote and file a claim online. It does feature, however, a terrific online community to provide support, financial information, and fellowship for those serving our country. 





  • Extensive add-ons and discounts
  • Excellent online experience





  • Mediocre customer support



One of the biggest names in homeowner insurance in Georgia and across the country, Allstate has all the resources of a mega-corporation behind it. Solid financial rankings from AM Best and others lets you know that the company will have your back even in a large-scale disaster.

Allstate makes it easy for you to do things like get an online quote, and the company’s informational blog has extensive info if you’re new to the insurance world. You’ll find an extensive list of possible endorsements you can add to your policy, from sports equipment to electronic data recovery; and some nice savings options, including a new roof discount, a 55 and retired discount, and savings of up to 10% just for switching to Allstate.

Unfortunately, Allstate usually ranks in the middle of the pack when it comes to customer service. Although it has an A+ rating from the BBB, Consumer Reports gives it a mediocre 82 out of 100, JD Power opts for three out of five Power Circles — not bad, but not great, either.

The Cheapest Homeowner Insurance Companies In Georgia

Homeowner Insurance CompaniesAverage Annual Premium
Farmers Insurance $422
Cincinnati Ins Co$553
ASI Home Ins Corp$584
Auto-Owners Insurance$822
Privilege Underwriters Recp Exch$991
Georgia Farm Bureau Mut Ins Co$1,073
Chubb $1,103
Garrison Prop & Cas Ins Co$1,201
ALFA Insurance $1,361
Country Financial$1,817

Homeowner  Insurance by Age of Home

Age of Home TierAverage Annual Premium
Average Across Tiers$1,401

Quadrant home insurance rate data as of  12/01/2019. 

Top 3 Cheapest Homeowner Insurance Companies in Georgia

Farmers Insurance – $422

Cincinnati Insurance – $553

ASI Home Insurance – $584

Top 3 Most Expensive Homeowner Insurance Companies in Georgia

Country Financial – $1,817

ALFA Insurance – $1,361

•  Travelers – $1,119

There was a difference of nearly $1,000 between our lowest and highest quotes for homeowner insurance in Georgia, even though we gave each company the same specs. That’s not surprising, because every insurer has its own methodology for writing policies, and you’re likely to see the same sort of variations for quotes on your own home.

Because of that, we do recommend that you get multiple quotes so you can compare rates. Any of our top five companies has what it takes in addition to reasonable rates: financial soundness, good customer service, and a broad range of coverages and discounts. Your own insurance experience will be unique, based on factors from the age of your home to your credit rating.

Homeowners Insurance FAQ

Is homeowners insurance required in Georgia?

No, homeowners in Georgia are not required by the state to have insurance — but they may be required by their mortgage holder if they have one. Most lenders want you to have at least a minimum amount of coverage to protect their interest in your home. 

What is the cheapest homeowners insurance in Georgia?

The cheapest quote we received for an average home in Georgia was from Farmers Insurance. Since insurers take multiple factors into consideration in determining premiums, your own costs will be different, and another of our top five homeowner insurance companies in Georgia might give you a better rate.

The cheapest provider for homeowner insurance in Georgia for you might be different from the cheapest provider for your neighbor who lives in a similar house. For this reason, we suggest that you collect a handful of quotes when you’re searching for insurance, and remember that someone else’s experience may not be the same as yours.

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