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Lindsay is a blog writer creating content for the technology and home security space.

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How to Improve Window Security

With all the impressive smart technology that’s recently entered the home security space, securing your windows is easy to overlook. Window security is crucial, nonetheless, as windows can become unexpected entrances for intruders, who can break the glass to forcibly enter. The right window security not only physically bars criminals from entering your home, but ...

Xfinity Home Security Review

Xfinity is a household name and its home security equipment is of high quality for a decent price. We give it a 4 out of 5, because its intelligent equipment minimizes false alarms and keeps you plugged into your system and smart home all inside one user-friendly app. Another impressive feature that makes Xfinity home ...

Carbon Monoxide Detector Placement: Where to Put a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is a gas emitted in the combustion of carbon-based fuels, like wood, coal, and gasoline. Given the odorless and colorless nature of carbon monoxide, it’s known as the “silent killer“. Carbon monoxide can be released from your dryer vent, as well as your furnace, fireplace, or chimney and with a carbon monoxide alarm ...