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November 17, 2015

Homeowners Insurance

Nationwide Review

Nationwide homeowners insurance offers a wide variety of coverage against all sorts of perils and some of the best homeowner discounts in the industry, but you have to speak to a representative if you want to get a direct quote.

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The Good

Protect your home from all sorts of damage

Nationwide homeowners insurance offers protection against all kinds of damage, including fire, water, lightning, tornadoes, and theft of your personal property. You can also purchase additional coverage against earthquakes, landslides, and floods, which could be especially useful to have if you live in an area that is prone to any of these disasters. Nationwide also allows you to add an umbrella policy and identity fraud expense coverage as well. If something does happen to damage your home, Nationwide will even pay for your living expenses while your home is being fixed.

Wide variety of homeowner discounts

Nationwide homeowners insurance offers some of the best discounts in the industry, including a 20% discount for bundling your home and auto insurance with Nationwide. Installing protective devices, such as smoke detectors or burglar alarms, will earn you another 15% off, and remaining claim-free is worth another 20%. The age of the home and the age of the insured can earn you some big discounts as well. Nationwide also offers a few unique discounts, including up to 5% off if you are married or widowed.

Brand New Belongings (SM)

If your personal property is damaged or stolen, Nationwide's Brand New Belongings(SM) program will help you either repair or replace them with brand-new versions. Nationwide will send you the cash value of the damaged items, and then you can either have them repaired or purchase new ones. Then you just send the receipts back to Nationwide and they will pay you for the difference. It's that simple. If you don't want to go through all the trouble of replacing your stolen or damaged items yourself, you can speak to a Nationwide agent and they will take care of it for you.

The Bad

No online photo inventory

Nationwide doesn't have an online photo inventory tool for documenting your property. This information is useful to have in the event of a claim, but Nationwide's lack of an online inventory tool shouldn't hurt them too much. You can still keep your own personal inventory record without uploading this information to Nationwide.

The Details


  • AM Best FSR: A+
  • AM Best ICR: aa-
  • Financial Size Category: $2 billion or greater
  • FSR Outlook/Implication: Stable
  • ICR Outlook/Implication: Stable
  • Moodys Financial Strength: A1
  • Standard and Poors FSR: A+

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