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Though Amica home insurance doesn't offer coverage for some common dwelling types, many homeowners find a lot to like about the company and its policy offerings. With a record of great customer service, some notable discounts, and add-on policy options, it's easy to see why Amica has been an industry leader for more than 100 years.

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The Good

Great online quote tool

Amica’s online quote tool is one of the best in the home insurance industry, providing easy access to the pricing information you need to make a confident decision. Amica’s online tool differentiates itself by generating a “Good Coverage” and a “Better Coverage” quote price. The difference between the two rates is the level of liability coverage. This enables you to easily see how liability impacts your home insurance rate, and to select the coverage you’re most comfortable with. Another advantage lies in the ability to select additional protections for theft, identity fraud, and computer equipment right within the quotation process, a functionality not all quote tools offer. With a simple, clean design and a live chat tool for immediate assistance, Amica home insurance excels in this category.

Home Repair Assistance Program

Amica homeowners insurance goes above and beyond many of its competitors with its Home Repair Assistance Program, which helps connect you to trustworthy contractors when your home is damaged. Though you are free to choose who repairs your home in the event of a claim, it can be tough to identify the best options in your area if you aren’t familiar with any local contractors. The Home Repair Assistance Program provides fast access to pre-qualified, licensed local contractors to complete your repairs quickly and professionally. Amica home insurance even takes care of price negotiations and makes sure you get a limited workmanship warranty on the repairs so you can rest easy while the damage is being fixed.

Tips to protect your home against inclement weather

Buying a good home insurance policy is a major part of protecting your family and property in the event of severe weather conditions or a natural disaster. However, it’s also important to be proactive by learning about what you can do to prepare for and respond to these kinds of events. The Amica Storm Center is a fantastic online resource that helps you do just that. With sections on hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, and more, you can find applicable home preparation advice and emergency information to help you keep your family safe before, during, and after a natural disaster.

Prompt payments

In the unfortunate event that your home is damaged and you have to file a claim, Amica home insurance works hard to reach an agreeable settlement and get payment to you promptly. In fact, the company’s goal is to send payment on your claim within 24 hours of receiving the necessary documents from you. This is an incredible turnaround time, especially compared to those of other companies.

Unique discount options

Amica offers many of the most common price breaks, including those for new homes and newly renovated homes. You can also earn discounts for buying multiple policies from Amica and maintaining a claim-free record. Long-term customers are given another price break in return for their loyalty, a relatively uncommon discount in the home insurance industry. Another unique reward is the discount for having windstorm-resistant features installed on your home, though this is not available in all states. More common is the discount for burglar alarms, fire alarms, and sprinkler systems. Price-conscious shoppers will be happy to learn that Amica offers the option of higher deductibles so you can retain strong protections against catastrophic events while saving a little extra money on your policy premium.

The Bad

Missing some home coverage options

Amica does not offer home insurance coverage for mobile home owners, farm owners, and ranch owners. Owners of older homes will also be disappointed, though only a few major insurance companies actually offer these types of policies. Fortunately, Amica offers policies for most other types of dwellings, including single-family homes, multi-family homes, and condos. They also offer solid coverage options for renters.

Lack of flexible payment options

While many top home insurances companies offer flexible policy payment terms, Amica restricts your choices to either one full payment or 10 monthly payments. Semi-annual and quarterly payment plans are convenient if you can’t afford to make just one payment but want to avoid the hassle of submitting 10 individual payments. Others may need the option of spreading the premium out over 12 payments rather than 10. Though most customers will find one of Amica’s two options to be acceptable, it would be nice to see Amica provide more flexibility to those who need it.

The Details


  • AM Best FSR: A++
  • AM Best ICR: aa+
  • Financial Size Category: $2 billion or greater
  • FSR Outlook/Implication: Stable
  • ICR Outlook/Implication: Stable
  • Moodys Financial Strength: A++
  • Standard and Poors FSR: AA+

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