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With more and more of the world moving online, many people are looking to make sure they’ve got the right internet service provider (ISP) to meet their needs. And if your job has recently moved remote, it’s that much more important to support things like Zoom calls, virtual meetings, and more.

Some of the major positives uncovered during the Earthlink internet review were no data caps, speeds up to a gigabyte, and several different plans to choose from. Additionally, the faster plans were notably cheaper compared with other major service providers.

Like most providers, though, the company doesn’t offer service in all areas of the country. Even in the states where service is advertised, not all cities have coverage. And even in the cities that make the service list, there are addresses that don’t offer service. But if you contact customer support, a technician can run a test to tell you what’s available in your area in a matter of minutes.

Overall, EarthLink looks to be a decent ISP option, depending on where you live and what types of speed you’re looking for.

EarthLink Internet Overview

In business since:
JD Power Score: J.D. Power scores are based on surveys for customer satisfaction and product quality.
BBB Rating: The BBB rates companies based on trustworthiness and performance. The company uses a variety of factors, including how the company handles customer complaints.
States served:

In general, the reviews on EarthLink internet are a bit mixed. While the company does have an OK rating of a B with the Better Business Bureau, a quick search for company complaints turns up a decent-sized list of unhappy customers. While it’s common to see polarized reviews that only show the over-the-top good or bad experiences, it’s still something to take note of to consider.

Additionally, the number of states serviced is a bit misleading. While the company has active pages for 47 of the 50 states, it doesn’t mean there’s blanket coverage across the state. In fact, a lot of the states leave you hard-pressed to find any cities that offer service, even though the page claims service in the state.


  • Fast internet speeds Solutions for residential and business customers looking for fast internet speeds
  • Customizable plans Customizable plans and no teaser rates, ensuring no billing surprises down the line
  • No data caps No data caps or throttling based on data usage


  • Service is not available in all states
  • Service is not available in all cities in the states serviced
  • Lower-speed plans are more expensive than some competitors

EarthLink Internet Plans and Prices

PlanDownload SpeedPriceNumber of Devices Supported
110 Mbps $  49.95 N/A
230 Mbps $  59.95 N/A
380 Mbps $  69.95 N/A
4100 Mbps $  79.95 N/A
5200 Mbps $  89.95 N/A
61000 Mbps $  99.95 N/A
*Data accurate as of 9/21/2020

EarthLink Speeds and Data Caps

Plan Upload SpeedDownload SpeedData Cap
1Not listed10 MbpsNo Cap
2Not listed30 MbpsNo Cap
3Not listed80 MbpsNo Cap
4Not listed100 MbpsNo Cap
5Not listed200 MbpsNo Cap
6Not listed1000 MbpsNo Cap
*Date effective as of 9/21/2020

EarthLink estimated speeds

When it comes to the speeds of EarthLink internet, your options depend heavily on where you live. In some areas, you can get upwards of 1,000 Mbps, which is on par with the “Gig” internet speed options many companies advertise. While EarthLink is very forthcoming with download speeds, you won’t find upload speeds listed for any of the available plans, which isn’t ideal.

Overall, the faster plans are on par with the rest of the industry. For people who want to save on internet costs and don’t need much speed, it’s nice to see some slower plans available. But the higher-tiered options aren’t available everywhere, which is disappointing.

Data caps

One nice thing to see during the EarthLink reviews is the company has no data caps on any of the accounts. Additionally, there is no throttling of accounts, which lowers speeds for heavy data users. Out of everything we looked at during the review, EarthLink’s data policy was the biggest highlight.

Our Picks for EarthLink Internet Plan

  • 1,000 Mbps plan — Best for gamers and video streaming
  • 100 Mbps plan — Best middle-of-the-road option

EarthLink Internet Highlights

Contracts and Fees
Customer Service
Additional Features

EarthLink’s website does not detail minimum contract lengths. Additionally, you’ll need to go through an extensive service check and pre-sign up with the company’s customer support to learn what contractual options are available in your area. Based on past reviews and the lack of advertising for month-to-month plans, it’s safest to assume that most geographical areas require at least a one-year service contract.

To learn more about the true cost of internet service, make sure to check out guides on hidden costs and calculating the cost of an ISP.

Notable fees:

  • Early termination fee: If you cancel your service early, you may be subject to the fee outlined in your service agreement.
  • Variable equipment fees: For those who need a modem or other internet service devices, they’re available through the company for an additional charge.

While internet reviews can be polarized, a quick look at the BBB complaints website did show several recent issues from customers on a myriad of different issues. However, it looks like the company is active on the forum and has responded to every complaint with some attempt to rectify the situation.

If you need help as a customer of EarthLink, there are several helpful ways to get assistance. EarthLink provides 24/7 phone support, live online chat, and helpful FAQs and self-help guides to assist with the most common issues.

You can get some nice additional features with your plan. These include up to eight traditional email addresses, up to 10 anonymous email addresses, automatic antivirus protection, spam protection, and a customizable internet homepage to enhance your overall experience.

EarthLink vs. Competitors

Starting PriceAvailabilityDownload SpeedsConnectionContract
EarthLink$5047 states10-1,000 MbpsDSl, FiberNo info available
AT&T$5021 states0.768 – 940 mbpsDSL, Fiber1 year
CenturyLink$4936 states1.5 Mbps – 940 MbpsDSL, FiberNone
Xfinity$2040 states25 Mbps – 940 MbpsCable, Fiber1 year
Spectrum$5046 states30 Mbps – 940 MbpsCableNone

*Prices for stand-alone internet service, current as of 9/20/2020. Prices and contract length may vary by location.

Is EarthLink Internet Any Good?

Answering the question of whether EarthLink internet is any good depends on what you’re looking for. For customers looking for the fastest internet, the company delivers. Speeds are available up to 1 gig (1,000 Mbps), and the associated price in the areas checked is competitive with other major providers.

However, EarthLink’s internet plans don’t seem quite as valuable at slower speeds. Other providers offer similar or cheaper plans for the same speeds.

The company also offers a host of additional services that may be helpful for businesses. These include things like website design, custom branding, reputation management, and free business listings. While you might be better off sourcing these services individually from a company that specializes in the service, the options are there if you’re looking for a true one-stop-shop.

EarthLink FAQ

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