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Frontpoint offers quality General Electric home security systems and access to comprehensive surveillance equipment. Monitoring is outsourced, but competitive cellular monitoring and a risk-free trial make it a safe selection.

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The Good

Good Automation Capabilities

With FrontPoint Security, you have access to quality home automation equipment that enables you to control your lights, thermostat, door locks, and more. All of these can be controlled from your laptop, tablet, or other mobile device. If you’re looking to modernize your home and improve your lifestyle, FrontPoint is able to help.

Available Geo Services

Geo services is an opt-in location-based feature provided by FrontPoint and other leading home security companies. Geo services work by sending you alerts based on the proximity to your home, a virtual perimeter, and the rules you establish. For example, you could set a virtual perimeter of one mile around your home and a rule that triggers an alert if you leave the perimeter without arming your system. If you’re in a rush and forget to arm your home security system, Geo services sends you a reminder when you leave the pre-defined perimeter. You can then arm the system using your mobile device or through an online portal.

Diverse Surveillance Options

While many industry competitors limit available equipment to fixed cameras, FrontPoint Security provides access to fixed cameras, pan-and-tilt cameras, and outdoor cameras. Footage from all of these cameras are streamed to your computer or mobile device. If surveillance is particularly important to you, you’ll be pleased with the options provided by FrontPoint.

30-Day Risk-Free Trial

FrontPoint home security’s 30-day risk-free trial applies to all systems and monitoring plans. This offer enables you to get firsthand experience with the home security system, and decide if it’s the right fit for your circumstances. If you decide the FrontPoint home security system isn’t right for you, just ship it back for a full refund.

Competitive Cellular Pricing

FrontPoint offers three different pricing plans that range from $34.99 to $49.99 per month. FrontPoint utilizes 100% cellular systems, which operate through wireless technology and therefore provide a level of protection that can’t be matched by broadband or landline systems. Although you may see lower rates on some competitor systems, be sure you’re comparing cellular monitoring prices, as broadband and landlines are cheaper.

The Bad

No Internal Monitoring

Monitoring for FrontPoint systems is conducted by a company called Rapid Response, while some of the top home security companies provide internal monitoring. You may not care about who is monitoring your home security system as long as the monitoring is thorough. However, when problems arise, it’s nice to know you’re only working with one company instead of trying to get answers from two.

No Snapshot Camera Capabilities

Some of the top home security systems provide surveillance equipment capable of recording live footage and taking snapshots. This functionality enables you to take event triggered snapshots and view them on a mobile device or through an online portal. Although FrontPoint does offer access to a variety of home surveillance equipment, they do not include this feature. If a home security system that offers both recorded video and snapshot capabilities is particularly important to you, FrontPoint may not be the right solution.

The Details

The Details

  • Contract Length 1-3 years
  • Equipment Manufacturer GE
  • Monthly Monitoring Fee $34.99 - $49.99
  • Total Installation Cost $0



  • Monthly Plan: $34.99
  • Total Installation: $0
  • Standard Contract: 1-3 years


  • Monthly Plan: $44.99
  • Total Installation: $0
  • Standard Contract: 1-3 years


  • Monthly Plan: $49.99
  • Total Installation: $0
  • Standard Contract: 1-3 years
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