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Allstate home insurance offers a wide selection of coverage options, generous discounts, and helpful educational tools and resources. Customers may be inconvenienced by the absence of an online quote tool, but it may be worth speaking to a telephone agent given Allstate's solid products, services, and financial stability.

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The Good

Strong financial ratings

Allstate performs very well in terms of overall financial strength and future financial outlook, with ratings of excellent to superior from top ratings agencies such as Moody’s, S&P, and A.M. Best. Allstate’s current standing and long-term stability provide peace of mind if you’re looking to sign up with a company that will be around for the long haul.

Quality online tools and resources

To help you understand the technical terms and wade through their coverage options, Allstate offers many educational resources so you can make an informed decision on a home insurance policy. The company’s Premium Gauge tool illustrates how home insurance premiums are affected by key variables such as the age of your home, your deductible, and the kinds of protective devices you have installed. Simply change a variable and the tool instantly shows you how premiums change in response. Allstate’s tools and resources section also includes great articles and tip sheets on home safety topics to help you maintain your home and prepare for risks.

Coverage for multiple types of dwellings

Allstate home insurance excels when it comes to the breadth of coverage options. You can find policies for all common types of dwellings, including single-family homes, manufactured homes, condos, and family farms or ranches. You can even get insurance for an older home, a relatively unavailable option among major home insurance providers. Coverage options are also available for both renters and landlords. Though there is some variability in coverage options from state to state, you can easily see your local policy options by using the state locator tool.

Tool to help inventory possessions

Building an inventory of your personal possessions is a key preventative measure against potential risks, such as a home fire or a weather catastrophe. The Allstate Digital Locker enables you to build a room-by-room online catalog of your possessions. You can even upload photos to create a visual record of your belongings, which is tremendously helpful during the claims process. While all home insurance companies recommend you keep an inventory, few provide such powerful tools to facilitate the process.

The Bad

Missing live chat

Easy access to customer support services is an important part of selecting a home insurance company. Though Allstate performs very well on most aspects of customer support, they could offer yet another channel of communication by adding a live chat function on their website. This kind of feature is provided by other home insurance companies, often within an online quote tool.

The Details


  • AM Best FSR: A+
  • AM Best ICR: aa-
  • Financial Size Category: $2 billion or greater
  • FSR Outlook/Implication: Stable
  • ICR Outlook/Implication: Stable
  • Moodys Financial Strength: Aa3
  • Standard and Poors FSR: AA-

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