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Last updated on May 19, 2020

The Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Kansas

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Kansas’s annual premiums for homeowners insurance are on the higher side — on average $1,531 per year for an HO-3 policy, compared to the nationwide average of $1,173. That said, how much you’ll pay can vary a lot depending on your home’s size, your assets, and your address. Use our tool to find your best rates:

Heads up: Coverage and pricing vary.

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After evaluating numerous providers based on market share, customer service, financial strength ratings, and more, our top choice for the best homeowners insurance in Kansas comes from Auto-Owners Insurance. 

It offers a super low premium compared to its competitors, has high customer satisfaction ratings, and it has the best financial strength rating that is possible through AM Best.

Other providers we selected include AAA, Allstate, State Farm, and Farmers Insurance; each is evaluated below in further detail. 

The 5 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Kansas

 Auto-Owners InsuranceAAAAllstateState FarmFarmers Insurance

Our reviewOur reviewOur reviewOur reviewOur review
AM Best Financial Strength RatingA++AA+A++B++
J.D. Power Overall Customer Satisfaction Score (Relevant region)4/54/53/54/53/5
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Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Kansas

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average cost of homeowners insurance in Kansas is $1,584 per year, making it the 5th most expensive state in the U.S.

There are a lot of factors that determine how much you’ll pay for homeowners insurance besides what state you live in. Some of these are:

  • Age of home
  • Size of home
  • Specific location of home 
  • Construction of home 
  • Condition of home
  • Type of heating 
  • Type of Policy
  • Discounts
  • Deductible
  • Credit score 
  • Marital status
  • Closest fire station

Also keep in mind that your provider will influence how much you pay. This is because each insurance company has algorithms to determine what customers will pay.

Home Insurance add-ons that will further protect you

Exposure to catastrophe affects the cost of insurance, and Kansans face several key risks.

The state experiences roughly 100 tornadoes annually, wildfires are a growing occurrence, and severe winds and hail are also not uncommon.

The Kansas Insurance Department estimates that an average of nearly $330 million is spent on windstorm, tornado, and hail damage (or other weather-related claim losses) each year.

Likewise, the Insurance Research Council found that the severity of Kansas homeowner’s insurance claims grew from $2,290 in 1997 to $8,426 in 2013. 

For all of these reasons, we highly recommend the following protection:

Earthquake Coverage

Kansas is unfortunately centered on top of the Humboldt Fault line. Because of this, it experiences regular earthquake occurrences — over 500 earthquakes since 2013. Though none of them have caused significant damage thus far, the risk of activity equates to a risk of financial loss. 

Flood Insurance

Flooding is a risk in nearly every state, depending on the specific zones. The NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) provides flood insurance if you are at risk, though your insurance provider may act as a liaison. 

Well and Septic

Well and septic coverages come in handy when the cause of loss is unclear in a water damage situation. Since flooding can cause backups and malfunctions, it’s best to be covered for all potential outcomes.

Sewage and Water Backup

Similar to well and septic, this add-on provides coverage for any water damage from sewage and water backups. 

Other Structures Add-On

What happens to your home is likely going to happen to other structures on your property, too.

However, a standard policy won’t protect them in the event they are damaged. Other Structures add-on coverage will protect such structures as:

  • Sheds
  • Garages
  • Barns
  • Greenhouses
  • Fences
  • Lampposts

If you know your home is at risk of inclement weather, then obviously everything else at your home is too. This add-on will protect the rest of your belongings. 

Umbrella Coverage

What happens when your claims and expenses go beyond what your liability limits will allow? In that situation, you’re faced with the unfortunate prospect of taking the difference out of your own pocket and the price can be steep. Umbrella coverage provides allowances for damages and expenses that exceed liability limits.

A special Note About Tornadoes

Most policies protect your home from damaging wind and hail, however, some insurance providers may have special stipulations when it comes to tornadoes. 

When choosing a provider, make sure to ask an agent about “tornado damage caused by wind” to make sure you will be fully covered in the event of a tornado. If not, you may need to acquire additional protection. 

Helpful Resources for Kansas Homeowners

The Kansas Insurance Department has a lot of tools and resources for Kansans that don’t just  center around homeowners insurance. However, it’s homeowners insurance page is quite informative and useful, and has such information as:

  • How to shop for homeowners insurance
  • How to file a claim
  • How to file a complaint

Online versus In-Person

This really just depends on what you prefer. The upside to doing everything online is that it’s faster and more convenient. The benefit to doing it in person is that you will be able to easily ask extensive questions. 

Required Materials for Application

You generally just need information to apply for homeowners insurance. We recommend using your inspection report if you have it because your inspector will have already thoroughly answered many of the questions you’re going to be asked during your application. 

If you’ve owned the home for some time and have done extensive repairs and renovations to it, you may be asked to specify what was done, what materials were used, and how much you spent. 

Time Considerations

If you’re buying a home, you will need to have a policy in place before your lender will allow you to close. This limits the time you have to comparison-shop.

If you already bought your home but are still making payments on it, just remember to maintain coverage at all times— meaning you can’t have any gaps in your coverage. If you let your old policy expire before finding a new one, you will likely incur a fine or penalty.  

In either scenario, just be sure to call your lender and your escrow agent to inform them of your homeowners insurance policy details. 


To determine the best homeowners insurance providers in Kansas we looked at a variety of factors. We first looked at which companies have the largest market shares in the state. From there, we next looked at AM Best and J.D. Power ratings. How a company scores with these sites indicates financial strength and customer service.

Then we combed through even more data, including:

  • Average premium cost
  • Policy offerings
  • Discount opportunities
  • Claims against the company
  • Tech savviness (online resources, mobile app, etc.)
  • Better Business Bureau rating 

After evaluating the providers based on these factors, we believe the following providers represent the best in the state of Kansas.

Best Kansas Homeowners Insurance Companies

Auto-Owners Insurance



  • Great online resources
  • Easy to bundle and save


  • Policy changes can’t be made online

Auto-Owners tops our list as it offers its members a lot of free informational resources, multiple coverage types and add-ons, and the lowest average premiums in the state.

One detraction with Auto-Owners is that you can’t simply change your policy online. You must call and speak with an agent. 




  • Variety of member discounts
  • Highly rated customer service


  • Can’t purchase homeowners insurance without first being an AAA member

AAA has some of the best-rated customer service in the insurance world and offers special member discounts, as well as multiple online resources. J.D. Power ranked AAA 4/5 for overall customer satisfaction, which is at the top of our list of competitors in Kansas.

The one drawback to AAA is that you can’t simply buy homeowners insurance. You must first join and become a certified AAA member. 




  • Low premium
  • Multiple discount opportunities


  • Average customer service ratings

Allstate has one of the lowest average premiums in Kansas (second to Auto-Owners). On top of low premiums, it also offers a variety of ways its members can save on their homeowners insurance. Some of these include a loyalty discount (save 10% each year you’re a member), installing storm shutters, and enrolling in automatic payments.

The negative about Allstate is that it only has average customer satisfaction ratings compared to the other providers that made our list.

State Farm

State Farm
State Farm


  • Strong mobile app
  • High rankings with AM Best and J.D. Power
  • Easy-to-achieve discounts


  • Expensive premium compared to other companies

State Farm has one of the best mobile apps for an insurance company. You can manage your policy, file a claim, and make payments from it. Other factors that contribute to State Farm’s place on our list is the high reviews by AM Best and J.D. Power. With strong financials and great customer service reviews, it’s a top contender for Kansas homeowners.

The downside is that State Farm has one of the most expensive premiums in Kansas. Discounts are fairly easy to achieve though, which might compensate on your premium.

Farmers Insurance



  • Multiple coverage options
  • Variety of discounts


  • Weaker financial rating compared to other companies

Members with Farmers Insurance have access to multiple coverage options and discounts for things that are fairly standard in most homes. Just having deadbolt locks, smoke alarms, and other standard safety precautions can save you extra.

The drawback to Farmers Insurance is that it does have a weaker financial rating from AM Best compared to its peers. However, it does have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The Cheapest Homeowner Insurance Companies In Kansas

Homeowner  Insurance CompaniesAverage Annual Premium
Auto-Owners Insurance$1,106
Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company$1,468
Marysville Mutual Insurance Company$1,997
State Farm$2,008
Farmers Insurance$2,048
Farm Bureau Property and Casualty Insurance Company$2,184
American Family Insurance$2,391

Homeowner Insurance by Age of Home

Age of HomeAverage Annual Premium
Average Across Ages$2,743

Quadrant home insurance rate data as of  12/01/2019. 

These rates are a sample set meant only for general comparison. Your own premium will vary. Learn how we tested rates for the cheapest home insurance companies in our methodology.

Top 3 Cheapest Homeowner Insurance Companies in Kansas

  • Auto-Owners Insurance– $1,106
  • Allstate– $1,319
  • USAA– $1,400

Top 3 Most Expensive Homeowner Insurance Companies in Kansas

  • American Family Insurance – $2,391
  • Farm Bureau Property & Casualty Insurance Company – $2,184
  • Farmers Insurance– $2,048

Based on data from Quadrant, the cheapest homeowners insurance company in Kansas is Auto-Owners Insurance with an average annual premium of $1,106,. The data indicates the most expensive provider is American Family Insurance with an average premium of $2,391. 

Just remember that this is based on the average amount for premiums with each company and does not necessarily represent what you would spend with any particular provider. The best way to get an accurate quote is to request one from each provider. 

Homeowners Insurance FAQ

Is homeowners insurance required in Kansas?

No, there is no state law that requires you to have homeowners insurance in Kansas. However, your lender will likely require you to have a policy for at least the amount of your loan.

What is the cheapest homeowners insurance in Kansas?

Auto-Owners Insurance has the cheapest homeowners insurance in Kansas with an annual average premium of $1,106. However, keep in mind your actual premium may vary as these are just averages based on sample data.

Who are the cheapest providers in Kansas?

The cheapest providers in Kansas are Auto-Owners Insurance, Allstate, and USAA.

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