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Allstate motorcycle insurance is supplied by one of the nation's largest insurance companies and emerges as a leader by offering excellent coverage options and outstanding policy discounts. Get Quotes

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Updated: May 20, 2014

The Good

Excellent policy coverage:

Allstate motorcycle insurance has some of the best policy coverage in the industry, including thorough bodily injury and property damage liability coverage. You can also get underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage, which pays for any injuries or damage caused by an individual without adequate insurance. Another nice option that Allstate motorcycle insurance offers is guest liability insurance, which can help protect any passengers riding with you. If you are injured in a motorcycle crash, Allstate will even pay for your medical care and provide cash benefits to you or your family.

Lease/loan gap insurance:

If you're leasing your motorcycle or still paying off your loan, you may want to take advantage of Allstate's lease/loan gap coverage. With this type of coverage, Allstate will pay the difference between the value of your motorcycle and the balance remaining on your lease or loan. In order to be eligible for this type of coverage, you must have both collision and comprehensive coverage on your motorcycle as well. This type of protection isn't found among many other motorcycle insurance providers and the additional peace of mind is worth it to many bikers.

Plenty of ways to save:

You can save up to 50% on your Allstate motorcycle insurance policy thanks to the wide selection of available discounts. Save 10% just by switching your motorcycle insurance to Allstate. Take another 10% for going 60 months without an at-fault accident, and another 5% for attending a motorcycle safety course. You can also save by paying for a full year up front and for being a part of an affiliated motorcycle organization. If that's not enough, you can save up to 30% for insuring something else, like your home or your car, through Allstate. And if you have more than one motorcycle that needs insuring, that's even better because Allstate motorcycle insurance offers a 35% multiple motorcycle discount. With so many ways to save, you shouldn't have any problem reaching 50% off a standard policy.

Streamlined quote process:

Getting an Allstate motorcycle insurance quote is easy thanks to their very nice online quote tool, which asks you some basic questions about yourself and your motorcycle and then allows you to adjust your coverage until you have a policy that is just right for you. Information about your driving history is pulled from public records, so you don't have to record it yourself. Discounts that you qualify for are automatically applied, and there are additional discounts, like a pay-in-full discount, that you can take advantage of if you wish. Throughout the entire quote process, your local Allstate agent's name and phone number are displayed, so if you have any questions about your quote, you can easily contact the agent. Otherwise, you can purchase your policy right online with just a click.

The Bad

Can't print a misplaced insurance card:

Allstate does not allow you to print your insurance cards if they are lost. This likely is not a deal breaker for most policyholders, but if you are on a long road trip and you lose your insurance card, getting a replacement could be challenging. Being able to quickly go online and print your cards is a convenient benefit offered by most competitors.

The Details

Financial Strength
A.M. Best FSR Rating A+
A.M. Best ICR Rating aa-
Moody's Rating Aa3
Standard & Poor's Rating AA-


Motorcycle Coverage

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  • Accessory Coverage - The insurance provider offers physical damage protection to equipment, devices, accessories, enhancements, and changes other than those which are original-manufacturer-installed, which are permanently installed or attached, and alter the appearance or performance of the vehicle.
  • Actual Agreed Value - You can lock in an agreed-upon price with the insurance company, and receive payment for that value if the motorcycle can't be replaced.
  • Collision - The insurance provider insures you against damage from collisions.
  • Comprehensive - The provider insures you against losses from any non-collision vehicle damage including fire, theft, or vandalism.
  • Custom Motorcycle Coverage - The insurance provider offers coverage for custom-built motorcycles.
  • Trike Coverage - The insurance provider offers coverage for trikes or three-wheeled motorcycles.
  • Vintage Motorcycle Coverage - The insurance provider offers coverage for vintage motorcycles.

Policy Coverage

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Claim Management

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Getting Started

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Additional Benefits

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Online Policy Management

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Payment Options

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