Allianz Global Assistance Review

Allianz Global Assistance offers single-trip and annual travel insurance plans designed to accommodate both frequent and infrequent travelers. However, a few missing travel services place them behind the leaders in the industry.

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The Good

Few plan restrictions

Allianz is an excellent option if you’re looking to take a very expensive trip or traveling with an elderly person. You can insure trips that cost up to $100,000, which is over twice the maximum trip cost of some other insurance policies. Allianz travel insurance also provides medical coverage to travelers regardless of their age. This is relatively unusual, with some companies limiting the available coverage to customers who are 65 years old or younger. If you’re traveling with an older individual, you want to be sure that they’re protected too, so choosing a policy from Allianz could be a smart move.

Annual plans available

Frequent travelers will want to take advantage of Allianz’s annual plans, which cover an unlimited amount of trips taken within a 12-month period. Depending on how many trips you take during a year, this could result in some significant savings. There are a few different annual plans you can choose from based on what type of coverage you need. Their Med Evac plan covers up to $1 million for any emergency medical transportation costs while you’re traveling. If you’re looking for something a bit more comprehensive, the Executive or Deluxe plans might be a better fit. The Executive plan is geared primarily at those who are traveling for work. The Deluxe plan is well suited for families and individuals who travel frequently throughout the year.

Sizeable reimbursement for trip delays

If your trip is delayed more than six hours, Allianz reimburses you up to $200 per day for food, lodging, and other expenses you purchase during that time. Some companies only offer $100 per day, which doesn’t get you much if you’re traveling with your family or friends. This may not be a top concern when choosing a travel insurance provider, but it is nice to see Allianz offering a little something extra to customers whose travel plans get interrupted.

Emergency assistance at your fingertips

The TravelSmart mobile app from Allianz makes emergency contact information easily available so you can quickly get help when you need it. This app lists the phone numbers for police, fire, and ambulance services in countries all over the world, saving you a lot of time in an emergency situation. It can also use the GPS services in your phone to help you locate the nearest hospital and contact them if necessary. If you’re in need of medication, the app’s drug dictionary might come in handy. It lists the local names of various medications to ensure you’re purchasing the right item.

Kids 17 and under are covered for free

Allianz’s Classic plan includes free coverage for all children 17 and under. Unlike other travel insurance plans, this benefit isn’t tied to the number of paying adults on the plan. So, for example, if you have three kids, some companies would require three adults to be covered by the travel insurance policy, but Allianz doesn’t have this restriction. As long as you’re buying the plan, all children are covered for emergency medical care, trip cancellation costs, and other unexpected expenses.

The Bad

Only reimbursed for covered events

Allianz doesn’t give you the option to upgrade your travel insurance policy so that you can cancel your trip for any reason. Instead, you can only cancel or interrupt your trip for one of the covered reasons to get reimbursed. If you anticipate having to change or cancel your trip for some reason other than one of the covered events, being able to cancel for any reason could end up saving you quite a bit of money. In this case, it might be better to shop around for another insurance provider that offers this upgrade.

Maximum of 10 people per plan

If you’re traveling with a group comprising more than 10 people, you must purchase multiple policies which can get very expensive. Most people won’t be affected by this restriction but, if it does, it might be worth your time to look into some other companies that offer group rates and plans. HTH Travel Insurance and TravelSafe Insurance are two good options to check out.

No reimbursement for lost passports

Though Allianz accepts lost or stolen passports as a covered event for trip cancellation, they will not reimburse you for the costs of replacing them. This is unusual since almost every other major travel insurance provider covers passport replacement. However, Allianz travel insurance does have a lot of nice things to offer, so a lack of passport reimbursement shouldn’t count too much against them.

Missing concierge services

Allianz does offer a number of travel services, including interpretation and legal assistance, but they are missing any sort of concierge service. While not a critical component of a travel insurance policy, concierge services can certainly help to make your trip more enjoyable by setting up reservations for you and helping you obtain tickets to exclusive events.

The Details


  • Maximum Age Insured: 130
  • Maximum Trip Cost: $100,000
  • Minimum Travel Delay Time: 6 hours
  • Travel Delay Compensation: Up to $200/day
  • Underwriter: BCS Insurance Company, Jefferson Insurance Company

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