The 4 Best Cheap Pet Insurance Providers

In order to come up with this list of cheap pet insurance providers, we got several test quotes from each pet insurance company for both dogs and cats in multiple cities around the country. We then averaged the data together to come up with our final results. The four companies listed below consistently scored the best by offering the most affordable pet insurance premiums. To keep your rates as low as possible, choose as high of a deductible and copay as you can manage, as doing so lowers your monthly premiums. The best thing you can do, however, is to obtain and compare quotes from several different companies to determine which can offer you the coverage you need at the most affordable price.

PetPremium is another good company to go with if you’re looking for cheap pet insurance. They offered rates very similar to ASPCA for both dogs and cats. Like ASPCA, their most affordable plan only covers accidents, but this can be a good option if you’re just looking for a little emergency protection in case your dog or cat gets into an accident. It covers everything from surgeries to medication to rehabilitation. If this doesn’t offer the level of protection you’d like, you can always opt for one of the three other plans PetPremium offers, though some of these are a bit pricier. However, they also offer much more coverage for illnesses and higher limits on benefits.

Pets Best’s plans are surprisingly affordable considering all they offer. The Level 1 plan covers both accidents and illnesses and even hereditary and congenital conditions. They also offer a number of extras including pregnancy, behavioral therapy, and chronic illness coverage. If these plans aren’t appealing to you, there’s also the choice of several specialty policies which offer more limited coverage at a very low price. These include the Accident-Only, Cancer-Only, and Feline Illness plans. The Feline Illness plan covers certain medical conditions that are common in cats, including kidney failure. These plans are good alternatives to a traditional policy if you’re just looking for a basic level of emergency coverage to have on hand.

ASPCA consistently offered some of the most affordable pet insurance in all of the cities we tested. If you’re interested in purchasing a basic level of coverage for your dog or cat, the Level 1 plan makes a good choice. It only covers accidents, but that’s what makes it significantly more affordable than many other policies out there. With this policy, your pet is protected if she or he suffers a serious injury that requires medical treatment. It covers all costs including hospitalization and surgery costs up to $2,500 per incident. In addition, ASPCA has three more levels of coverage available that offer higher benefit limits and coverage for illnesses and behavioral therapy as well. These plans are obviously going to be more expensive than the Level 1 plan, but they could be good choices if you want more comprehensive protection for your pet.

VPI takes the last spot on the cheapest pet insurance list, with rates well below the average in several cities across the country. Like many other companies on this list, they offer an accident-only policy, but their standard policies are also relatively cheap compared to much of the rest of the industry. It pays for all medical treatment related to covered accidents and illnesses, and even chronic conditions. You have the choice between several different deductible and copay options so you can tailor the policy to suit your needs. If you’d like, you can choose to have no copay or deductible at all, though doing so raises your premiums. For this reason, you’ll want to think carefully about what’s best for your budget before making this decision.